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  1. No longer following the MMMA...

  2. I thought we were following your lead... I was planning on following you into the Capitol on the 25th... Most people follow the example set forth by this site and the MMMA... So.. I give up, between one of my patients dieing recently and this obvious bullstink... I see what Vic was saying now...
  3. And with that RIGHT THERE, you just lost me as a "follower" A 3-2 split MEANS that only ONE vote is needed.... I want to say if 70 people where there, including the head of the 3MA and possibly a rep from the ACLU... we would have gotten that ONE VOTE... But no, it was already decided, so please, give up the fight... Yeah, consider me history..
  4. Me thinks you should wipe the brown off of your nose, it's not becomeing what-so-ever... Remember it was also YOUR CC that was let down..
  5. Wow, and my post gets EDITED by said moderator... Freedom of speech isn't free when you've got a moderator on some sort of power trip, holding the BAN BUTTON My association with the 3MA just ended..
  6. I didn't place blame on anyone, simply stated a fact... What you've done with the server in the past week has ZERO to do with what happened 3 weeks ago... This place is kinda a joke... I think I just learned the punch line... I SAID DROP IT: GARFIELD TIME 6. WONT BE A 7TH
  7. What's REALLY the kick in the balls is that the meeting BEFORE the one that actually decided our fate EVERYONE SHOWED UP TO... I do believe Blueberry himself attended "that" meeting..
  8. Please read the OP... It was stated pretty clearly that NONE would hit the streets or dispensaries.. Reading is fundamental..
  9. Thank you everyone... It's hard, but I know she is in a better place... The last year that I knew her, she was in soooo much pain, pain that I, nor MMJ could help... She had spent the last month in Tender Care, after a bleeding ulcer nearly killed her... She's feelin no pain now... RIP Friend...
  10. Her name was Collis Roberts, she was a wonderful woman for the short time I knew her... She will be missed.. What do I need to do to stay legal on this? I would like to keep her card for sentimental reasons, I know full well, I am no longer attached as a caregiver to this person anymore.. So I understand that the card is no longer valid... Thank you
  11. We got HOSED.... Interesting how nobody (but the locals) showed up to the one meeting that actually meant something...
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words... She is in a FAR better place than this one, we can all be assured of that... I only wish I could have gotten her out to the farm one last time...
  13. Her name was Collis Roberts, She was my friend... I need to know what I have to do in the event of a patient passing on to that better place... Thank you
  14. I just fell off my chair.. I need to try some of that..
  15. If you aren't running RO, you need to be.. I don't think you mentioned..
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