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  1. The whole concept of bagseed not being good is garbage. The downside to it is you don't know what it is but that's really it. Even seeds from Mexican brick weed can produce a frosty beautiful plant. It's all about how it is grown, if you put time and love into it you will be rewarded. Certinlly some will be better than others, but the result should always be better than the product you got the seed in.
  2. I decided to to go ahead and give them some dark time, the past few days the heat has been high so they should really enjoy it. The smell is crazy, they haven't really been smelling, only when you get up close, but after about 16 hours in the dark I entered the room I have them in and it smelled amazing, not like pot though, like flowers.
  3. I have heard this is important,I'm wondering what other people say.
  4. Wow...that was bad. At least the anti-marijuana guy was the one who came off as a bumbling idiot. I find myself wondering if he was for real or the worlds greatest troll. He made no vaild points and took pride in his hypocrisy whiling continually making points that proved himself wrong. Alan St. Pierre needs to set his game up. He didn't even mention the fact that the law isn't stopping people from using in the first place. His opponent was ridiculous and left himself open for the deathblow many times and Alan never delivered. I would have loved to see Ethan Nadelmann instead. The ABC
  5. I hope you sent your rebuttal to him as I have mine. allan.adler@oakpress.com I didn't say this in the email, but he is an idiot. According to his article, he has only spoken with law enforcement on this issue which just backs up his beliefs, yet he claims to be a journalist. What really pisses me off is he claims the law was passed on emotion rather than logic. As much as those who are against it want to deny it, science has spoken, cannabis is a wonder drug. And science has a firm base in logic.
  6. The incident was being taped for an A&E show, Fiegar somehow got ahold of some of the tape saying that it shows at least 1 shot fired into the house before even going in contradicting the departments story.
  7. I few months ago I drove by my city department and saw a few different big armored vehicles and mobile command units. It freaked me out, I just kept trying to think of a valid reason they could need these and I came up with nothing, anything crazy enough to require these vehicles would be getting support from county and state, if not the feds. Seems like a giant waste of money to me. I'm sure most of you have seen the infamous LA bank robbery where the gun men had full armor and ak-47's. These vehicles would still be overkill in a crazy situation like that.
  8. Moss

    Ph Levels

    Hydro shops carry it, I've been to 2 and they both had it. You wouldn't want to buy the soil online as the shipping would be more than the soil itself, the nutes can be bought online if you can't find them locally though, but there are other great nutes out there if you can't find FF so it's your call.
  9. Moss

    Ph Levels

    I'm just posting to back up THC-Farmer on ditching the MG and going to FFOF. My first try I used MG and only 1 out of 4 seedling lived. I switched to FFOF and it went beautifully. This time I tried to be cheap again and used cheap top soil and it's garbage, theres wood chips in it, rocks, and even some little sprouts of something starting popping up. One of my plants has some weird spots, and discoloration. The other plant which was trested exactly the same has no issues, the soil is very inconstant. FFOF is worth the money, you can veg with no nutes and have no issues.
  10. Link To which, AG Holder provided the following response: To which Mr. Polis responded: Accepting this responsibility, AG Holder replied: Not wanting to let Mr. Holder off that easily, Rep. Polis then asked: To which, AG Holder said:
  11. I've checked out Sunshine-systems but the price is too high for me. If I go LED it's going to have to be a system off Ebay, I'm really hoping someone will see this who has bought a ebay unit they can recommend. Though the grow panels at Sunshine are interesting, I may consider getting one of those for side lighting (back lighting technically) then my 6 CFLs should be enough for main lighting.
  12. This is basically what MiMedicalMJ was saying. As the patient you are fine in doing so but if LEO comes knocking can you trust them to not assume you supplied it. FYI the answer more times than not will be no, we know how most LEO is on MMJ issues, and they even if they know they can't prove it in court they will act on it just because they can't get you on anything else.
  13. Sounds like renewals are moving much faster. My check was cashed on the 4/12 for my initial app and I haven't gotten anything yet. I wish they would update their website properly, it has been stuck at 4?30 as the last update saying they are working on early Jan. then finally today it updated to 5/7 but no other info was changed.
  14. Ya that's about what I've heard, but at the same time I've seen some grow journals with only LED for flower and the plants look no different than those grown with MH/HPS set ups. I went to a hydro store a while back and they had some UFOs set up, I made the mistake of looking directly at the LEDs and they were shockingly bright. Now at the same time like I said, I'm only doing 2 plants maybe 3 in the future and I keep them small so I'm thinking it would be work perfect for my needs, then take into account I would have 2700k CFLs as side lighting, It should be overkill. Thanks for t
  15. Much like CFLs, people either love or hate LED so let's here it. I'm currently using CFLs and am hoping to make my next big purchase an LED system. Then use a couple CFLs for side lighting, as I will only be doing 2-3 plants at a time. My biggest question is about the "LED UFOs" on ebay. They tend to run around $150-$200 compared to $400+ on hydro sites, anyone have experience with these? Any reliable brands or vendors to look for? My biggest reason for the LED is low power consumption as well as emitting little heat. With 6 CFLs my temp is holding right around 80, and I already kn
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