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  1. Just before the voting last year I got a call from my mmj doc; $150.00. Now that recreational is legal and my card is about to expire I am seriously considering not renewing... then my doc called; another $150.00. I’m wondering if someone has put together a document that clearly outlines MMJ vs. Recreational and what each means, what changes, etc. Just looking for all the info in one place, if that exists. Thanks
  2. It’s been six years but I’m back! Hoping to catch up the newest techniques and wtf are LED’s for bloom good now?!? Man, it’s been awhile!
  3. Could be that the server is in another time zone; most likely. Or it's on, or off as it were, daylight savings time. But that's just a guess.
  4. There is quite a colony of mites on that plant.
  5. If you have constant air moving over them in veg; their stems will thicken.
  6. and their not sharing.... Just made me laugh a bit. They can keep it; it doesn't look impressive.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20463504
  8. This is something that is test worthy; would love to know the answer. Would love to see testing results from the same cutting; clones; for many many many grows; from different growers and from different environments, grow methods, nutes, lights. So many variables; would love to see how this would plot out.
  9. Today I am thankful for politicians that can actually do the math when it comes to percentages of voters. God bless America
  10. If your making oil or mash w\e; remember to Label the contents of just how much actual cannabis you used to make your batch. Keep it simple; label everything. This could be another area that TESTING could be used in a very good way. A sample of canna butter could be tested to find the actual percentage of cannabis in the product. A label from the actual testing institution would be the best and most legit way to make this happen. To bad the testing thread is full of ego's and ill tempers. It has it's place and this needs to be addressed; not squabbled over.
  11. Thanks for the chart PB; I see on there the plants chemical signature is from it's genome, & "environment and farming practices" So my question seems to be getting closer to an answer; maybe the a lab owner could answer for me. If the above quoted line actually means that: Grower A takes a sample of his (input strain here) and has it tested. Two weeks later Grower A takes a sample meds from a clone they grew, from a different grow cycle. Would the chemical profile be the same; it would seem to be the answer here is no. But, would the results be close enough to get a base line, or a generality of that strain albeit from that particular grower. A compiled list of all current and emerging strains with these profiles; from Grower A could help Grower A and their patients find strains as to tailor their meds for their own specific conditions. Now; Let's say we have 10 Growers sending in samples for testing. For the sake of keeping it simple; say they all grow the same cut of the strain Grower A has already submitted multiple samples for testing. How close; if at all; would the results be in the chemical profile of the samples: And if they are all over the map; the game ends. BUT, if they are close; then a compiled list online; even if the labs were to charge for access to their testing data; like a subscription; this could help everyone, do the same for their medical conditions; registered and unregistered patients alike. It could even give us profiles of certain foods that could help the body use the medicine from the healing plant; i.e. mangos Let's work together to figure this out and find a place for testing. Not all science is junk science; a lot is trial and error. That doesn't mean we stop and throw the baby out with the bath water; we just need to think this through together.
  12. Would each clone test the same in different grows; Will (Insert your strain here) be the same, even within the same caregiver's grow, each cycle; these are helpful things that may prove beneficial in the long run with helping patient's tailor their meds to their condition. A list of the profiles of each known strain could be compiled but if they are not the same with the same strain each time; then what is the point. And if no one is interested in talking fact's or explaining their idea's; again... what's the point.
  13. If multiple strains of medicine are grown in a strict environment; and all grown the same; then tested; then listed or posted strain specific information on the web for the world to see. Maybe a patient could say, "That buckethead strain really helped me eat and not puke my guts out all day. Let me check the test page and see what other strains are close to what has already helped." This could help the patients or their caregivers tweak in what people need and what works for them. If testing is just being done to market someone's product, Rest can rest his case, because he'd be right.
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