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    Suggestion. Use some super cropping techniques to make better use of your light source. SCROG would work better here.
  2. I've grown for personal use for a very long time and have developed some pretty good skills. In the past 6 mo I've tried to help some people with their licenses get up and running. The experience with not fulfilling to say the least. Main reason was because I've never made decisions based on $$$. For instance, I don't use HPS for flowering because I like the effect the the added UV has on psycho-activity. I've sampled some offering from some local grow shops and have been pretty disappointed. Smells good, looks great, but would either make me gag or the high was lackluster. Was wondering are there any other true connoisseur expert growers out there who can relate. I'm feeling alone on my own pot snob island right about now.
  3. That's good to know about mylar. I wasn't aware. You can use panels painted with flat white paint as a substitute. None of the glossy stuff.
  4. Barneys Farm Laughing Buddah - Is this originally from Dr. Greenthumb? I've been in need of that for a while. Disc for another post. Hey! Grow it out and let us know! What characteristics does it have and how will your set up accommodate them baby's needs? From checking it out on Barny's website it seems to be an interesting strain. I would only worry about onset of couch lock on the come down. Lot's of patients will appreciate it thought. Start a thread with ur grow!
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