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  1. Too bad it is a video, I live in the bush and can only get dial-up internet service= no videos :>(
  2. Whoa there Mr. Bax, Who are you calling old people??? I'm 63 and I ain't old LOL. Ever heard of a hippy??? A lot of them are over 70 now :>)
  3. If the legalization effort gets some traction, then these big commercial grows would most likely shrivel and dry up as folks will be growing more of their own, it would seem.
  4. From what I have read my wife and I are most likely going to lose our med. insurance too. A lot of these politicians are just plain mean as a junkyard dog and they call themselves Christians. I will be 63 (my wife 61)this year and hope the both of us can skate through until we become eligible for Medicare, I really feel for the people that are no lnger going to have coverage. Maybe some of the R's will balk.
  5. We sure did!! But unfortunately our electoral college delegates did not, GRRRR!! Stabenow was a super delegate and she voted against the wishes of the citizens of Michigan and I have let her know several times now how I feel about that crapola,also let her know if she wants to run again, she will never get my vote( a story about how out of it she was from when she came to the Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference several years ago,cut to the chase, the conference consists of educational break-out sessions, she was on the stage with an obvious,I don't know what is going on look on her face, s
  6. My wife and I are laughing out loud, bigtime!! Farmer BRown
  7. http://www.townsendletter.com/Jan2017/borreliosis0117.htmlHere is a link to an article on Lyme disease, Lyme is very complicated, mimics many other diseases, can encapsulate and hide itself in the intra-cellular space where antibiotics and other treatments cannot touch it. I was treated for it back in 92. Some researchers say you can never get rid of it and the ticks also carry other bacteria too. I am curious Swamper, if the drigs are not helping, why do you still take them? Farmer Brown
  8. Thanks Resto, but I will pass, I am very glad you are getting relief from this drug, call me paranoid, but I do not trust pharmaceuticals. Most all pharmaceuticals were originally derived mostly from plants, I would rather find what Enbrel was originally derived from and try to use that instead. Just like digitalis( heart drug) is derived from the plant foxglove, you can figure out how to make your own medicine from it with a little research. In my humble opinion pharmaceuticals are just a bandaid anyway, treating symptoms does not cure the disease, just masking the symptoms and you still have
  9. here is a link to a story about a woman who had been taking an immuno-suppressant, this is just one story that I have read where folks have had problems from taking those types of drugs. Each to his own, but there are just way too many super bugs thse days for me to even consider taking a chance.Also, they list the side effects of these medicines because they are real, not hype, you are one of the lucky ones Resto, many others are not so lucky!! https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/02/magazine/why-was-her-thumb-turning-black.html Farmer Brown
  10. You want to be careful using those pharmaceuticals, they work by suppressing your immune system whch can open you up for a host of other diseases, like the ads say, if you live in an area where there is tuberculosis.... I have had psoriasis for over 40 years( plaque psoriasis)and am now getting the arthritis that comes with it, I've been to dermatologiststried every salve,ointments, steroid shots and it just comes back, in fact after I quit going to the doctors it seemed to get a bit better, now I just put coconut oil on it and live with it. Farmer Brown
  11. I grew up in the south( and have a lot of relatives there too) and I can tell you without a doubt there are many people there that still spout hatred for Yankees, in private circles, many still believe Dixie will rise again, geesh, how many years ago was that? Just grow up!! Farmer BRown
  12. I use to have gut problems( I was diagnosed with IBS,smoldering appenticidis,diverticulitis,etc.) weed would always settle my stomach down, changing my lifestyle( bought a farm in 1981) and diet( we eat mostly from our farm, no chemicals used ever!) I rarely have any gut problems anymore( unless I drink too much wine before supper or eat at just about any restaurant :>) The chs from the above link is not the same chs that was on the CBS evening news. I did write Dr .LaPook (LePuke me!!)an e-mail and told him he should look at some of the nasty chemicals being used in commercial marihuana gr
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