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  1. or maybe someone here in Michigan has one they can rent/demo/share?
  2. Can anyone here recommend a source for a rosin press? ideally for larger 1-2 oz of trim per press?
  3. with 80% of Drs working for "employers" that have anti cannabis policy it's a battle.....
  4. Yes the former exactly....in Lansing or Jackson ideally. I've had a hard time with some of the Lansing Dispensary "clinic" Drs. who change from year to year. It's not that they won't right it's just that it's sometimes harder to follow them as the clinic changes their Dr every so often.
  5. Does this site or another have a DB or thread that might help new patients find Compassionate Doctors?
  6. So the legislature or some other agency (LARA) could just decide one grow op owned by Phillip Morris (Altria) should grow for the whole state? and anyone with more than 12 plants would be a Moonshiner?
  7. Congratulations!!! this is great, good work by all involved. We are all very grateful for your efforts. After reading the plain language in the petition I'm left with one Question- The language refers often to Marihuana Establishments including But at the same time clarifies that a person can only grow or possess 12 plants..... I can't find any detail on how a "manufacturing facility" could produce more than 12 plants? nor detail on how the "stores" would be supplied? How do the petitioners envision all that legal weed being grown to supply the stores??
  8. This is a good thread and while most of us CGs were aware of the risk discrepancy a lot of patients were not, especially new pts with no former CG besides a dispensary. And exactly highlights the reasons your CG may be a bit "edgy" meeting new patients. So please bear with him and be legal, safe, peaceful, you have nothing to lose a a good friend to gain.
  9. Hi,

    I can design a logo for you if you would like.

    Let me know if you still need one designed and what you have in mind. I use photoshop for all of my designing. I am in the UP but can send and recieve graphics through email.

    You can email me here to let me know.

    Thanks, Kirsten Mia

  10. Srangluv,

    Ya I"de l would luv to ckeck out some them Medd!! Couple If ya have them

    need high grade stiva like I said white widow and smoe kind of indica if

    possible. But to check it ya most defenitly. Thanks mane keep me posted cool.


  11. We have successfully set up a couple of our patients with their own grows, that allows me to accept two more patients at this time. Based in Lansing and Jackson and will deliver. Please read my other blog posts for strain information and PM me with your contact information (email address) for more details.
  12. Happy New Year from OG Heaven! We would like to introduce our company "Rasta Rob's OG Heaven" and give you an idea of the depth of our passion for your patients and their medical needs. Rasta Rob's is a small close knit group of growers, businessmen and afficianado's whose primary goal is to improve the quality of medicine avaialable to Michigan patients. We feature only the highest quality genetics direct from only the most advanced seedbanks and suppliers. Specializing in clones we occasionally have dry meds available. All of our clones are healthy and bushy with 6-12 leaves, large rootballs and never a bug mite, spider mold or fungus. These are amazing strains and super-healthy plants guaranteed to take off immediately in in nearly any grow room. Your customers will thank you.. Clones available now Reserva Privada OG Kush #18 by Reserva Privada/DNA Genetics http://www.dnagenetics.com/online_store/the-og-18-feminised-cannabis-seeds.cfm Mendocino Madness by TH Seeds http://www.thseeds.com/pages/mendocinomadness.html Bubblelicious by Nirvana http://www.nirvanashop.com/us/bubblelicious-10-seeds.html Chocolope by DNA Genetics http://www.dnagenetics.com/online_store/dna_genetics_chocolope_aka_dline_cannabis_seeds.cfm Pineapple Express by G13 Labs http://g13labs.com/feminized-g13-labs-cannabis-seeds.html Jack Horror by Nirvana http://www.nirvanashop.com/us/jock-horror-10-seeds.html NYC Diesel by Soma http://www.somaseeds.nl/seeds/nycdiesel.html Jack the Ripper by TGA Subcool http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/tga-subcool-seeds-jack-the-ripper/prod_1176.html Super Lemon Haze by Greenhouse Seeds http://greenhouseseeds.nl/shop/feminised-cannabis-seeds/super-lemon-haze-feminised.html Great White Shark by Greenhouse Seeds http://greenhouseseeds.nl/shop/feminised-cannabis-seeds/great-white-shark-feminised.html MK Ultra by TH Seeds http://www.thseeds.com/pages/mkultra.html Raspberry Cough by Nirvana http://nirvanaseeds.11il.com/tag/rasberry-cough/ Blackberry by VISC Seedbank http://vancouverseed.com/visc.html#Bl2 In the very near future we are will be offering a variety of new California OG Kush crosses which are so advanced that they have not yet been completely named. The breeder is a friend of Rasta Rob's, a 20 year Cali grower "From the Hill" (Garberville) who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. A couple of his strains have nonetheless already made it into the Rev and Breeder's Swerve through the Cali Connection. Coming very soon - Chem Dog x OG Blue Dream x OG Bubba Kush GoochyGoo (Garberville Goo x OG x OG) Purple Goochy (Purple Kush x Garberville Goo x OG) Sour Diesel x Purple Kush Also coming soon - Burmese Kush by TH Seeds http://www.thseeds.com/pages/burmesekush.html We are currently seeking the perfect pheno out of ten potential mothers Tahoe OG Kush by Cali Connection seeking the perfect pheno out of five potential mothers Sour OG aka Headband by Reserva Privada http://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/reserva-privada-sour-kush-aka-headband-feminized/prod_1725.html seeking our pheno from six potential mothers RockLock (Rock Star x WarLock) by DNA Genetics http://www.headsite.com/rocklock-dna-genetics-cannabis-seeds-211-p.asp Seeking perfect pheno out of six potential mothers Cataract Kush (OG x LA Confiential) by DNA Genetics http://www.dnagenetics.com/online_store/dna-genetics-cataract-kush-cannabis-seeds.cfm thirteen potential mothers We are happy to talk, email or meet to answer any questions, discuss prices, timeframes, quantities or any other matters. Please don't hesitate to email don AT michiganherb.com or rob AT michiganherb.com for more information. Or PM for more information
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