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  1. another story on the same BS http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/06/05/drug-enforcement-administration-targets-doctors-associated-with-medical-marijuana-dispensaries-physicians-say/PHsP0zRlaxXwnDazsohIOL/story.html
  2. you are running the nutes too strong, for starters. in bloom, you don't want that dark deep almost blue shade of green that I see on the lower leaves. you'll never get that taste flushed out in time. now for the yellowing and leaf curl, it looks like pH and probably sulfur deficiency your in the home stretch, consider switching your nutes to something stable, like dyna-grow or fox farms and run around 800ppm
  3. went to Ohio to the local Burning Man event, Scorched Nuts! in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. no mosquito's, but hot during the day Had a blast, but felt like I traveled back to the '90s. they were way behind on music, and of course meds! lol
  4. sounds to me like they were within legal numbers. with two addresses, 2 caregivers could potentially grow 144
  5. I wouldn't expect them to watch every grow store or investigate every customer. but I would expect them to watch frequent/large purchasers AND profile customers, both of which I'd probably qualify for besides, old habits (that have served you well) are hard to break (and probably shouldn't be anyway)
  6. I still won't go to the grow store in a vehicle registered to me or my address. never even once
  7. god, you and me both. here in the D we called it "Crystal T". I never want to be that high again, ever. had the devil talking to me even though we both agreed that religion is a total scam. he admitted being to being a fairy tale but still wouldn't leave me alone!! and the worst part was, you'd feel it for days after. like, I couldn't smoke a joint for a week.
  8. it was an AWESOME day at the hashbash. John Sinclair was there!! Marvin Marvin , Tim Beck and Rick Thompson all were speakers in the second half hour so instead of booing/heckling, I just left and went to the fair a little early! thick clouds all around. young and old of all races. peaceful, polite, happy and hassle free several people offering up medibles. dabs, joints, blunts....... all free even saw a girl throw probably 100 joints to the crowd......also free in my personal experience you NEVER see that well behaved of a crowd like anywhere, accept MJ based events
  9. I can GUARANTEE you will have 0 issues smoking on Monroe St. and although I haven't seen any police arrests in the Diag since the law was enacted. any offence on school property is going to face state charges. as long as your not on school property, and not being extremely flagrant, you won't have any problem ANYWHERE in Ann Arbor on Hash Bash day, or really, any other. NOW, on Monroe St. it's a sight everybody should see. it's an American Amsterdam for the day. smoke where ever, when ever, on the bar balcony, street, sidewalk, lawn, in line for the john........where ever! the
  10. I was hoping someone would post this, seems like I have to do it every year!!!! YES! HASHBASH IS TOMORROW. starts at noon sharp in the Diag, Monroe St. Fair starts directly after I-96 will close tonight starting at 7 pm between Telegraph and I-275 take 94 from downtown, 696 to 275 from the eastside or take 8 mile if you must M-14 will still be open for easy AA access!
  11. NICE!! It's about time for the upgrade!! welcome to the 21st century!
  12. she must have forgotten her "think of the children" card at home
  13. why not let MJ pay for road repair? we could be living in an Eden! I mean, we already are nearly paradise now! with a state wide pollution fund ready to clean up ANY poisonous spills at a moments notice (thanks to the returnable law) our well funded statewide world class education system (thanks to the state lottery and casinos) and the vibrant city of Detroit, with a well supplemented tax base (thanks casinos). a true example of what your government can do for you when given the chance. I mean, the successful youth programs alone (set and paid for by casino taxes) are reason en
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