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  1. Thanks I'll check them out. These pipes have a hole or holes arounnd the top edge. When filled with oil you heat a seperate glass stem over a tourch, than just touch the top of the oil for an instant vape. It is sorta like useing a vaporizer by has 10 times the effect, If you have been smoking a while and miss just getting blown away sometimes you have to try this. The nice part is there is no waste, no fire to burn up your product. We also tried good hash and it worked also. Not as well as oil. Be careful just 2 heats will have your eyes rollin in your head
  2. After discovering oil burner pipes with the simpson oil, most of our patients want their own. Anyone know where I can pick some up in the flint area. Thanks The pipes I've got the oil
  3. If you have salt in your water than your softner is not working correctly. They do sell a causic acid you mix with water and add to the softener to super clean the filter media like every 4 months. Alot of people have never done this. I have used mine after the softener forever, no problems at all. I grow in dirt and hydro. Plants have been around way before ro filters
  4. Would you be willing to sell the overages to dispenseries or whoever, for your caregiver in exchange for free meds?
  5. If you need more light get more light, dont spread it around. Look at my previous pictures.
  6. We have 7 of the 8" magnums (ochos) with 1000 watt, 2 in each room that is 7 x 12, 3 in a 10 x 20 room, 12 plants under each light and they get plenty of light. Stay away from movers, more mechanical stuff to go wrong
  7. If you are receving no problem at all. If you're suppling well that is a very grey area and its getting darker. Proceed with care.
  8. Yes you can be his caregiver. And he can still grow his plants. I never said both could grow 12 plants. That was not in the op.
  9. darn dude read the form, even when you assaign a caregiver its asks who has posseion of thr plants. And what does my doctor have to do with this. I have been with Dr Kenewell and he is my primary care doctor,
  10. you need to read it again. Yes you Can have a caregiver, and still grow your own plants.
  11. Or they just got greedy and were selling herion, cause the meds weren't making enough. The dea has made quit a few warning. Obey the law your ok, work the gray area and you could lose.
  12. The best I could find was a digital timer thats has 1 minute increments. i am just starting an aero system and I am watering 1 minute every 2.5 hours with lights on, only once with lights out.
  13. Welcome neighbor, look out I'm right around the corner
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