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  1. sorry have been busy. I have White widow 250 oz 950 Qb dseay007@comcast.net drop me a line if you need meds.

  2. I have Qb White Widow very nice price.

  3. who are you and what can i help you with.

  4. The commission will have a public hearing on the proposed ordinance Feb. 1, then could vote to recommend it to the city commission. The city commission would have to approve the ordinance for it to become law. As you can see that is the reason for the meeting. I do not believe they have released a copy as of yet. I am not sure. However if you have a better way of getting the information then feel free to put your self out. I am sure that on Tuesdays meeting there will plenty of copy's to go around. If anything they will extend the moratorium for an additional 6 months just like other community in the state.
  5. I am not sure if this will help but here it is.... ARTICLE III ZONING DISTRICTS AND MAP 3.0 DISTRICTS ESTABLISHED: For the purpose of this Ordinance, the City of Adrian is hereby divided into the following districts: Residential Districts R-1 One-Family Residential District R-2 One-Family Residential District R-3 One-Family Residential District R-4 One-Family Residential District RT Two-Family Residential District RM-1 Multiple-Family Residential District (Low Rise) RM-2 Multiple-Family Residential District (High Rise) RM-H Residential Mobile Home Park AHD Adrian Historic District Non-Residential Districts PUD Planned Unit Development District OS-1 Office Service District R-O Residential Office District B-1 Local Business District B-2 Community Business District B-3 Central Business District B-4 Shopping Center District WH Warehouse and Wholesale District ERO Education, Research and Office District E1 Exclusive Industrial District I-1 Light Industrial District I-2 General Industrial District P-1 Vehicular Parking District OZD Overlay Zoning Districts FHA Flood Hazard Area Zone 3.1 DISTRICT BOUNDARIES AND INCLUSION OF THE ZONING MAP BY REFERENCE The boundaries of these districts are hereby established as shown on the Zoning Map, City of Adrian Zoning Ordinance, which accompanies this ordinance, and which map with all notations, references, and other information shown thereon shall be as much a part of this ordinance as if fully described herein. III-1 3.2 DISTRICT BOUNDARIES INTERPRETED Where uncertainty exists with respect to the boundaries of the various districts as shown on the Zoning Map, the following rules shall apply: 1. Boundaries indicated as approximately following center lines of streets, highways, or alleys, shall be construed to follow such center lines. 2. Boundaries indicated as approximately following platted lot lines shall be construed as following such lot lines. 3. Boundaries indicated as approximately following city limits shall be construed as following city limits. 4. Boundaries indicated as following railroad lines shall be construed to be the midway between the main tracks. 5. Boundaries indicated as following shore lines shall be construed to follow such shore lines, and in the event of change in the shore line shall be construed as moving with the actual shore line; boundaries indicated as approximately following the center line of streams, rivers, canals, lakes, or other bodies of water shall be construed to following such center lines. 6. Boundaries indicated as parallel to or extensions of features indicated in subsections 1 through 5 above shall be so construed. Distances not specifically indicated on the official Zoning Map shall be determined by the scale of the map. 7. Where physical or natural features existing on the ground are at variance with those shown on the official Zoning Map, or in other circumstances not covered by subsections 1 through 6 above, the Board of Appeals shall interpret the district boundaries. 3.3 ZONING OF ANNEXED AREAS Whenever any area is annexed to the City of Adrian, it shall immediately upon such annexation, be automatically classified as an R-1 District until a Zoning Map for said area has been adopted by the City Commission. The Planning Commission shall recommend the appropriate zoning districts for such area within one year after the area is annexed. III-2 Section 3.3 amended per Ordinance No. 03-12, effective date 6/17/03 3.4 ZONING OF VACATED AREAS Whenever any street, alley or other public way, within the City of Adrian shall be vacated, such street, alley or other public way or portion thereof, shall automatically be classified in the same Zone District as the property to which it attaches. 3.5 DISTRICT REQUIREMENTS All buildings and uses in any district shall conform to the requirements of the Schedule of Regulations. III-
  6. If you are trying to set up a perpetual grow and you have 5 patients then you would need to have a 4 or 5 step system. 1)seedlings or clones/2 to 4 weeks 2)stage one of veg.month one 3)stage two of veg.month two 4)stage one of the bloom month one 5)finale stage of bloom month two then harvest, 7 to 14 days of drying and curing. So if you have 72 plants you would need 12 in every phase of the operation. Now I would like to think that if a husband and wife/brother/sister or you and your best friend.Would like to support there family's buy having a joint venture and starting a grow op then more power to them. What you do in your home is your business. The Department of community heath would not have a problem if you receive your cards to do so. There no jobs in this county. In fact we are still losing businesses in the city of Adrian every day. Now if there was no place in our community to get rid of overages and patients to get there meds. We would have to go to dispensaries in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti. I would rather support my local businesses. As Lenawee county needs all the help it can get. Forcing the Medical Marijuana businesses to industrial areas of town is not the answer. We need balance between government and our new businesses. Don't push us out!!
  7. Well it shouldn't mater if someone likes dispensaries or not. It is a mater of the availability of medication for your community. As it is a place to get rid of overages. I am afraid that patients will have to go to a seedier part of town to get your medication. I believe we should be able to coexist with other businesses in the community. I see no differences in selling Medical Marijuana than selling Tobacco or Alcohol on the same block just doors down.All three businesses we do not wont kids to have access to. So we ask for ID to insure that the kids under age don't have access. Same with Medical Marijuana. It is a common sense issue. Safe and easy access to Medication under the law.
  8. ok There is something that has not been clear in this post. This should bring more light to the subject. ADRIAN, Mich. — Medical marijuana dispensing facilities could not operate as businesses in Adrian under one provision in a proposed zoning ordinance, the owner of one such facility said Wednesday. Besides limiting medical marijuana facilities to B-2 business districts, the law would restrict the facilities to one caregiver per facility. Under Michigan law, a registered medical marijuana caregiver can have a maximum of five patients, so a given facility would be limited to five patients under the proposed law. “That wouldn’t be considered a business,” said Nicole Williams, one of the owners of Medicinal Solutions Wellness Center, 227 N. Winter St. “I have a lot more questions than I do comments at this point.” The Adrian Planning Commission proposed the ordinance Tuesday. The commission will have a public hearing on the proposed ordinance Feb. 1, then could vote to recommend it to the city commission. The city commission would have to approve the ordinance for it to become law. Michigan’s medical marijuana law, approved by voters in 2008, allows certified patients having certain debilitating medical conditions to grow and use a limited amount of marijuana. Registered medical marijuana caregivers are allowed to grow a limited number of marijuana plants and distribute marijuana to not more than five patients. Caregivers may be compensated for costs associated with giving care to registered medical marijuana patients. Medical Solutions Wellness Center is operated as a members-only club in which people buy memberships, Williams said. Registered medical marijuana patients who cannot grow their own marijuana can join the establishment and have a caregiver provided, she said. “We have a lot of caregivers that are tending to patients,” Williams said. She called limiting such facilities to one caregiver “absolutely crazy.” “Our whole point is to assist people who can’t assist themselves,” Williams said. Williams said she believes her business to be in a B-2, or community business, district, but a city zoning map shows it in the B-3, or central business district. There are B-2 districts on portions of North Main Street, South Main Street and Beecher Street. Williams said she consulted with city police and development officials before opening her business at the North Winter Street site. The one caregiver per facility provision in the proposed ordinance would drive individual caregivers to operate in residential areas, Williams said. A representative of another medical marijuana dispensing facility in Adrian, The MMM Alliance at 112 W. Maumee St., declined comment on the advice of his attorney. The MMM Alliance is in the B-3 business district. Medical Solutions Wellness Center opened Oct. 13. Williams declined to say how many members the business now has, but a Telegram story in November reported that the organization had about 100 members. Other conditions in the proposed ordinance would prohibit opening a medical marijuana facility within 1,000 feet of another such facility or within 500 feet of a church, school, park or playground, licensed daycare facility or residentially zoned district. Existing medical marijuana facilities such as Medicinal Solutions Wellness Center or The MMM Alliance would not be “grandfathered” under the law and would be subject to its provisions. In December, the city commission imposed a 120-day moratorium on any new medical marijuana facilities in the city to allow the city to come up with a zoning ordinance regulating them. Copyright 2011 The Daily Telegram. Some rights reserved
  9. Ha let me know when you relocate so i don't get lost on my way over lol.

  10. this was taken just a few min. ago I hope i did not screw things up after this far into it.
  11. I thought every thing was going so well then one day I was over run by yellow leafs. Should i be concerned i have changed water just last night. I am running general Hydroponics nuts 3 part plus kool bloom. I had been watering 3 times a day during light cycle. Then was told that i should be watering 6 times a day all day. So i am not sure what i am suppose to do from here on out. Any feed back would be great. B)
  12. Has long has you have a copy of cashed check, doctors recommendation and application and it has been 20 days, you will be fine.
  13. Yes i know i should keep still about it but needed to get feedback from my trusting friends here at the MMMA2.0 I feel in michigan you have to help out were you can. My family feels the same way B)
  14. Ok i am new patient looking to become a caregiver. In talking with family member who wont's to help out there bother in his new business. They have said they would be a patient even though they do not use MM. This would allow me to have more plants to grow and sell to depot at harvest time. They have a condition that would qualify them to partake in the MM if they chose to, but they really don't smoke weed. They would only be helping me to get my plant count up. So Am I the only one that has been presented with this kind of opportunity. Should I feel like i am doing something wrong if I accept the offer. Thank you all Focus007
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