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  1. Did they really win? they still payed a heavy price pstd with there kids, attorney fees i imagine, and what did it cost to fix the destruction those pigs did to there property. Do they now have a civil case zap? those pigs should be charged with at the minimum malicious destruction of property. On the other hand when you open up a dispensary in Michigan after the Mcqeen case then you should know you have a big target on your back and i would expect that door to be kicked in any day.
  2. Pigmy tribe in Africa how they dry there Marijuana. I forget what type of leaves ferns or banana leafs and or something similar. Over coals buds between the leafs and smoked then layer out in the sun to cure I suppose. I thought the sun would degrade the The?
  3. Anyone have a link to the actual bills having difficult time finding them
  4. At least i hope they got the right person to fight it all the way unless it gets in the way of that license.
  5. Amy of them have the caregiver system like Michigan?
  6. Wheno does labeling part of law take effect? As soon as governor signs it?
  7. False alarm was meth lab 1 block over probably see it on the news vultures are lurking all around. Wife seen action on her way home from work. If its the house i think it is maybe i wont here that loud donkey Harley at 3 am no more. not that i have anything aginst harleys just not at 3 or 4 am.
  8. Just got buzzed they circled 3 or 4 times probably should not of been flipping them off. I took the election year off so no outdoor crop. chooper had bubble on the corner must of been camera not sure if they where running heat sensor to pick up signature on indoor but all compliant and waiting knock on the door. sure gets the hear pumping may of been checking out my neighbor he has a nice greenhouse and a federal license to grow some type of flowers. this was westside detroit burbs 1:00 pm.
  9. how did they kill the rats made them watch the rnc and the dnc from start to finish
  10. amazing how brain washed that generation can be must of been paying attention at the dare class in elementary school. They chose to sufer instead of homeopathic remedy that actually works. ie Stockholm syndrome. i bet he has a picture of nancy and ronnie above the mantle with there dare t shirts on. Do you hear us now big pharma
  11. And you need to wonder why meds are so expensive. Should be no need for advertising or sales people. And most of the sales reps for big pharma are hot women wonder why. 15 years ago or so i worked as a catering driver those reps would spend hundreds of dollars on lunch for the whole office to try and bribe those docs.
  12. Ah the stigma, 1989 I was 20 got kicked out of cousins grad party for smoking a joint. My uncle who kicked me out was so drunk he had trouble standing up, I was over the limit as well should never of been driving. to this day that whole side of the family has not had nothing to do with the black sheep of the family for smoking pot.
  13. Nice 10 days wow did your dog lose a lot of weight? all those wounds 10 days no treatment a true mircle. Think he deserves a steak dinner
  14. someone connected was running that disp across the st from the court house. i hear that how it works in adrain
  15. Why? you only sold to your 5 patients got my support. Dispensary I don't think so. Not that I have anything against them when an actual law or citizens initiative becomes law. No empathy for those operating in the shadows pretending the medical act somehow backs them up giving the rest of us who follow the rules the negative connotations that come with dispensary's hiding behind the medical act.
  16. Toss democracy in the garbage can, I think the dump is full, democracy went out the window in the last 20 year or more. No taxation without representation we have near zero representation.
  17. Study: Heavy Pot Users Face As Many Midlife Troubles As Those Dependent on Alcohol By Jose R. Gonzalez | April 19, 2016 | 12:37 PM EDT AddThis Sharing 88.8K1.5K Shares FacebookTwitterMore Marijuana plants. (AP photo) (CNSNews.com) -- Smoking marijuana regularly is linked to as many economic and social problems in early midlife as being dependent on alcohol, a recently published international study has found. The findings “show that cannabis was not safe for the long-term users tracked in our study,” University of California/Davis Associate Professor Magdalena Cerdá, the study’s lead researcher, said in a press release. “Alcohol is still a bigger problem than cannabis because alcohol use is more prevalent than cannabis use,” Cerda added. “But as the legalization of cannabis increases around the world, the economic and social burden posed by regular cannabis use could increase as well,” she said. Researchers found that regular cannabis smokers “ended up in a lower social class than their parents, with lower-paying, less skilled and less prestigious jobs than those who were not regular cannabis smokers." "These regular and persistent users also experienced more financial, work-related and relationship difficulties, which worsened as the number of years of regular cannabis use progressed,” according to the press release. “Regular long-term users also had more antisocial behaviors at work, such as stealing money or lying to get a job, and experienced more relationship problems, such as intimate partner violence and controlling abuse.” “Our data indicate that persistent cannabis users constitute a burden on families, communities, and national social-welfare systems. Moreover, heavy cannabis use and dependence was not associated with fewer harmful economic and social problems than was alcohol dependence.” AD FEEDBACK The study, “Persistent Cannabis Dependence and Alcohol Dependence Represent Risks for Midlife Economic and Social Problems: A Longitudinal Cohort Study,” was published March 23 by the journal Clinical Psychological Science. It was co-authored by nine researchers from five universities, including four in the United States and one in England. The 947 study subjects were taken from a group of 1,037 members of the Dunedin Longitudinal Study, individuals born in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1972 to 1973, who have undergone assessments from the age of 5 to 38. Using the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the study categorized their cannabis use from “never used” to “persistent dependence,” defined as use on four or more days per week. Marijuana. (AP photo) The study “used measures of social-class mobility, financial difficulties, antisocial behavior in the workplace, relationship conflict, and traffic convictions to characterize economic and social problems at age 38,” the authors explained. The subjects’ net worth, debt and cash flow, credit ratings, use of welfare benefits and “ability to pay basic expenses” were used by researchers to determine the financial effects regular long-term marijuana users faced. “On average, persistent cannabis users from middle-class origins attained lower adult socioeconomic status than did their parents, even after we controlled for sex, ethnicity, family substance-dependence history, childhood self-control, childhood IQ, history of psychopathology, achievement orientation, and adult family structure,” the study’s authors wrote. "Cannabis may be safer than alcohol for your health, but not for your finances,” said Terrie Moffitt, a clinical psychologist at Duke University and the Institute of Psychiatry at King’s College London, who participated in the study. Difficulties for the study’s highlighted group of cannabis users remained unchanged when the same eight controls were applied in a social context. "Even among cannabis users who were never convicted for a cannabis offense, persistent cannabis use was significantly linked to these economic and social problems,” the authors wrote. The study’s authors pointed to a greater economic and social burden posed by alcohol use, but proffered that alcohol’s legality may be to account for the current disparity. “The burden posed by cannabis use may increase, however, if cannabis use increases after legalization of cannabis use,” they wrote. “Our study underscores the need for prevention and early treatment of individuals dependent on cannabis. In light of the decreasing public perceptions of risk associated with cannabis use, and the movement to legalize cannabis use, we hope that our findings can inform discussions about the potential implications of greater availability and use of cannabis,” the study concluded. Follow Jose R. Gonzalez Bio | Archive More from Jose R. Gonzalez Printer-friendly version Send by email
  18. I have had an outdoor grow in a residential lot for 3 years now and no problems. I have close neighbors both 2 story houses. I sunk four 4 x 4 posts cemented 5 feet deep, wrapped it with fence. The top I covered with chicken wire. I also used fiberglass tent poles from corner to corner creating a bubble effect. Then I cover the top with 6ml plastic that I had painted with diluted flat exterior paint about 50/50 paint to h20. the plastic also is wrapped over the fence on the sides as well. I have a boards about a foot off the ground and a foot from the top the go all the way around and plastic on sides is in between the boards thus creating a open space from the ground to about 12 inches up and same gap on the top about 6 to 7 feet up. This allows air flow to come in bottom and flow out the top. my top cover over hangs on all sides and I have about a foot gap on all top sides for air flow. Last year i added a industrial outdoor fan to move air and i put 2 osculating fans in there as well. The 6ml painted plastic cover top as well with tent poles making nice canopy no dripping h20. And i did dwc outdoor. buried four 50 gallon drums in my 11 feet by 12 feet out door grow. Ran 3 air stones in each 50 gallon drum feed via through pvc pipe from my garage. I can put plants out a bit early they wont get the frost and i have kept a plant one year until early November. Don't think i have read or seen anyone doing outdoor dwc. I was buzzed last year and the year before last year they made 3 or 4 passes. I thought for sure the knock on the door was coming any minute never came. Must of figured if this guy went through all of that he must be in compliance. My 1 and half car garage sits only feet away from out door grow and back of garage looks like swiss cheese with all the vents cut in the garage so po po had to know i was a grower. With it being an election year I think I will go with no plastic this year and plant tomatoes i wonder it leo will mistake them for pot plants and give me a knock to find tomatoes.
  19. How does one consume hops without making beer? Would you make a concentrate similar method to rso?
  20. Do you drink anything died blue or purple sweetened with aspartine? I cut out aspartine and heartburn gone after dealing with it for 15 years. Hi blood pressure at young age so i cut out soda and was drinkling grape drink mix a gallon or more a day. What a differnece i play poker touraments mostley and some of them are 10 to 12 hour sessions with only a 10 min break every other hour. I had to stop playing because of my stomach issues. no doc every asked me about aspertine wtf wish they would of years ago.
  21. my neighbor been growing hops for years moved them from my fence line to his new gazebo he built. hops still cover my fence line every year my dogs love them.
  22. Going to take 2 years before a patient in Penn can purchase medical in mean time you can get it from another state? sound scary to me especially if you driving through another non med state to get your meds? Ups i guess?
  23. Leo stopped the practice of making there own cards news to me
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