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  1. Dr Greenthumb has them, not sure on what or how good, as I've never grown his C99. Endless sky was/is awesome. I've been looking for C99 forever..every time I 'find' it, it seems questionable as to authenticity, so I pass on it. hth
  2. Have a few clones for offered for a recommended $15 donation. Will only provide to legal card holders, no exceptions. Will only provide as many as you have cards for. If paperwork is your 'card' , you MUST have proof of shipping documents, followed by a proof of check cashing with MDCH within a few days of delivery. No exceptions. If you don't have either, AND a matching picture ID , don't even bother. Quantity is limited by legal counts, and will run out fast. All rooted in rapid rooters , then transferred to perlite cups, ie, hempy beer cup.Can be transplanted to hempy, soil, hydroton, etc.. AK47- Been growing this for a couple years, very stable, easy to root/grow. I give these all they want for nutes with no burn. This pheno was selected for it's finishing time, which is 50-60 days tops.Very potent, great yielder. Bogglegum- BOG seeds BogBubble crossed with NL#5. Smells and tastes like grape bubblegum, finishes in 45-55 days. This was selected from a room of 36 for it's vigor in veg, and yield. Double Strawberry Diesel- Rez. seeds Strawberry Diesel crossed with Chemdawg#4. Good yielder that produces very potent tasting and smelling medicine. All of my patients have this as their #1 strain.Finishes in 9-10 weeks.
  3. anyone know of (or rent) commercial space for caregiver growing? Or know of companies that are cool to use for this? PM's are fine if you don't want to post in here. Peace
  4. wow. I love those purples.got any pics with normal lighting? I bet they just glow. good job.
  5. You are in the right place..whatcha got, and where are you?
  6. Just got a response back from their site. They said.. The Dope (Endless Sky x Chumaluma) 55-65 days flowering Indica dominant Height: 18-24 inches when flowered at 8 inches Very potent 350-450 gram per square meter in Sea of Green ( SOG) Outdoors; 400-500 grams per plant October finish
  7. the person who said that is NOT SMART. ( mod edited ) Ask that person how much of the medicine at the local pharmacy is 'organic'. You can grow organic hydro or organic soil. Most of the people who claim to grow organic aren't growing organic at all.Some people think that you need to be certified organic by usda, or OMRI in order to call yourself organic, some people think those people are full of it.. You can produce medicine from organic or non organic sources, whether Cannabis, or any other med's.
  8. Am piecing together a short list for a Dr Greenthumb order. I'm going with 3.. 1.Fem C99 2.Fem sour 13 3.? was trying to decide on #3..Anyone know what's in the Fem strain called "the Dope"? flowering time, etc?
  9. maybe concentrate on finding a single plant ready to take clones off of?I doubt you'll find 6 ready to flower plants at cheap prices.. good luck though
  10. I just got some double straw diesel, and am stoked. (StrawDieselxChemD) I had some of this about a year ago, and is probably my favorite strain to date.
  11. ona gel pro works great. I have one open on my porch, and one in key areas. 1 quart lasts about 3 months, just recover and shake it up from time to time to keep strong.. they also have a linen scent and others, but the Pro version works best IMO. hth
  12. any good yielding purple grand daddy purp grape ape bc bud depot the Purps and most of Dr greenthumbs genetics double strawberry diesel --- to trade I have g13 haze ak47 blueberry NL#2
  13. oh nice... I just found the Greenthumb, and the hempdepot site from a few threads on here in the last few days..Look to be some great genetics, and it's nice that they are closer to home. they have a few strains that I'd love in my stable.. Sucks that the purple cut bubba kush is sold out..I'll be watching and hoping for that one to come back for sure..
  14. Many people recommend the PK to me, but this I cannot find in clone or seed.Do you know where to get the genetics??
  15. Was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for a decent yielding purple strain that is still available? Every recommendation I get is for clone only stuff that is only out west, or for seeds that people don't have in stock anymore..
  16. I had this once before from seeds.nl..No worries.. I did sign it ' mickey mouse' just in case..
  17. Anyone here growing in vertical stadiums? I am getting ready to order seeds, as I cannot find anything local. While this kind of sucks, it also presents an opportunity to get ideal strains for this style. Any input appreciated. Peace.
  18. Ok, yes, you physically can clone them, but to do so would be incredibly stupid. Being that you are a seasoned grower, I'm sure you understand that, and that you are just picking at a word game with me, but after seeing this question asked a billion times online, I find it easiest to say 'it can't be done' so that people won't even bother trying..I've seen countless noob's telling everyone that 'It can be done, I'll SHOW you' and then they end up with 2g dried, if anything.. Just trying to save this guy time and energy.. Peace
  19. You can't clone an autoflower..You can only grow from seed. hth
  20. I'm not naming anyone, but a person in this thread who people are talking about getting clones from is sketchy to say the least.. I would recommend looking elsewhere.. hth
  21. Hey, I'm a legal patient and caregiver and have run into an issue I knew would arise. My furnace went out, and is in need of service, or, having a new furnace installed. This is above my pay grade, and I must call in someone.. Trouble is, my flower room is about 7 feet away from said furnace, and veg about 15' away..not going to be able to cover it up.. Is there a list of 'friendly' repairmen , contractors, plumbers, etc.. that we as a community can use? or if not can we start one?? If anyone knows of a furnace company, or licensed 'guy', let me know, or lets start a thread with a list? Peace
  22. any specific information on this..I'm in Lansing, this would be perfect for me.
  23. Something else was wrong..more HPS is better under any circumstance, but a single plant under a 400hps with good soil/conditions should have yielded a BUNCH. Even a low yielding autoflower under a single 400w should give you at least an ounce dried. I've seen 5 autos under a 400w do an ounce dry each, so something else was at play here.
  24. Those Hindu Kush can be grown into some good smoke, that is for sure. As others said, give them as much light as you can, and do it for 18+ hours a day. https://www.icmag.com/ic/forumdisplay.php?f=65606 is a good forum for auto's. You'll soon find that the smoke can rival many photo period strains. sour60 is some of the best smoke I've ever had.So good that I'm growing some. You picked one of the lower yielders, but it'll be ok. I would run all 7, and order your next seeds now, or, find some clones for your remaining 5 plant spots. While you grow out the HK, you can be waiting for your photo strains to arrive, or, be vegging your clones. Then You'll have some nice smoke while you are waiting for your next ones to finish. Then, when the 7 finish in 60 days, you can start 7 more photo's, and be into the swing of perpetual harvesting.. HTH
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