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  1. Not sure if anyone was paying attention back in December but the outgoing legislature and Snyder made voter initiatives very, very difficult. https://www.mlive.com/news/2018/12/ballot-drives-will-get-harder-under-snyder-signed-bill.html Compounding the problem is the fact that the majority of the local communities that have opted out have a valid short term reason, they are waiting for the BMR to write the rules governing the operation of recreational businesses.
  2. The original question was, "do we even need more?" The research study as well as literature they researched indicated that cannabis plants can use up to 2000 ppfd and it can be delivered cost effectively via led's. If you look at the pics in the story their led set up consists of individual led light bars that looked to be 6-12" on center and only a few inches from the tops of the plants. http://magazine.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/november-2018/how-to-design-and-run-a-controlled-experiment.aspx
  3. The research study that I linked on the previous page suggests that the max par plants can use is 2,000
  4. There are a couple of really good articles on the state of lighting in the cannabis space. This one in particular seems to be a very well designed experiment on how much lighting can a plant really use..... http://magazine.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/article/november-2018/how-to-design-and-run-a-controlled-experiment.aspx
  5. There is a 40 minute interview posted about a week ago with the Scott Reach, the owner of the seed company Rare Dankness. I posted this in the "Entertainment" sub forum since the info provided for most of us is just that, entertainment. That said he comes across as someone that could have been on a board such as this 10 years ago. Beyond his own success story the last fifteen minutes or so provide some interesting insight into where the cannabis market is heading.
  6. I would agree with Resto on the Hydro Farm Par meter. I bought the meter in January and it seems fine. Price wise (approx $100) it is at the very low end of instruments to measure PAR. Serious PAR meters seem to run in the $350 to $500 range. I would not use it for absolute readings, i.e. my lights produce 2,000 par, but it is fine for comparative readings. In my case I wanted to know how my older bulbs compared in output to a new one or perhaps to a different style, i.e. LED. I am guessing my meter is reading high. The reason for this is I was comparing my readings to those in an online review of 750 Gavitas. My numbers were 10-15% higher. They had the $500 meter. While that is concerning, the important thing is, are the readings repeatable? As long as they are I can compare different designed fixtures and/or bulbs for my own evaluation.
  7. With regards to the CMH most established growers can convert over for about $15. I don't know about anyone else, but I have a room full of last year's great ideas. For around $10-15 you can buy an adapter that converts your screw in bulb socket to the duel pin CMH socket. Screwed that puppy in to my Sun Systems Magnum xxl reflectors, connected up an old 400 w mag ballast and we were off and running. Also worked with Lumatek 600 w ballast dialed down to 350. This was not a random experiment. Phillips originally developed the bulbs as a way to corner the industrial 400 w HPS lamp replacement market. You could pop the bulbs into your warehouse light fixtures and get better color lighting, reduce your power cost and get 2-3x's the life from the bulbs. Bottomline, our old 400 w ballast or a 600 dialed down will work.
  8. I switched over to 750 Gavitas from 1000w single ended HPS three years ago. 1000 Gavitas are just too powerful for a basement grow. Production up, power bill down. Six months ago I bought a hydrofarm PAR meter to help determine when the bulbs should be replaced. At that point I had bulbs with any where from 6 months to 18 months on them. All were within 80% of new output. At about $300 per fixture (w/bulb) I could not justify the pricing I have been seeing from LED's
  9. Easy E really enjoyed your background detail on "dudding". I read the article back when it first came out. I had never heard the term "dudding". In reading the article I assumed it was some sort of fabricated problem that the tissue culture lab created so they could claim to be better than other labs since they had solved the problem.
  10. Could Monsanto become involved in cannabis? hmm, their exclusive marketing and distribution partner for Roundup is Scotts Miracle Grow. Scotts Miracle Grow is Sunlight Supply, Agrolux, Botanicare, Gavita and General Hydroponics. Yeah, probably a longshot that Monsanto would be involved in the cannabis space.
  11. This could be a good opportunity for a caregiver to transfer to a regular paycheck. That said, you may want to check out the sort of info that LARA wants from you and your spouse with respect to your finances. See the forms and info on their page.... https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154--453929--,00.html
  12. Lots of rumors out there about things switching back to pre 1/1/2019 set up for a few months.
  13. Most recent LARA recall was for e.coli and salmonella. Never heard of that with mmj and I had to google the cause. Apparently it is from growing soil that has been contaminated. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/Public_Health_and_Safety_Advisory_HG_Lansing011119_643485_7.pdf
  14. Added note on "plugging into". Do not use the cheap duplex outlets that the big box stores typically sell loose. Use the premium duplex outlets rated at 20 amps. Mechanically the cheap ones have low quality spring loaded contacts that transfer the power to the prongs on the plug. As they age the contact degrades and it is not unusual to find the entire plastic piece in a molten mess or worse, a fire. Yes they cost a few bucks more, but I have seen more than one outlet melted and in one case an entire garage grow burned down.
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