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  1. GenotypeA2 is still up on facebook. They are in AA as the name suggests.
  2. This may not have been what the original story reported. .... https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/05/24/marijuana-raid-asian-pride-drug-trafficking-organization-busted/ Asian Pride’ Marijuana Bust Was Largest In Colorado Law Enforcement History By Rick SallingerMay 24, 2019 at 5:02 pm DENVER (CBS4) – The numbers contained in a court affidavit are enormous: 227 search warrants were executed during a multi-year investigation into homes being turned into marijuana grow houses. Some 66,000 pot plants were seized and 4,500 pounds of finished marijuana products in what is the largest marijuana operation in Colorado law enforcement history. A total of 42 people are under arrest. (credit: CBS) The court document says the investigation began in the summer of 2016 looking into what was called the “Asian Pride Drug Trafficking Organization.” It determined members of the “Chinese Drug Trafficking Organization” were supplying marijuana to Asian Pride members. The affidavit says the Chinese organization operated hundreds of grow homes in the Denver area. Those homes were the objects of raids by federal, state and local law enforcement over the past two years. Many if not most were homes that had been rented or bought in suburban neighborhoods. The raids have been going on for well over a year. But only now after busts this week are indictments being revealed. “To be clear, these grows are not ones that were otherwise legal under state law. These are pure black market, producing large quantities of marijuana for distribution out of state for criminal enterprises,” said U.S. Attorney Jason Dunn. Ernie Martinez, an executive with the national Narcotics Officers’ Association, spoke in general terms to CBS4’s Rick Sallinger, Ernie Martinez (credit: CBS) “So we are starting to see a combination of organized crime, groups of crime taking these suburban homes and hiding in plain sight and utilizing these homes for these large grow operations.” In federal court, seven Asian men and five women appeared before a magistrate to be advised of charges they face. The indictments were returned earlier this year but only unsealed now. (credit: CBS) One names two men with conspiring with the intent to distribute 1,000 or more marijuana plants. Martinez says Colorado is being taken advantage of. “We’re seeing a lot of organized crime from other countries because it’s easy pickings.” So numerous are the illegal pot grow operations that they have become almost commonplace. But neighbors are certainly caught off guard when the busts happen. Jim Lynch owns a house across the street, “I’m surprised, you know, I had no idea this was going on. If I did I would have called somebody.” The results of this long investigation are now becoming clearer. The court affidavit says the case grew from a previous case involving restaurateur Dan Tang. The owner of Heaven Dragon restaurant in Thornton was sentenced to prison in 2010 following an investigation known as “Operation Fortune Cookie.” The operations spanned the Front Range including Arapahoe County where the District Attorney George Brauchler told reporters, “If you legalize marijuana and allow it to be grown in homes this is what you can expect to happen.”
  3. Resto, Thanks for the detailed reply. I am impressed by your observations regarding bloom results. My biggest challenge indoors has been heat removal in the bloom room. Each of my blooms are under a pair of 750w gavita's. At $150/panel, it would certainly be worth picking up three of the Yehsense panels and testing how they compare.
  4. Resto, You say the results are in. Is there another thread that has results? I see back in March posters, including yourself were reporting results on $800-1,500 units, but nothing on the bargain units. I see you rec'c that people consider buying the Yehsence units, but no grow test results were reported, just mfg. par claims. At the same time you were rec'c that folks purchase the Yehsence you were posting how you would like to build a unit that cost $420 in parts. My post was a reflection on the information that is in this thread, i.e. there are wonderful results reported for units in the $800-1,500 range. I am looking forward to Highlander's actual results from growing with the Yehsence.
  5. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out for everyone. What makes this particularly interesting is the price point. I have read lots of forums and talked to many growers over the years and I came to the conclusion that the cost of the light units was too high to justify switching. This seemed particularly crucial when all of the suppliers have only been in business for a couple of years and there was no warm fuzzy feeling that they will still be in business two or three years from now when I might need some repairs to their proprietary circuit boards or leds. Now at a cost of less than $150 they are the price of two HPS bulbs. One thing that puzzles me is the two price points in the marketplace. You have Yehsense and several other suppliers at around $150 and then you have another group at $500-1,000 for units that purport to have roughly the same input wattage and output par. Is the manufacturing quality the difference? Cheap led's that will go bad sooner? Corners cut on cooling design?
  6. You can buy clones in A2 at Genotype. Check them out on their facebook page. Each week they post what they have available.. https://www.facebook.com/genotypea2/
  7. I bought the hydrofarm hand held quantum par meter and found that there are a number of issues with trying to measure par. First is the accuracy of the meter. I saw online that the majority of par meters go for 300-500 and the hydro farm unit is 100-150. At this point I am not confident in the accuracy. My interest was in trying to come up with some objective decision point as to when my gavita bulbs need changing. I measured 8 new ones and my 8 year old ones to create a baseline. I also experimented with changing out the reflector (Gavita claims the aluminum gets so hot it oxidizes and needs to be changed with the bulb). It made a slight difference. The reason for my lack of confidence in the accuracy of the meter is I am getting readings in the 1500 to 1000 range and there is no reports of numbers that high in any of the literature. That said I just want to compare new vs. old so "absolute accuracy was not a problem, but it would be nice. The second issue with a hand held is positioning. A slight tilt in your hand held probe yields significant differences in readings. Also you want repeatable locations. I ended up setting a series of screws in the ceiling at different distances from the bulb and mounting the probe on a stick (end of the stick fit over the screw) so that I was always in the same location for every measurement going forward. Most of the magazine reviews you see of lamps use a grid that is laid on the floor and they then create a series of reading on the grid. This is a nice lab approach, but I used the ceiling as my measuring point since I wanted to be able to measure with plants present and using the floor was just impractical. Anyway, hope my personal experience helps with your plans going forward.
  8. Further back in the thread he said he was using the hydrofarm unit. I am guessing it is the one that sells for around 100-150.
  9. I can see how it is confusing. My understanding is the Caregiver possesses (owns) the plants. If you read the law it describes the plants and states that they are possessed by the caregiver. In sub paragraphs to section (b) the law defines the possession limits that the caregiver must adhere to. In sub paragraph (2) the law defines the number of plants that a caregiver can possess per patient. This sub paragraph if read alone would allow you to conclude that the patient owns the plants and the caregiver just "cultivates" them, but take as a whole with primary paragraph (b), it is just defining how many plants a caregiver may possess per patient. 333.26424 4. Protections for the Medical Use of Marihuana. (b) A primary caregiver who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card is not subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, for assisting a qualifying patient to whom he or she is connected through the department's registration process with the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act.......This subsection applies only if the primary caregiver possesses marihuana in forms and amounts that do not exceed any of the following: (2) For each registered qualifying patient who has specified that the primary caregiver will be allowed under state law to cultivate marihuana for the qualifying patient, 12 marihuana plants kept in an enclosed, locked facility.
  10. When you sell to that licensed grower, do not forget to get their reseller tax documents too. https://www.michigan.gov/documents/lara/RAB_2018-2_Marijuana_4-22-19_update_653637_7.pdf
  11. Are they licensed? Only the dispensaries that have a license are required to stop buying from caregivers (Notice the use of the word "licensed" in the bulletin BMA put out, (attached to my earlier post) and the news report that Knucklehead Bob posted. Those that have yet to finalize their license will have until either June 1 or June 30 (different dates reported in different sources). After that deadline the State claims they will close them until they finalize their license.
  12. I believe the licensed grower that you sell to will need to have it tested prior to their selling it to a licensed dispensary. That cost will probably be figured into whatever $ they offer you for your product.
  13. I am thinking the voting ended.... MRA Bulletin 05.02.2019 (1).pdf
  14. Is the question applicable give the latest from MRA.... MRA Bulletin 05.02.2019 (1).pdf
  15. That linked-in profile is very odd. Past pr on him showed him in Lansing area for 22 years. https://www.newcannabisventures.com/green-peak-innovations-cannabis-cultivation/ Other stories listed him as the owner of successful college sports clothing business that licensed the various school logos. My guess is he and his crowd are slimy enough that they will just operate under different names. For example Green Peak is not a public facing name. A consumer would see "High Life Farms" and "Sky Mint" plus whatever edibles they create and label with other names. From the news reports he is sitting on around 2000#s. He has told his investors and banks that it is worth over $6 mil. My guess he is probably looking at some debt payment that he can not make and he is desperate to create an image that the shortfall is not his stupidity, but all the fault of the State. None of this absolves him, it just shows his lack of understanding of the market and how he acts when desperate.
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