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  1. I have not posted in awhile... Blue haze blue dream and space queen been in grow ops for a long time ... yum yum its hard to replace good strains... FYI all from tried and true cuttings
  2. what do I base my experience on.... Actual client use peace..............
  3. Any hybrid mix of cannabis works for partial complex seizures it does not need to be high CBD 1 or 2 rice grain size dots a week works great. Same for grand mal except for a dot or two a day morning and nite
  4. Just my 2 cents... Most experienced growers last about 2 years in a basement then change it up as the humid environment builds over time... thus creating additional problems to overcome at a price.
  5. I would like to share that after spending hundreds of dollars in phone calls Emails and grow testing last year.. Learned how fractured our light industry is...its all about money Far red lighting technology is not being produced in the USA We have early" far red spectrum not.... far red There is 1 man who has developed that technology and is under a patent I don't believe he is or plans to license that patent until he fills his pockets awhile usually several years.until he may release it to others for royaltys Current price for a light shipped to your address is about 2000$ for a 1x4 or 6' footprint for a far red specturm above 720nn min order is 10........ hurry up and wait !
  6. Sorry you guys were getting ripped off.... my first lb. in 72' was 110.00 a lb.. i miss the ol days.. many great memories i would not trade for the world..
  7. FYI past client who just flew in from vegas reported that a gram in the newly open store saw herself that it was 70$ a gram...any oil was asphalt tar ... hahahaha
  8. what ?? for 5 thousand a month plus expenses Its gonna take very very shrewd operator to make money as a dispenser Ahh, pass
  9. i just want to say we have been doing cuttings from the get go and accept responsibility by checking your clones and working w/ your grower/growers after testing hundreds and hundreds of seed....and grading quality of phenos and potency of bud.... many are a fail////////// many may be good.... but a pro will grade and pre grow to know what he has.... of a proven pheno line..yes it takes several grow cycles.. We test everything...you guys who try try to buy on the open market w/o having a mentor ( pro grower ) will always have problems... Take your time to find a pro for mentoring ...and most problems will not exsist.... network network network Even the large commercial flower growers do both seeding and mega cuttings and you don't hear them complaining up your game growers... I would pay a hundred a cutting if the offering party would provide great phenos and potency and yield to save time and up credibility problems is........ especially with breeders seed suppliers YOU PAY low dollars and you get what you pay for....... just like any business... in some cases buying low can be a plus.. but in the seed business it is a NO NO option as most are finding out....anyone can go buy a seed for a buck and sell for 10$ 15$ or even 20$ except it is not conductive to our operations as it currently is.. networking w/ a pro will avoid most problems. Yes there is a place for seed... but it must be a class operation otherwise they are just screwing us after we pay operation costs and it is a failure eating a thousand a pop gets expensive very fast as the new caregivers and new growers are finding out IMHO Peace.....
  10. my 2 cents.. after doing tests and much much research around the world.... most plants need far red above 650nn... up too 700 to 780 the only man on the planet carries the patent for it on leds... manufacturers around the world are limited to about 650 due to building specs of limitations.... There is only one...... who can produce FAR RED above 650nn any other who claims their leds can produce far red are false.. until they want to license off their patented technology the world is stuck in B.S. I have spoke with every sidewinder talk salesguy out there from the top 10... and when you ask for the owner or engineering for far red they spill their beans I CAN NOT build FAR RED HERE ........so hurry and wait......it may be several years before the owner will share his technology with the rest of the world, in the meantime continue on w. hps and mh peace
  11. for grand mal we use a dot in morning and nite.......... it does not have to be high cbd........ in our own experience peace
  12. I am an experienced epileptic i have petite mal and my patients have grand mal.... now i can not speak for all others experience only my self and my patients.. we have tried alot of different strains both sativa and indica all moderate grade and high grade w/ thc to the high range and low cbd.... this includes oil and most edibles............ we found that smoking of any type helps to a limited degree... eating medibles/candy food/butter has a better effect then smoking and OIL is best when eaten ( grand mal ) is 1 dot in morning and 1 and nite petite pal is 1 dot in morning or nite.... both may supplement w/ smoking on a limited degree to continue the levels needed in the bloodstream.. Now High CBD and low THC strains have not been personally tried by myself and patients..... We have seizures daily ....... and oil is the preferred method to save several hundred dollars a month in pharmo bills Yes we grow organic.......and love it. we should take responsibility for our ourselves/ bodies... and feel i should be treating my mind body and spirit... eating right exercise right and seeking a spiritual path, whatever that may be to you to the best of your ability and Practice Practice Practice.. peace/love
  13. Pain contract basically states that you will not mix opiates or alike w/your MMM thats been around a couple years,, And i know they will spot check you peace
  14. I read about the appeals court... but at what level ?? michigan appeals for the supreme court is the same court basically... it needs to go the the 6th circuit court of appeals...in ohio. and nip this in the bud dad! about 18 months to that level been there done that on an unrelated lawsuit and won. it is completly handled by the attorneys you don't have to show at that court. Peace
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