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  1. The doctor was the same doctor that I had seen for my last two renewals....I was smoking a fatty during the video...LOL
  2. Total cost for a renewal was $90....That included them sending the (electronic) paperwork to LARA.......HJ
  3. Did A video Doctor Cert on the 19th through First Natural Wellness....I used them the last 2 renewals....Believe it or not but my card arrives in today's mail! 5 days!
  4. Mini Split...My room is 10 x 10 and I got one a couple years ago....Best thing I ever did...HJ
  5. I installed one in my panel...It protects the whole house..HJ
  6. Dump the tray or use a vacuum to suck out the extra....Other wise you just asking for fungus gnats.....HJ
  7. I got the Hydraulic Jack name years ago when I went on a trip to California with a couple buddies.....I was in a bar and a woman came up to me and said "i know your here to kill me"....She was preggers and got that way by a Hells Angel....She was convinced that I was a killer for hire I guess...The morning after we drove by a shop that advertised hydraulic jack repair....At that point I became "Hydraulic Jack Hells Angels Hit man".....LOL.......HJ
  8. I don't grow hydro anymore and want to change my user name.....HJ
  9. When I used Ionic I used the boost in flower ...HJ
  10. I vegged/flowered for years with T5 lamps....Got decent results but much better when I switched to HPS....Now I only use cob led...HJ
  11. My card was one of the first cards issued due to the fact that I stapled a $100 bill to my application when we took the chartered busses from Gone Wired Cafe that first day.....My card expired on July 1st but the return post card was dated June 24th...It took till after the first to get through the system so they treated it as a new card rather then a renewal...My new issue date is 7-5-19...I'm BUMMED OUT! HJ
  12. My room with cob lights....taken a week ago at week 5....HJ
  13. and stoned cops outside the med tent......LOL........HJ
  14. I have 9 HD IP cams surrounding my house..3 are PTZ...I have two six terabite hard drives installed in the NVR. They should store about a months worth of video from 9 cameras... My monitor is 40 inches diagonal..HJ
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