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  1. Thank you so much for the feed back! I thought that the receptionist was full of shite when she said that overages needed to be kept in a locked freezer. Hahahaha
  2. I find non-gmo soy oil with mj extracted into it works very well for topical app. Check out dizzledot's canna-oil recipe here. http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/blog/65-dizzledots-recipes/ Also Subcool's glycerin recipe works very well. Basically you just cover ground buds or sugar trim with usp grade glycerin. Then set in cool and dark place for 60 days. Then strain and apply. Because made with no heat all the smells/terpenes are preserved and it is very effective medicine. Happy Cooking
  3. A caregiver named "K" has two card holding patients. K gets a doctor rec and signs up to become a patient. Can K sign up their own caregiver to help out with meds until K's own personal plants will be coming in? K wishes to keep her own plant rights, but to also have a caregiver. The receptionist at the doc office said that a caregiver who is a patient can not also have a caregiver. She said that a patient can not keep plant rights and also have a care giver w/o plant rights. This did not seem right to me. I personally used to be Patient with plant rights who had a caregiver who was
  4. I do not use RO water, but I go that low with my pH in veg only. I use the higher stated range for flower. Key with either stage is to have pH fluctuation. Different nutes are taken up at differing pH ranges. Happy Growing
  5. I would use multiple plastic baggies and not glass. There are med mj labels you can print off that look kinda like a pharm label. I would also only bring down with you what you can consume while there. Don't fly back with anything. I thought that the only other states to recognize other states cards was Michigan and Rhode Island. Police can say whatever they want so please find out about the law in Nevada and them accepting other states cards. I also think that bringing canna-oils and qwiso or BHO extracts is the best method. Buds look like buds on an X-Ray. A piece of hash formed
  6. If you had a medical need for that amount and for you to keep an uninterupted supply then you would be covered by the affirmative defense. Look it up. Happy Growing
  7. Look up "QWISO" and you will find the solutionto your problem. Simpson oil is great, but qwiso is also nice cause it can also be smoked or vaped. Happy Growing
  8. I have an OGSSH too. She looks great done with Bushmaster. I should try that. I usually just plan on the stretch and implement lst and double super croppng. Bend em down and then bend em back up and tie. Haha. I have given away so many cuts of the OGSSH. Maybe around 100 even. Happy Growing
  9. Thanks for the friend add. Happy Growing

  10. Was searching for answers and found this Dude flew with a plant and vaped in the terminal. He was flying from a friendly state to a friendly state though. admin. adjust post
  11. Thanks for the add friend. I was thinkin' we should be friends. We share very similar political ideals. ;)

  12. I am flying my Gma down to FL and need to bring some meds with me. Florida is a non-friendly mj state. Can I fly with it and my card from GRAP MI to Fla? Should I claim it in a checked bag? Carry on and claim...or not? Or just ship down before I go and have it waiting for me when I arrive? Since I am flying with my Gma I can't have any major issues as the stress on her could be bad. I love the button idea. A couple buttons might be enough. Could maybe even sew them onto some clothes. lol This batch of qwiso ended up very hard when scrapped up and cooled down after kneading.
  13. RIGHT! I was thinking the same thing. Why should I pay the state $ for a card when I am covered totally by the affirmative defense. I have a signed doctor's note in my medical file and one in my file at home. What more do I really need? The $100 fee for the card is easily recouped by using it for the 15% discount at the grow store, but that doesn't make it right. How much money has the state made off of patients and they still can't do it right. Everyone should just use the AD.
  14. CHANTIX! I quit and Chantix works GREAT! Getting off Chantix is a breeze compared to quiting cold turkey and switching from Cigs to Chantix wasn't hard at all. If you are ready to quit get Chantix and something to keep your hands and mouth busy. Carrot and celery sticks, suckers, and joints. Use lots and LOTS of edible cannabis aka medibles and smoke or better yet vaporize lots of kind nugs.
  15. Hello!

    How are you! This has been one crazy summer so far...

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