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  1. Why do you say when and if its allowed? Isnt GC3 a farmers market? If they arent allowed rite now how is GC3 able to conduct business?
  2. 1. Dispensary 2. Compassin club 3. farmers market 4. Delivery service 5. A combination of one or more from above? If you had a large financial backing to proceed with starting one of the above what would be your choice? Why would you choose that option?
  3. Yes I have. And that is why I wont give up on her. And no Akitas arent for everybody. But this Akita is right for sombody. And if I have it my way I will find that somebody and she will live happily ever after. I know thats a fairy tale but right now someone out there is looking for and needing the love that this girl has to give. And I really want to find them. So Ill keep on looking. Persistance pays off sooner or later:-) Thanks Wozer
  4. Im not even close to throwing in the towel jointedone. Ive never saved a life before. I will find this dog safety even if I have to drive her to Denver Colorado myself. She deserves it. It might have been different if I was already part of a rescue team when I found her. But putting her down now would be the same as letting her die in the park. I know i cant save them all but this one I will. Im sorry if I made her out to sound like a bitter dog. Cause shes not. Shes not use to kids and she dont get along with my dogs. When she growls at people when shes in her cage or locked in my back yard she is only protcting her area and doing her job. Not being bitter. Shes a good girl and I know she will make someone very happy. Ive come this far with her ill see this through with her one way or another. Call me stubborn:-) Thanks Wozer
  5. I have someone interested in her. But only if i have papers proving her pure bred status. Shes a rescue. i cant prove that. I guess ill just carry on the way im going. Thanks everyone. Wozer
  6. Like I said I havent been able to work with her much. She is a smart dog but shes been neglected. She walks on the leash very good. She doesnt run off from me when I dont have her on her leash. She knows sit, come, and stay sometimes...lol Wozer
  7. GregS you seemed interested in my Kierra. If you are looking for a loving loyal friend that will also protect you this girl is for you. Even with her injuries people were drawn to her everywhere i went. They seem to look rite passed the fact she was injured and would say what a beautiful dog you have. I wish i could keep her myself. But because of my other dogs she has to be rehomed. Its just not fair to her to be locked in my basement or in my back yard by herself. She dont get the love she deserves being locked up. And she also doesnt get to give the love she wants to give either. Shes definitly a friend that deserves to be by someones side not locked up. If your interested pm me and we can go from there. Have a great day! Wozer
  8. No she has no chip. No answer to flyers. Been looking with no response. Wozer
  9. She was 87 pounds when i first found her. she lost 10 pounds in the first week. Shes healthy again so id say 87+ pounds. Shes quite the lover but if she is in her kennel or in my back yard she is very protective and looks very convincing. My brother for example can walk by the gate to the back yard and she goes ape ship untill he goes away. I can go over imediately and let het out and since im there she will let my brother pet her without any problem. As for obedience I really dont think shes ever been trained but the right home and the right owner shes smart enough to learn. I havent been able to work with her like i do with my dogs cause they dont get along. Thanks ozzrock. I could use some good right about now. Ive still got some hoops to jump through. Everyone from transport services to the Rescue wants vaccination and medical records for this dog. I dont have them cause shes a rescue. I contacted the humane society and they require me to have her spayed before they will pay for her to get vaccines. They will pay for the spay also. Thanks Wozer
  10. Just an update guys. Blue Moon Akita Rescue is going to take her in for me. I just have to get her to them in Denver Co. I checked into flying her to them. But they want her vaccination and vet records. Ive only had her since rescue. I dont have none of that cause she wasnt my dog. Im going to contact some dog transport companies tomorrow but im thinking they will want the same documentation. Im also going to contact the humane society again and see if they can help me out with that. They helped me with her vet bills so far. Thanks Wozer P.s. If anyone knows of a reliable transport service I can call or any other reccomendations please let me know.
  11. What are some things i can do to help in rescue? My girlfriend and I have talked about a pit bull rescue. I havent got a clue as to how to make it happen though. Wozer
  12. Hello guys. Got some good news. Last week I contacted Blue Moon Akita Rescue. They got back with me yesterday. I am working with Karena and she is doing everything in her power to find my girl a safe home. And they are willing to take her in. Blue Moon Akita is out of Denver Colorado. So getting her there is my next obstacle. Karena is looking for a sponsor to help get her there. She is looking to see if any other rescues in michigan can help. I told her the truth about the agression she shows at times and she is still trying to help me. So wish us luck. :-) Thanks Wozer
  13. Thanks Ozzrock. Greatly appreciated! Oh and by the way i love your avatar. I was able to see Pantera in concert 4 times before Dimebags unfortunate death. I had tickets to see Damageplan at the Machine Shop in flint the night after he was killed. Also saw Ozzy 4 times in concert. 2001 Ozzfest he was with the original Black Sabbath. Good times rite there!!! :-) Wozer
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