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  1. Go to our website to find out the latest news about how to acquire our seeds. Most folks will find it to be good news I'm thinking.
  2. Sodium is not the only salt on the planet. Epsom salts are a salt and most dry nutes are salt based.
  3. Anytime i ever used the miracle grow organic soil my flowers come out with a strange carrot flavor.
  4. Since Epsom salt is a salt it is that much more difficult to flush out when it's time. If you are using worm castings you have magnesium in your soil mix. Castings make for much tastier flowers than when using Epsom salt. Of course this won't help hydro growers much but I know you are a soil guy.
  5. More lame "reality" TV. A cannabis show could be made way better than any i've seen so far and this show is no exception. Wait til next month, Discovery is going to start another "weed" show from the polices perspective. I think it's called "Weed Cops". The thing I hate worst about these shows is they let the moronic cops spread their misinformation. I'm about to block Discovery channel and i will refuse to watch that weed cops crap.
  6. what kind of clones are you looking for?
  7. Th Sure sure...... Does the losing football team pay fines and victims rights fee's to the stadium?
  8. Ok bro, the folks I know who got their case dropped because they demanded a jury trial are all a figment of my imagination.
  9. It costs the courts more for a jury trial and they know it;s a waste. lol and the remark about winning or losing is funny. The courts wouldn't exist if they never won a case. Where do you think their revenue comes from?
  10. Votes like these are bigger than some may think. We took individual cities on the medical marijuana issue before we legalized medical marijuana state wide. It shows that the people are ready for a necessary change. If we can take Flint and Detroit then we can probably pass legalization state wide if we were to write a good petition and get the signatures. If we remember correctly not many cities respected the medical marijuana proposals. Come to think of it, the state still don't even want to accept reality. It takes time for things to change but I can see we are on our way. Legalization will probably be coming to our state and many others in the near future. These local legalization efforts are the proof. Even if the cops don't respect the law a jury will. Courts are scared to death of jury trials in marijuana cases. Why? Because they rarely win and it costs big cash for them to loose. Always demand a jury, you may be surprised at how fast they drop your case after you refuse several plea offers.
  11. You aren't going to find many doctors that don't charge a fee for signing a medical marijuana application. There are doctors out there who will sign the ap for you though, you just have to find 2 of them. It's probably going to cost you at least 300 dollars for 2 doc sigs and state application fee.
  12. 2 out of 3 aint Bad. Colorado also passed legalization... WOOOOHOOOO!
  13. This is just more of the kind of evidence or proof really of corruption. What about the report By Dr. Grinspoon written for the Nixon admin back in the 60's? Time and time again our government has turned it's head to science, facts and reason to instead promote incarceration and suffering. How can we argue with a force that believes Marinol has medical value yet the very plant it's derived from has NO medical value? A drug prescribed in the medical field that replicates a condensed and concentrated version of marijuana? What more proof do we need that marijuana needs to be at minimum rescheduled. I don't understand why we don't drive this point home more often or why most folks don't pay attention to this? To me it's the most convincing evidence that marijuana NEEDS to be re or unclassified. Somehow once something gets made into pill form what it's made from doesn't matter.
  14. Sometimes things just have to take their course. Anybody who has genuine morals knows marijuana should be totally removed from this list. Aspirin is medicine and we can but it at a gas station. Thats the most control marijuana should have. Over the counter and 21 to purchase. We can't concern ourselves with the dea's corruption..... We just need to do the right thing. I think the medical marijuana law made many of us forget where we were 5 yrs ago.
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