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  1. Didn't the study use people that had heart problems in their family? Maybe I read it wrong but if that's the case its a stupid study since those people already had a good chance of problems. Also it seems that many marijuana smokers also smoke cigarettes. this would also makes studies difficult.
  2. Not sure I would be worrying about a drug test if I found I had cancer. He will come around and I hope you keep us posted on this .
  3. almost thought it was a joke at first but looks pretty official. I will not be doing that LOL
  4. Sorry about your dad that really sucks but hope he comes around to try the simpson oil. It will help him and maybe cure him.
  5. Thanks Abe never thought of the meter issue
  6. Yep basements a plus I am thinking neighbors will be the biggest thing. Like privacy by trees or fence, deep tree lined backyard, set back from road a bit etc.
  7. still have not done it, keep getting busy with different things LOL it will get done though
  8. thanks Abe I thinking more on the lines of just patients looking for the right place. I think I will leave some cards with grown shops. Do not really wanna say the words just want people to come just knowing I am friendly with cannabis users and they can talk freely with me. In the future once it is legalized here there will be a bit of relocations and commercial deals to work on
  9. So anyone here need help buying or selling a house? I am ready to rock and roll in the Monroe area. Can also help in other counties but prefer this area. Message me if you need help. Remember I am Cannabis friendly so do not worry about talking cannabis issues with me. thanks Jeff
  10. Hope to work on it this weekend.
  11. Never really thought about how hard it may be to remove from jar thanks again. I will come up with something
  12. thanks for the help. I will keep everyone posted. My mom has it pretty bad. I just do not like her taking some of those lotions and she does not either since they do not work and are counter productive to her thin skin issue anyway. They also cost a lot of money.
  13. thanks guys I have another question should what should I put the tincture in when heating it? Do I leave it in the jar on the warmer?
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