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  1. Did they really win? they still payed a heavy price pstd with there kids, attorney fees i imagine, and what did it cost to fix the destruction those pigs did to there property. Do they now have a civil case zap? those pigs should be charged with at the minimum malicious destruction of property. On the other hand when you open up a dispensary in Michigan after the Mcqeen case then you should know you have a big target on your back and i would expect that door to be kicked in any day.
  2. Pigmy tribe in Africa how they dry there Marijuana. I forget what type of leaves ferns or banana leafs and or something similar. Over coals buds between the leafs and smoked then layer out in the sun to cure I suppose. I thought the sun would degrade the The?
  3. Anyone have a link to the actual bills having difficult time finding them
  4. At least i hope they got the right person to fight it all the way unless it gets in the way of that license.
  5. Amy of them have the caregiver system like Michigan?
  6. Wheno does labeling part of law take effect? As soon as governor signs it?
  7. False alarm was meth lab 1 block over probably see it on the news vultures are lurking all around. Wife seen action on her way home from work. If its the house i think it is maybe i wont here that loud donkey Harley at 3 am no more. not that i have anything aginst harleys just not at 3 or 4 am.
  8. Just got buzzed they circled 3 or 4 times probably should not of been flipping them off. I took the election year off so no outdoor crop. chooper had bubble on the corner must of been camera not sure if they where running heat sensor to pick up signature on indoor but all compliant and waiting knock on the door. sure gets the hear pumping may of been checking out my neighbor he has a nice greenhouse and a federal license to grow some type of flowers. this was westside detroit burbs 1:00 pm.
  9. how did they kill the rats made them watch the rnc and the dnc from start to finish
  10. amazing how brain washed that generation can be must of been paying attention at the dare class in elementary school. They chose to sufer instead of homeopathic remedy that actually works. ie Stockholm syndrome. i bet he has a picture of nancy and ronnie above the mantle with there dare t shirts on. Do you hear us now big pharma
  11. And you need to wonder why meds are so expensive. Should be no need for advertising or sales people. And most of the sales reps for big pharma are hot women wonder why. 15 years ago or so i worked as a catering driver those reps would spend hundreds of dollars on lunch for the whole office to try and bribe those docs.
  12. Ah the stigma, 1989 I was 20 got kicked out of cousins grad party for smoking a joint. My uncle who kicked me out was so drunk he had trouble standing up, I was over the limit as well should never of been driving. to this day that whole side of the family has not had nothing to do with the black sheep of the family for smoking pot.
  13. Nice 10 days wow did your dog lose a lot of weight? all those wounds 10 days no treatment a true mircle. Think he deserves a steak dinner
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