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  1. Looks like u been busy... keep up the fight!

  2. I'm new and would like some new friends will you accept me please?

  3. All vender's or future vender's need to Confirm with the compassion club as space is limited on market days. The Market is located up stairs of the compassion club with limited space so please remember to call a head.
  4. The Canna Market is every Friday 3 to 8 pm,call 269-660-0656 for more info.
  5. Cereal City Compassion Club Canna Market TODAY! There will be over Over 20 venders with some top notch meds in the club,strains,blown glass,canna treats,and so much more! Its starts at 3pm to 8pm , all ready a few venders set up! There is usually over 75 choices for medication ..at a COMPASSION CLUB PRICE! Call 269-660-0656 for info
  6. I miss you and all my friends from Cereal City. Soon, I hope I'll have time to come hang down at the club! Tell everyone hello for me. Thanks, Joe

  7. Just dropping by to say HIGH,hope all has been well w your family and your self! Sure do miss my BB....

  8. For any info or questions Call Cereal City Compassion Club at 269-660-0656
  9. Just a reminder that Cereal City CC is always providing top quality meds daily! Dont forget the Canna Market every Friday 3-8 pm,there has been over a 100 different strains at the market also which are low priced to help out patients! If you are in the neighbor hood stop on in and see us at Cereal City CC in Battle creek Mi
  10. Visit and add cereal city cc on facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=103735966334724
  11. Herbie...remind me on FB and me and my girl will drive up!!
  12. Nothing has changed beside lot more meds and it is now held up stairs w plenty more room!!
  13. The Canna Market is being held every Friday 3 to 8 pm ! They moved it up stairs for more room as there has been many venders and some kick BUTT meds(from 7.00 to 20.00 a gram),NO CIG SMOKING in that area also. This market has been a great time to meet new people and have a great time,go check them out!
  14. Happy Holidays Scotty, hope all is well with you this time of year.

  15. There open today until 5pm....so go check out the market for the Holiday weekend!
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