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  1. The Repubs have no heart, the Dems have no balls, and neither care in the least about the Will of the People or the Welfare of the Patients. Every legislator who voted to give us more grief can kiss my Royal American and be assured that I will remember every one of them at the voting booth.
  2. Watching Fox to learn about the news is the same as watching Hogan's Heroes to learn about WWII.
  3. Every high CBD product I've ever tried was useless to me. Did nothing to relieve any pain, and didn't touch the MS either. Not saying it doesn't work for others, because I've seen first hand that it does work. Only saying it doesn't work for me. The oil I use now is 92+% THC and that takes the edge off just a little bit. I use about 20ml-30ml a week. Morphine doesn't take the nerve pain away so I just stay on the oil. Makes it a little easier to cope, and at least I don't want to do suicide from the pain all the time. Would ruin the buzz and that's a no-no.
  4. If you have already decarbed the cannabis, there is no reason to heat it again. Like NL said, you risk turning THC into CBN. Extracting pure plant essence into a fat is one half of an ancient process known as 'enfleurage' and it is the process from which the very highest quality essential oil absolutes are crafted. I've tried it with cannabis and found that extract to be superior in potency to any cannabis extract I've tried with the exception of Rick Simpson's Hemp Grease. A vegetable fat is used to extract the plant essence. After extraction of the plant essence into the fat, alcohol is added which then extracts the plant essence from the fat. The fat is removed and the alcohol is allowed to evaporate. You are left with pure Cannabis Absolute. Don't take my word for it, google it. To me it is a superior method of extraction. If you're in a hurry, try something else. Enfleurage takes some time but if you want higher quality extracts, it's time well spent. Good luck with that.
  5. I eat a minimum of 8 tbsp of hemp hearts every morning with a salad and recommend them to everyone young and old alike. They are the most nutritious food that can be cultivated. Hemp hearts contain 7 times more protein than salmon and are 1 1/2 times more nutritious than mother's milk. I get them from a small but forward thinking hemp farming community in Alberta, CAN where they even build their dwellings from processed hemp. We should also be running our vehicles on hemp fuels instead of fossil fuels. The Gov't has a fighter jet fitted to run on a fuel made from sativa, so cars and trucks are no problem. Support MIHEMP.
  6. Bravo to the forward thinkers in CO. May it pass by a landslide. Money for schools? Wasn't the monies from lottery ticket sales supposed to be going to schools? I think the money lined someone's pockets instead. The bureaucrats just need to leave all the cannabis folks alone.
  7. Not a difficult choice at all. You said it's too good of a job to walk away from, then it's too good of a job to lose because you're stoned. A man cannot serve two masters. Best of luck to you brother.
  8. I applaud the intelligent folks who correctly call our sacred herb by its proper name, Cannabis. Those who continue to erroneously refer to it by that hate filled and racist 'M' word, should read Jack Herer's 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes' and they will see that the 'm' word along with 75 years of bad juju associated with it is a big part of the problem; that and utter laziness by the silent majority of the cannabis community. Our gov't is not one that is of, by and for the People it is one of, by and for the People who participate. It is only a very small minority of the cannabis community who are standing up for everyone else because the majority of the cannabis community is too lazy to make an effort. If this were not true, LEO would not still be putting us in jail and seizing our assets because we choose to use an ancient healing plant as our medicine. Proof? Less than 50 cannabis activists statewide collected signatures for Prop 1 in 2008. To those who continue to sit while others work for you, a toothache in every tooth. The Vietnam vets have a saying. Some Gave All, All Gave Some. More than a motto, a way of life. In the cannabis community some truly gave all, but most gave nothing, did nothing and continue to give and do nothing. No concerted at-large effort put forth and no real plan, so now, we have what we have because we deserve it. The silent majority of the cannabis community is deafening. Why they remain silent only they know, but they're not saying. I have work to do. Letters to write. Legislators to contact.
  9. Rest in peace Renee. It was an honor to have met you and an honor to have shared the sacred herb with you. There should be a strain named after 'Queen Renee'. She certainly was that.
  10. The highest quality G13 X SLH I ever saw was from beans bred by Swampy [may he rest in peace] and that strain is called Free Leonard. She runs 12-14 wks to maturity.
  11. Agreed. Shows the lengths they will go just to win an election even forgery. A criminal is a criminal no matter in the hood or the legislature.
  12. Today a friend told me he read an online article stating 3 or 4 persons in the MI legislature have been charged with election fraud. He could not remember the news website and I have yet to be able to find the article or mention of it. Has anyone else heard about this? Peace and unity in the cannabis community.
  13. Trouble is, regular people don't/can't run for high office anymore so we're stuck with casting a vote for corporate goons, multi-millionaires and attorneys. Every one totally out of touch with We the People, yet totally in touch with those of their ilk. Peace & unity in the cannabis community.
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