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  1. Curious if you ever need to access the plants? I see two layers of netting that seems to go wall to wall.
  2. Why would the Fed's bother when they can just go to a brick and motar storefront that advertises on the web. Or for that matter the dozens of folks that advertise on Facebook's marketplace? While I am sure they would like us to believe they are omnipresent and busting everyone, I expect they have thresholds of costs and operation size that they must meet before they spend any enforcement $.
  3. While I would qualify for the social equity program here in Detroit (all boxes checked except no felonies) I never really thought about the details before today. To be a caregiver you cannot have a drug felony, but to qualify for the social equity program you must have been a caregiver. How do people with a past drug felony meet the caregiver requirement since they were not allowed to be one?
  4. Wasn't there something in the commercial licensing where one could get a "commercial" license under the social equity program if you had a past drug conviction? Perhaps this is the cause for confusion?
  5. I am curious what specifically has blocked you from participating in the "social equity" program that MRA has set up. I live in Detroit, attended some of the early focus groups with just 20 people that included the individual that I believe is running the program currently and the MRA head, Andrew Brisbo. They all seemed sincerely interested in putting a program together that truly would benefit members of the inner city. Since then I have attended the public presentations they have made here in Detroit and I found the concept lacking from a business perspective. The problem as I
  6. I had looked at the fog set up. It would be ideal, but it just seemed too easily clogged The simple unit Resto found seems ideal. I am guessing you too found issues with reservoir/water temp causing root rot and as a result you set them into the floor to help in water temp control. The one question I would have regarding the Rainforest unit would be plant size. It looks like the spacing would limit you to relatively small plants.
  7. Resto, I looked all over the net for detailed cross-section pics of the RainForest and I could not find any external inputs, either electric or pneumatic, ie. air pump. I understand the concept of a spinning disc creating a spray, it is well established technology for paint sprayers and aerators used to increase the dissolved oxygen level in wastewater treatment. What causes the disk to spin?
  8. I grew aeroponics for about 10 years. The process while shortening yield times increases your reliance on technology. Any failure on the water pump feeding the spray nozzles results in crop loss after less than 12 hours (depends on when it happens, i.e. lights on/off and strain). Control of reservoir temp is critical. The process of spraying your nutrient solution tends to bring the nutrient solution up to the ambient air temp. Also the pump itself adds heat to the reservoir. This is not a deal breaker, but you may find yourself looking at a chiller to control the reservoir te
  9. Licensed dispensaries are required to only purchase their inventory from licensed growers and processors.
  10. I was thinking they are outdoors. If the weather holds I would go another two weeks.
  11. Looks like they need a week or two more. How many weeks in flower when the pics were taken?
  12. Democratic Republic of Congo is really sketchy. I was recently involved helping a customer ship a package there. No one (i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL) would touch going there. Found that the only one that would touch DRC was DHL and only if one were just shipping correspondence. They indicated that the government would destroy any paperwork that include any political references.
  13. Is this in a different bill? I may be wrong, but I thought that the microbusiness licenses were adult use/recreational businesses. The bill listed above only relates to "medical" licensees
  14. In the metro areas mail has become a real problem. We are on the Eastside of Detroit. Mailing something to Lansing can take up to two weeks. You can send certified mail and get a tracking number, but they are not bothering to scan alot of the mail so you can never really know where it is, all you know is the addressee did not get it.
  15. The big growers, i.e. 1500 plants, are lobbying to move that number up to something like 6,000+ plants under a Class C license. They submitted a bill to change the number to 4,500, but slipped in a redefinition of plant to a "flowering" plant. Interestingly is they have Republican support for the bill. http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2019-2020/billintroduced/House/htm/2020-HIB-5547.htm Key part of the new words... THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT: Sec. 501. (1) A grower license authorizes the grower to grow not more than the following number of
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