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  1. Dr Greenthumb has them, not sure on what or how good, as I've never grown his C99. Endless sky was/is awesome. I've been looking for C99 forever..every time I 'find' it, it seems questionable as to authenticity, so I pass on it. hth
  2. Have a few clones for offered for a recommended $15 donation. Will only provide to legal card holders, no exceptions. Will only provide as many as you have cards for. If paperwork is your 'card' , you MUST have proof of shipping documents, followed by a proof of check cashing with MDCH within a few days of delivery. No exceptions. If you don't have either, AND a matching picture ID , don't even bother. Quantity is limited by legal counts, and will run out fast. All rooted in rapid rooters , then transferred to perlite cups, ie, hempy beer cup.Can be transplanted to hempy, soil, hydroto
  3. anyone know of (or rent) commercial space for caregiver growing? Or know of companies that are cool to use for this? PM's are fine if you don't want to post in here. Peace
  4. wow. I love those purples.got any pics with normal lighting? I bet they just glow. good job.
  5. You are in the right place..whatcha got, and where are you?
  6. Just got a response back from their site. They said.. The Dope (Endless Sky x Chumaluma) 55-65 days flowering Indica dominant Height: 18-24 inches when flowered at 8 inches Very potent 350-450 gram per square meter in Sea of Green ( SOG) Outdoors; 400-500 grams per plant October finish
  7. the person who said that is NOT SMART. ( mod edited ) Ask that person how much of the medicine at the local pharmacy is 'organic'. You can grow organic hydro or organic soil. Most of the people who claim to grow organic aren't growing organic at all.Some people think that you need to be certified organic by usda, or OMRI in order to call yourself organic, some people think those people are full of it.. You can produce medicine from organic or non organic sources, whether Cannabis, or any other med's.
  8. Am piecing together a short list for a Dr Greenthumb order. I'm going with 3.. 1.Fem C99 2.Fem sour 13 3.? was trying to decide on #3..Anyone know what's in the Fem strain called "the Dope"? flowering time, etc?
  9. maybe concentrate on finding a single plant ready to take clones off of?I doubt you'll find 6 ready to flower plants at cheap prices.. good luck though
  10. I just got some double straw diesel, and am stoked. (StrawDieselxChemD) I had some of this about a year ago, and is probably my favorite strain to date.
  11. ona gel pro works great. I have one open on my porch, and one in key areas. 1 quart lasts about 3 months, just recover and shake it up from time to time to keep strong.. they also have a linen scent and others, but the Pro version works best IMO. hth
  12. any good yielding purple grand daddy purp grape ape bc bud depot the Purps and most of Dr greenthumbs genetics double strawberry diesel --- to trade I have g13 haze ak47 blueberry NL#2
  13. oh nice... I just found the Greenthumb, and the hempdepot site from a few threads on here in the last few days..Look to be some great genetics, and it's nice that they are closer to home. they have a few strains that I'd love in my stable.. Sucks that the purple cut bubba kush is sold out..I'll be watching and hoping for that one to come back for sure..
  14. Many people recommend the PK to me, but this I cannot find in clone or seed.Do you know where to get the genetics??
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