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  1. Gone.....Delete my info if you can. To much B S drama and pissing contests
  2. Who are the REAL criminals in Michigan?! Retroactive State Law Lets GOP Chairman's Brother Off Hook For $2.4 Million http://www.freep.com...ion?odyssey=tab LANSING -- Wells Fargo bank will file a court challenge to a new state law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder that overturned a $2.4-million judgment against the brother and business partner of Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak, the bank's attorney said Friday. The law Snyder signed Thursday, which says a lender can recover only the real estate offered as collateral when a certain type of commercial loan goe
  3. U.S. Attorney Breaks Silence on Medical-Marijuana Battle http://www.newsreview.com/sacramento/u-s-attorney-breaks-silence-on/content?oid=5379500 Medical-cannabis patients and providers should expect ongoing persecution in California. However, media backlash due to the nearly half-year-old federal crackdown is affecting at least one prominent drug warrior: United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California Benjamin Wagner. Wagner broke the Department of Justice’s near silence with regard to the crackdown during a candid, hour-long talk and question-and-answer session
  4. Family Members of Michigan Congressional Lawmakers Benefit http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20120330/POLITICS02/203300356/Report-Family-members-congressional-lawmakers-benefit?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE The campaigns of some Michigan members of Congress paid family thousands of dollars for wages, travel expenses and even band performances, according to a new report. The expenses were reported by House members in public filings and are legal, but the report from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington highlights how family members oftentimes benefit from
  5. 'Oh, lets not forget rippers too" I know one person who was robbed at gun point transferring meds through CL post . Clinton Twn.PD threatened to arrest the Patient before EVEN asking if they were alright. The armed robber was caught .
  6. He was in 'technical violation' of several laws maybe even a felony and yet...he goes home. A Patient/Caregiver who is out of technical bounds...Gets the full SWAT treatment may even get murdered by the police.....But definitely going to jail.....
  7. Macomb County sheriff called to pick up his own 'disorderly' son from house party http://m.oakpress.com/oaklandpress/pm_111527/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=y075vrfp Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham was called to pick up his son and three of the son’s friends who had been drinking and allegedly became disorderly at a house party late Saturday, a department spokeswoman said Sunday. Sheriff’s Capt. Brenda Baker said no crimes were committed and no arrests were made but acknowledged the sheriff’s son and the buddies briefly argued with deputies who were called to the party
  8. All their work is deeply appreciated....
  9. What is the # hash tag or is that still in the works. I know it can be difficult to come up with a good one and then find its taken.
  10. Michael K and Glen_Mich are on Twiiter spreading the word on what Lansing is doing to us. Social Media is VITAL in today's activism of the Internet just look to the middle east, or the recent #Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. Lansing goes on Twitter and lies about us. They say how dangerous we are and that, 'the program is rife with criminals and drug dealers". Time to posses up and go on the offense by defending our community and our law. I for personal reasons will not join FB Who is our in-house or staff Twitterer for the 3MA? Great changes can be made but fir
  11. Is there a social media page we can voice our polite disapproval and express that, the Medical Cannabis Community DOES NOT ENDORSE RECREATIONAL USE OF CANNABIS
  12. PHEW.....!!!! Thought for second 'Billy-Bong' pulled an Okie-Doke ;-)
  13. BRAVO!!!!! To an insider with compassion and courage! Hats off to you
  14. 21 Sterling Heights police command officers suspended Forged time cards and stole their pay Instead of suspensions they should be in jail but hey.. we all know about cops looking out for cops..Criminals in uniform! http://www.macombdaily.com/articles/2012/03/22/news/doc4f6b0ef7c1c13951237620.txt Twenty-one Sterling Heights police command officers have been suspended 10 to 30 days for the inaccurate submission of time cards. Police Chief Michael Reese could not be reached for comment, but he made his feelings clear at a City Council meeting Tuesday evening. A report, released b
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