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    Our mission is to bring the truth & help the sick people of Michigan.
    Helping sick people thru out Michigan.
  1. Audit all the books & the truth will come out !! If legal action is required So be it !! Think of what this has already done to the MMJ community !! Who can we trust ??
  2. Kruzty, Im with you I think an independent audit should come into this problem & we all will see who is lying & who is telling the truth !!
  3. My link Disease and Pest Prevention/Control Insects, mites and maggots slither into grow rooms, eating, reproducing and wasting weed. Outdoors, they live everywhere they can. Indoors, they live anywhere you let them. Fungi are present in the air at all times. They may be introduced by an infected plant or from air containing fungus spores. Fungi will settle down and grow if climatic conditions are right. Pests, fungi and diseases can be prevented, but if allowed to grow unchecked, extreme control measures are often necessary to eradicate them. Prevention Cleanliness is th
  4. My link Set up the grow room before bringing in any plants. Construction requires space and planning. Once the grow room is set up and totally operational, the room will be ready for plants. Step One: Choose an out-of-the-way space with little or no traffic. A corner in the basement or a spare bedroom is perfect. A 1,000-watt HID, properly set up, will efficiently illuminate up to a 6 x 6-foot room. The ceiling should be at least 5 feet high. Keep in mind that plants are set up about one foot off the ground in containers and the lamp needs about a foot of space to hang from the ceiling
  5. has 40 years experience

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