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  1. or maybe someone here in Michigan has one they can rent/demo/share?
  2. Can anyone here recommend a source for a rosin press? ideally for larger 1-2 oz of trim per press?
  3. with 80% of Drs working for "employers" that have anti cannabis policy it's a battle.....
  4. Yes the former exactly....in Lansing or Jackson ideally. I've had a hard time with some of the Lansing Dispensary "clinic" Drs. who change from year to year. It's not that they won't right it's just that it's sometimes harder to follow them as the clinic changes their Dr every so often.
  5. Does this site or another have a DB or thread that might help new patients find Compassionate Doctors?
  6. So the legislature or some other agency (LARA) could just decide one grow op owned by Phillip Morris (Altria) should grow for the whole state? and anyone with more than 12 plants would be a Moonshiner?
  7. Congratulations!!! this is great, good work by all involved. We are all very grateful for your efforts. After reading the plain language in the petition I'm left with one Question- The language refers often to Marihuana Establishments including But at the same time clarifies that a person can only grow or possess 12 plants..... I can't find any detail on how a "manufacturing facility" could produce more than 12 plants? nor detail on how the "stores" would be supplied? How do the petitioners envision all that legal weed being grown to supply the stores??
  8. This is a good thread and while most of us CGs were aware of the risk discrepancy a lot of patients were not, especially new pts with no former CG besides a dispensary. And exactly highlights the reasons your CG may be a bit "edgy" meeting new patients. So please bear with him and be legal, safe, peaceful, you have nothing to lose a a good friend to gain.
  9. Does the certifying physician need to have a Michigan license? I have an elderly patient suffering from Cancer and spends time in both Michigan and Florida, however most of his medical (cancer) care is rec'd in Florida. His Florida physicians are agreeable to MMJ, however were unsure if their signature would satisfy the State of Michigan?
  10. Despite my inclination to chuckle and say "Good Luck" ....I'd love to see you succeed. You probably know the hurdles as well as anyone.
  11. Agree, unlabeled sounds odd to say the least
  12. wow 100 posts? is that still req'd? I'd rather meet you guys in person but CANNOT do a farmers market in Jackson, maybe Lansing/Flint/GR/Detroit
  13. It could well be that he simply waited for the state to notified the "changed" CGs. The state may have failed or never sent the cancellation or the other CGs are denying they rec'd them. Course a call/email from the PT to the former CG was the right thing to do, guy could just be criminally lazy.
  14. No kidding new room, new lights, new timers, major league f up, long story, I'm just trying to survive with some kind of meds in this first grow in the new place.
  15. I'm 3 weeks into flowering (since 8/15) and have seen fairly healthy bud development up until now. Sadly my light timer failed causing (possibly) up to 80 hours of uninterrupted light. I understand that the plants may revert or have reverted to a veg stage, which might be "OK" as I am using trellises for an even canopy. I also realize I may see hermies, I'll keep watching, However my Qs are - Anything else I should worry about? Is there anything I can do to minimize the damage(besides proper 12/12 cycles) to ensure that the plants return to bloom ASAP? If they hermie when might I first see male organs? and how long do I have to cut and kill them before they spread pollen? I assume I will be doing a harvest of the early blooms around 10/15, will their be a second date ~60 days after the new bloom beginning date? would I call that 9/7?
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