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  1. Interested in seeds but don't see a link to what you have

  2. Imagine this stuff is going to cost so much only the truly sick and dying will be able to aqcuire it. I highly doubt this will ever replace naturally home grown organic medicine.
  3. Just figure out which way you would like to prepare your hash oil, high quality BHO or ISO works the best for candy. Then get yourself one of these: http://www.candylandcrafts.com/candykitshard.htm Have fun
  4. Wow, this is going to effect the lives of many many sick people! I know a patient who is terribly worried already that the DEA is going to come after him since Dr. Buck is his physician. He is desperately looking for another place to grow his plants or cut them down altogether today. So now will all the patients she helped be investigated?
  5. Also if your patient goes to dispensaries and they make copies of the card, who knows who will have your information.
  6. I put a po box on ALL my caregiver applications, have been doing so for 2 years without issue. I do not allow even my patients to know where my grow is. They get their medication delivered or meet me somewhere.
  7. If you missed the Rez drop then you missed out, they screwed it up again (as usual) https://www.icmag.com/ic/showthread.php?t=208321 I have 5 of his strains and they are the best around no doubt.
  8. Lookin good bud ;)and get that dang no pest strip out of your flower room
  9. I vote NO as he has reneged on not going after medical cannabis patients in states that voted it legal, (its still happening!!!) until he can make safe access for us to obtain our medicine our vote should be a loud and clear NO from a patients perspective.
  10. Looking good bud, hope to try that GDP someday
  11. Oregonism is some really good stuff for the price, I use it on everything.
  12. Its not just California cannabis coming to Mi, theres also alot coming from Colorado and Oregon as well. I agree that anything imported here from other medical states should be boycotted, it is one of the many reasons the cost is so high at dispensaries. But unfortunately 90% of the patients buying at dispensaries cant tell the difference of where it was grown or how for that matter.
  13. Herb, you were just selling clones on here a few weeks ago and you cant help him out? If he wants to start some seeds let me know ill give him a pack.
  14. Man I am at a loss for words this pisses me off so bad. Sorry to hear they are screwing with you Petoskystoned.
  15. YEa im gunning for some of those too, sucks that everything was delayed.
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