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    I am an Experienced Medical MArijuana Caregiver. Please contact me if you or someone you know is in need. AmsterdamCaregiversofMichigan@gmail.com I have plenty of pictures
  1. If anyone you know is in need of a compassionate caregiver who offers free delivery give me a call 248 632 3165 or email me @ Amsterdamcaregiversofmichigan@gmail.com

  2. I agree. I tend to stay away from this site due to all of the bickering and negativity. The mods appear to have a much better grasp on things now compared to 6 months ago. Keep up the good work guys
  3. I use all organic Botanicare nutes. I flush for 14 days before harvest. The hydro taste is not detectable.
  4. Heres some picts. http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/veg_units1.jpg http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/rsz_0332.jpg http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/rsz_0301.jpg
  5. Hello Everyone. I've been snooping around here since early last year. I got a bit discouraged initially because there seemed to be a ton of bickering and arguing. But it appears the mods have a lot better handle on everyhting these days. I am a Caregiver for 5 great patients. I am growing 3 strains.....DNA Genetics Sharksbreath, G-13 Labs Northern Lights x Skunk#1 and Dinafems Bluebery Hash (This thing is a monster). I have a perpetual system going that yeilds between 10 and 15 oz. every 2 to 3 weeks. I use a modified Stinkbud Aeroponic/NFT System. I am interviewing new patients currently for my wife to act as their caregiver. Please let me know if you happen to come accross a patient who needs a new caregiver. PEACE AND LOVE FROM THE GLOVE http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/rsz_00212.jpg http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/under12.jpg
  6. I keep mine outside in a low humidity room where I dry my Meds. The heat from the ballast seem to help them dry
  7. I use the silver foil tape (home Depot) to seal all of my cracks. You can use the foam 1 sided tape to seal your leaks. And then Go over it with the foil tape. You can layer it if it starts to get wrinkled around the edges and want it to lok nice
  8. Agreed, YOu won't make much if you stay legal. If you consider Caregiver to Caregiver transfers to be legal you will have a much easier time selling/getting rid of your extra meds.
  9. Your best bet would be to find another Caregiver with an opening and have them sign a short term contract with your patient. Have your patient submit the paperwork transferring this other person as their caregiver until you are ready. Once you get close to flowering pay the $10 and have the patient switch back to you. It's allot of hassle I know. But Legal. Good Luck
  10. Agreed Phaqetoo, I am a caregiver. 2 of my patients came to me after terrible experiences with bad caregivers. It's kind of funny......Most of the phone calls I receive are from other caregivers wanting me to give them meds so they can supply their own patients. Many people who become caregivers do not understand the importance of a perpetual harvest. Patients need their medicine and you (as a caregiver) have agreed to get it for them regardless of your havest time. Long story short......There are a ton of bad caregivers out there, Be careful and meet them and ask for pictures of their current grows before you submit the paperwork and sign your life away.
  11. I'm going to save your response to this question. It is by far the most definitive and logical answer to the question....."I am a Caregiver/Patient, Can I supply other patients medicine"? Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Is there a federal law regaring 50 plants? I have always been aware of the "under 100 plant rule"?
  13. Here is one of our legal grow operations servicing 5 patients in Oakland County. We have room for 2 more patients
  14. Experienced Caregiver Taking On New Patients. Email Me @ AmsterdamCaregiversofMichigan@gmail.com

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