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    I have a shih-tzu dog breeding business.I love animals{all kinds:)}they are so loving,faithful and unconditional.Thats hard to find out in the world.I also enjoy gardening,and not just medicine.I like to be outside when I can absorbing the sun.I like to read magazines,self help books and believe in karma.I am on social networks like facebook,skype ,myspace.I live on coffee basically and I plan on smoking for life,and maybe my next life too.I am a easy person to get along with and I love to discover new things in life from space,to rocks,auto mechanics and flowers.I am learning to love life and appreciate things for what they are.Its been a work in progress but I am getting there.

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  1. so hi there do u know how to make butter? if so please e-mail me? or u can find me on face book bogger420x1@yahoo.com ty

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