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  1. flintstoner4279

    Blue Dream

    SUPER NICE! Looks very well grown,I can taste it right now!! Just perfectly sent from the LORD above! Thanks for the pics.Flintstoner4279.
  2. W@W did we all forget that a protest is set for 9/19/2012 at noon!!! PLEASE all who can, SHOW UP!!! Lets show we are pissed about them tring to change our states constitution LIKE they do everything else! WE see them Now lets have them see US! SHOW UP PLEASE!!!! I just now found out about it , What happened to MMMA 2.0???? I'm pissed Greg/Brad???????? WHAT THE? Happened? Flintstoner4279
  3. There's no tellin whats next w/ all the changes from the 17th how bad it will get?. These leo's dont EVEN know the law! Now they keep changing these laws that have NOT been properly read and followed! It's a true shame that Nixon didnt get all his LIES thrown out W/ him!!!!!! This mess would only be a bad dream. Schedule 1 would have proper drugs,NOT SIMPLE medical marijuana. Thank God they are protecting us from this caged animal Marijuana, Or we could get hurt or something! If we all refuse to let it happen JUST as the values of this great country we created , upon the very same reasons we broke away from England!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought we ran this show.revolt, take it back same as we did w/ BOOZE And that stuff is legal????????????????! Flintstoner4279 Loves ya Keep our heads up!!
  4. Hello; I wood; I think your as silly as they come,Oh by the way you got more of them free meds???? I sure could use some bout now!!! The ONLY ones who are giving free is up to NO GOOD ! Take my word for it!! All the rest is sold for top $ or even on the black market!! For real who in these times put out $ for supplies/electric/labor/on......on. They use the real plan the second they get the chance!!!!! They talk a real good game in the start to gdet the hook in ya,Then Pow!$$$$$$$$ they make on our unspecting butts,Love ya Bro just think about it if it's too good to be true It probably IS. p
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    Very nice looker, Reminds me of my Lemon-Drop YUMMY Great job Congrads!~ The Flintstoner~
  7. flintstoner4279

    40yrs experince,TOO LAIGIT TO QUIT

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