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  1. Harlem Hamfats - Weed Smoker's Dream Reefer Songs Of The 30's and 40's LP Featuring Fats Waller, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald and many more! 1'The Reefer Song' by Fats Waller -- 1943 (0'00) 2 'Reefer Man' by Cab Calloway- 1932 (2'53) 3 'Wacky Dust' by Ella Fitzgerald & the Chick Webb Orchestra-1938 (5'45) 4 'Killin' Jive' by The Cats & The Fiddle-1939 (8'49) 5 'Sweet Marihuana Brown' by Barney Bigard Sextet-1945 (11'43) 6 'Viper Mad' by Sidney Bechet with The Noble Sissle's Swingers- 1938 (14'40) 7 'Mellow Stuff' by Lil Johnson-1937 (17'44) 8 'Here Comes The Man with the Jive ' by Stuff Smith & His Onyx Club Boys- 1936 (20'07) 9 'Save The Roach for Me ' by Buck Washington-1944 (23'09) 10 'When I Get Low I Get High' by Chick Webb & His Orchestra-1936 (24'45) 11 'Weed Smokers Dream' by The Harlem Hamfats-1936 (27'09) 12 'The Stuff is Here' by Georgie White-1937 (30'30) 13 'Reefer Head Women' by Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys-1938 (33'26) 14 'Weed' by Bea Foote-1938 (36'27) 15 'I'm Gonna Get High' by Tampa Red & the Chicago Five-1937 (39'27) 16 'Light Up' by Buster Balley's Rhythm Busters-1938 (42'33) 17 'Jack I'm Mellow' by Trixie Smith-1938 (45'18) 18 'Smoking Reefers' by Larry Adler-1938 (48'02) 19 'Knockin' Myself Out' by Yack Taylor-1941 (51'07) 20 'All the Jive is Gone' by Andy Kirk and His Twelve Clouds Of Joy-1936 (54'12)
  2. Glass Sun - Silence Of The Morning Incredibly heavy Psych Rock from Westland, MI 1969 Bruce Roll (Lead guitar), Dan Sills (Drums), Rick Roll (Vocal, Bass guitar) Glass Sun - I Can See The Light
  3. I found one thread on smoking Harlequin and feeling bad the next day. That's about it so far. The consensus seems to be it wakes you up and that is about the only side effect. Not discounting your personal experience and if you have some good threads let me know. I have encountered "ditchweed" in my day that was headachey and wonder what the cannabinoid profile of those were. https://www.google.com/#q=cbd+negative+side+effect
  4. I think when it comes to high CBD concentrates ingestion gives more benefit then smoking or vaping. I suspect there is a CBD metabolite analogous to 11-NOR-THC that is responsible. I could be wrong. I have not heard of CBD side effects but then again I haven't heard much about people smoking high-CBD/low THC meds. What ratio CBD:THC are you talking?
  5. Why would you smoke high CBD bud when you can make good edible oil out of it that could really help someone?
  6. Traffic - Medicated Goo Pretty Polly Possum what's wrong with you? Your body's kinda weak and you think there's nothing we can do Good Golly Polly shame on you Cause Molly made a stew that'll make a newer girl out of you So follow me, its good for you That good old fashioned Medicated Goo Ooo, ain't it good for you? My own homegrown recipe'll see you thru Freaky Freddy Frolic had some, I know He was last seen picking green flowers in a field of snow Get ready Freddy, they're sure to grow Mother nature just blew it and there's nothing really to it I know Aunty Franny Prickett and Uncle Lou They made some Goo Now they really sock it to their friends Frantic friends and neighbors charge the door They caught a little whiff Now they're digging it and seeking more Traffic - Light Up Or Leave Me Alone
  7. A bit chewy but worth the effort to get the mellow but heavy prog flavor Jade Warrior eponymous LP 01. The Traveller 02. A Prenormal Day At Brighton 03. Masai Morning - including: a). Casting Of The Bones b). The Hunt c). A Ritual Of Kings 04. Windweaver 05. Dragonfly Day - including: a). Metamorphosis b). Dance Of The Sun Spirit c). Death 06. Petunia 07. Telephone Girl 08. Psychiatric Sergeant 09. Slow Ride 10. Sundial Song Personnel: - Tony Duhig - guitars - Jon Field - flutes, percussion - Glyn Havard - bass, vocals
  8. Rikki Illonga & Musi-O-Tunya - Dark Sunrise Zambia
  9. Audience - Jackdaw 1971 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE6supeetkQ Audience - The House On The Hill
  10. Ridiculous title on this vid but it is some good rockin' by the dude. Badfinger - Constitution
  11. Ambient Noise - Ankyo Mylo Bali Sunrise Temple Ritual https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmzSP8fYFUE
  12. Classic Detroit Rock 60's - 80's Savage Grace - Turn Your Head Live From the Fantastic Five compilation on DMA Records Sweet Crystal - Nite Cryer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwo-DV2rV38 Holy Smoke - Champaign Dream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzuc9QMNsyA Beauteaze - Can't Get It Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9x-ogbrufc The Nasties - DETROIT ROCKS
  13. LTJ Bukem - Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ByraBfE390
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