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  1. I'm down to work with anyone. Anyone in the Flint area is free to contact me any time. I don't post much in the summer due to time constraints, but I do check in from time to time. hows that for unity?
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    Rally Sept 13th

  4. oh, bob had his bag out for sure hehe when is the next one?
  5. sounds like he just violated your civil rights. call the police and file robbery/larceny/theft charges against the officer. and sue the officer and file a complaint against the officer with the ACLU and file a complaint with the Michigan Department of Civil Rights (don't know if they will actually help, but if we keep filing they eventually will get the point that they should) http://www.michigan.gov/mdcr nothing will change until we start fighting back in the courts. don't forget to reference section 4a and 4h
  6. LED tech is not ready. I spent MONTHS researching and experimenting at the beginning of last winter. The kit you see is TOTAL junk. Even the BEST LED systems out there are not good enough for flowering. I even took my experiment to the point where I ordered my own LED's that were much higher intensity than the ones used in any of the commercial systems available, and soldered together my own boards and built my own lights. I made lights that did an 'ok' job flowering, but I was using 800 watts.... i grow on 1000w HID systems, and for the extra 200w's, the HID was much better. I'm gunna give it a few more years before I look into it again. Hopefully by then someone will have developed a more advanced HILED that will compare to todays HID lighting.
  7. White Widow (first time growing this strain) grown under scrog (first scrog grow). besides that everything i'm doing is the same i've always done, and never had this issue before. kinda looks like nute burn to me, not sure though, i need some expert opinions. plants were put on flower on aug 27th. pics were taken about 20 minutes ago (when I was flushing the reservoirs and putting them on straight RO water). on the same day that I put these 2 ladies to flower, i also put 9 Couch Lock, despite identical growing conditions, the Couch Lock is doing well. A couple leaves on the Couch Lock looked a little mutated, but not much of a severe problem like I see on these White Widow ladies. sorry about the picture quality, and the lines. these were taken from my camera phone, it does that under the bulb i use. top left circle: notice deformed growing leaves. they are all crunched up like the leaf material is growing faster than the veins that make up its "skeletal" structure center circles: notice how some new growth tips are flat out dying. they act like they are being burned by the light, but the light is plenty distance away, and a sealed air cooled unit, and these are not the closest parts of the plant to the light. you also see this on some leaves left circles: notice the dead portions of the leaf. they start out looking burned, turn brown, then the brown ends up as holes in the leaves. right circle: deformed leaf growth top circles: deformed leaf growth bottom circle: "burned" base of fan leaf. I've seen this exact pattern on a few different fan leaves on these two plants. here you can see some more advanced stages of this problem. as mentioned earlier, the spots on the leaves that die, erode away to holes. in this picture it almost looks like something eating away at my plants. but i've checked everything, and the room, plants, and roots are bug free. i'm going to flush them for 24 hours and then put them back on half nutes and see what happens. if anyone requires any more details, please ask. I'll be online tonight and i'll check this thread tomorrow. thanks in advance, phil
  8. Thanks for you post in: Patient To Patient. Cg To Cg Transfers

  9. ust finished hosting the nation poverty tour folks! met some amazing cats! sorry i'm not around on here. i'll be back online when the snow falls and the sun hides

    1. ______


      Glad to hear you are still around, Enjoy the summer and I'm looking forward to more of your posts in the fall.

  10. i've been buying these by the hundreds and passing them out for years. hehehe glad to see others making these essential books handy! oh, and bump!
  11. :) thanks man! sorry, i'll most likely be back in the winter time. this spring/summer has been very busy for me. not much time for the pc. street level activism is a busy job. :) hope you all keep up the good work on the web level :) peace - free the weed!
  12. Where have you been? Miss your words of wisdom.

  13. Hi, I love your quote from Thomas Jefferson, it says so much.


  14. well... if we hear nothing from bud, should we assume the worst? i'm very eager to hear what happened in this case.
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