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  1. Medical marijuana caregivers and cultivators in Michigan can't process their plants without breaking the law as a result of a Michigan Court of Appeals decision this month, according to cannabis lawyers. "Wet marijuana" -- a loose term for the time between when a marijuana plant is cut and fully dried for consumption -- is not covered by state law, according to a Court of Appeals ruling July 19. "Now, they've made it so you can't even comply with the law," said Matthew Abel, senior partner of Cannabis Counsel LLC. "Obviously, it doesn't go immediately from being a plant to being drie
  2. http://wnmufm.org/post/court-appeals-rules-wet-marijuana-illegal-under-medical-marijuana-law#stream/0 LANSING, MI (MPRN)-- Marijuana that’s not yet fully processed is not covered by Michigan’s Medical Marijuana law, and that opens some growers up to possible prosecution. It’s called wet marijuana. Pot that’s harvested from the plant but not dried out yet. The State Court of Appeals says that marijuana isn’t usable, so it’s not covered by the Medical Marijuana law. That means a person can be arrested for having it even if they are a
  3. Upper Michigan seeds. I will contact the breeder let u know.
  4. Does anyone of our reps stand up for us? I know Peters and Stabbinaw are worthless. Maybe someone from our state rep will help us on this, I see other states there reps are speaking out Not here.
  5. Boy the HATE IS Strong in this group. And Ignorance
  6. Its not bs rest The only BS is coming from you.. Just has two friends try cbd one with MS one with a neck cadge BOTH Had possative results.. So now I am pretty much done here with the BS /
  7. You guys are so out of touch with reality it is funny ...http://www.limerickleader.ie/news/home/243389/sales-of-cannabis-oil-skyrocket-in-limerick-city.html#.WOX9k1EL14Y.facebook
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