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  1. Greg, As far as any "wagon hitched to certs" in reference to Dr. Townsend or Denali Healthcare, you have shown your lack of knowledge. Our practice is devised of many services and while these services do include certifying legit patients, certifications are only a fraction of what we offer. As I said, if you have questions regarding our services, visit our website or give me a call! You know what they say about assumptions........
  2. Greg, As the practice manager for Denali Healthcare, I can answer your question VERY easily. We do NOT participate with/bill insurance companies. That has NOTHING to do with the legitimacy of the work we do. It also does not mean that we are unable to participate with them. There are many reasons why a doctor may not participate with insurance companies beyond "not being able to". A medical doctor is not required to participate with insurance companies. There is no law stipulating it. There are no code of ethics requiring us to do so. Please explain to me how not accepting insurance makes our practice any less legit than a practice that does. I do not understand where you are leading with this. If you have any direct questions related to our practice, give our office a call. You know my name, ask for me directly, I would be happy to answer them for you. With that said, please make sure your questions are related to the services we provide/are relevant. I do not have the time, energy or desire to debate issues unrelated.
  3. Although I have been trying to hold my tongue lately...... I don't think sharing some love today could be misconstrued. Behave.........if not be yourself.
  4. Welcome! Nice to see you stopped over I was curious to see what "Boozhoo" translated to in your title, so I searched it. I think I was hoping that it translated to "friend". Not that anything is humorous about the word per say, but I might have had to laugh for a second picturing you calling someone a "Boozhoo", without them understanding your language. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate learning something new each day. I can now say "Hello" in Ojibway! Once again, glad to see you stopped by and said hello! Don't be a stranger in these parts, sharing some of your knowledge would benefit many here.
  5. At this time, the Gaylord office will be open weekdays from 8am-4pm. Eventually this may expand as other healthcare professionals are added to the staff. Currently we are working on adding a massage therapist, acupuncturist, counselor, and chiropractor. I have also been in contact with a yoga teacher and a specialist who practices reflexology. Price is obviously dependent on the service you are requesting. We currently offer pain management, Suboxone therapy and medical marihuana renewals and certifications. Within the next few months we will be expanding those services to include the services I mentioned above. Each service has its own pricing. I will assume you are inquiring about renewing a medical marijuana card. This price remains unchanged throughout all of Dr. Bob's main offices, it did not change when the state expanded to 2 years either. A renewal price is $125, that price includes everything less the state registration fee. There are no hidden fees for paperwork, follow up appointments or exam fees, not to mention Dr. Bobs assurance that he will provide expert testimony for any certification he writes. You will walk out of the office having everything you need to mail your certification to the state in an addressed envelope, a copy of all paperwork is also provided for your records. As far as what you can expect from a visit. Again I will assume you are speaking about a "medical marijuana visit". I covered much of what you can expect in my previous post and above, but will gladly give a run down. This appointment is treated as any other doctors appointment. You call or stop in and request an appointment. The office manager or staff member will ask some basic information to get your appointment scheduled. You will be advised on what you will need the day of your visit. You have an opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have about the process beforehand. Staff members are available weekdays during office hours to assist you in preparing paperwork before your visit. You can expect a call, text or email reminder about your visit the day before. The day of your appointment, you can expect to come into a professional office atmosphere, speak to a knowledgeable office manager or staff member, receive all necessary paperwork to fill out (if not prepared prior-staff is available to assist with paperwork). After this process is complete, you will be called back to a private office to be examined by the doctor. During your doctors examination, the doctor reviews your medical history, speaks with you about the reason for your visit, your expectations, your treatment options, addresses your questions/concerns - all the normal things a doctor does on any other typical examination. He determines whether medical marijuana is a viable option for you and whether you qualify. If the doctor concludes that medical marijuana is a treatment option you qualify for, he will sign your recommendation. You are then brought back to the reception area where the office staff will conclude your visit by preparing your state packet and copies and answer any other questions you may have. When you leave, you will have everything you need to mail your application packet to the state including copies for your personal records. That is about as thorough as I can explain the process. You can expect the same things from our office as any other healthcare office. There are no gimmicks or shenanigans. If you have further questions or concerns that I did not cover, feel free to PM me, Doctor Bob or call the office. I do not want to turn this into an advertisement and get this thread removed for those reasons. However, I did want to address your questions. ***** NG's Disclaimer: The information provided above references and applies to what you can expect from: "Denali Healthcare's Gaylord Location". Dr. Bob visits many locations and I can not personally attest to what you can expect from those locations. I would assume due to the doctors view on standards and expectations, that his other clinics operate in a similar fashion, but I have no personal experience to speak of on that. I am Dr. Bobs office manager at the Gaylord Location and I personally oversee its daily operation. The expectations in this location not only have to meet Dr. Bobs healthcare standards and practices but they also have to meet Northerngal's standards for customer (patient) service, compassion and overall patient support. ******
  6. Thank you all! It made my day to come in here tonight and see this post I truly do my best to make sure each patient is treated as an individual and feels special. So many patients get themselves "worked up" before important doctor visits. They worry about being judged or having the proper documentation, perhaps about who they might run into or the paperwork they have to fill out. (among other reasons) Many do not feel "up to par" as it is. I try to not only make the experience one they feel comfortable with, but one they can walk away from feeling good about. I am more than willing to explain things 10 times to make sure a person understands, if that is what is necessary. I encourage people to ask questions and truly understand the answers. The patients concerns are just as important to me as they are to the patient. I appreciate the kind words and acknowledgement. I guarantee if you stop by the new location, we will help make sure your experience is as easy, informative and comfortable as possible!
  7. I did mention that I thought that wording the judge used was bogus. Probably more than once. I completely acknowledge that. Just for reference, I supported this case. I supported it based on the wording the judge used. That was factual information. I drove many miles to show my displeasure over the judges reasoning and to attend the press conference. I also donated cash in support. I did what I thought was right and what I was able. I was not asking specifically about the Greens when I asked about how you define "exemplary parents". I was gathering information on your judgement and formation of opinion. I am also generalizing when I say, even child molesters could be "exemplary parents" based on your defined standards. (Many do not appear creepy, "love" their child, show concern and can talk a good game-all that you required )
  8. Perhaps you are correct Greg, as far as this post goes. Perhaps my posts strayed off topic somewhat. I would not have directed the things I did at this particular post had I not been responding to another post in this thread directly. Responding to incorrect information. My original post in this thread did pertain to the Green case. It pertained to the untruths portrayed by media reports. You also know from experience that if I drifted too far off topic, moderators would have corrected the situation. I have said what I needed to say in response to "Grassmatch". I have made my point. Unless I see proof that the state receives incentives from babies temporarily removed from "drug houses", I will maintain my stance through experience. I am glad you were directly involved with this case Greg! Good for you! Everyone that helped on this case deserves praise! I know many groups, organizations and individuals were involved. My hats off to them. Justice seems to have prevailed here. I am glad this case was a success. (I have expressed this several times) I thought the criminal charges against the Greens were in Oakland County. The CPS charges and case were brought up in Ingham County, weren't they? I suppose it's really irrelevant, either way. Just curious, how does one determine that parents are exemplary? Just for clarification. I would have to know a person VERY well and their children to make such a determination. I would have to see facts and experience firsthand to make that determination. (if it were my job to do so)
  9. We can agree to disagree. Overstepped my delicate sensitivities, eh Greg? I would have run away from this place long ago, with my tail between my legs if I let "delicate sensitivities" direct my actions! Unlike some people in the community, I do my best NOT to spread misinformation and drama. I do my best not to spread lies to suit my purpose. Can you say the same? Who is truly delicate in this situation? I did not speak directly about the Green Case, did I? Perhaps you need to put your reading glasses back on. I was speaking on the need for divisions like CPS, through my own experience not only as a child, but as an adult as well. I spoke about the misinformation specifically regarding monetary gains from children temporarily removed from "drug houses". I am sorry that the Greens had to go through what they did. I have empathy for their situation. I am a mother and I have a heart. I was not the judge or the CPS worker on this case, I did not see the facts leading them to take action. I agree wholly with the fact the judge in this case used bogus wording and reasoning in this case, but let me ask you........did you see the facts? How do you base your words? On media reports? Did you read the case file in this case? I never claimed this particular case was or wasn't appropriate. I can not judge that with the facts that I have. Perhaps the judge needed further proof to understand that this baby was safe from harm. Perhaps until such proof was provided a decision was not clear. Like I said I do not have the facts presented to the judge when he made the decisions he did. In the end he obviously was presented with enough fact to allow the baby to return home. My post wasn't regarding the Greens or this particular case. It was about misinformation regarding incentive money received from temporary removal of children from "drug house" situations. Perhaps you didn't bother to read the whole thing before posting. You would be up here beating your drum no matter how this had gone. That's just you. I get it. I accept it. Lets say hypothetically - CPS has been called 3 times on a family, nothing is found in initial investigations, cases are closed. Weeks later a child is severely beaten, or shot, or dead. You would blame CPS for not doing enough. Why weren't they more thorough. Why didn't they remove the child then finish investigating when there was signs of possible neglect/abuse, even reported signs. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. People have to do their jobs based on the facts presented. Sometimes more fact is needed. Sometimes it's not as black and white as it may seem. Do I agree that children should be taken from dispensary operators? Not for that reason alone. (even though there actions are not clearly within the law) Do I think that children should be removed from patients that grow legally, absolutely not, based on that reason alone. Do I think all medical marijuana patients/caregivers/dispensary owners are good parents that would not endanger a child, HELL NO! Being a medical marijuana patient does not automatically make a person a good person or parent. Post something relevant to my posts in this thread when addressing me or go bark up another tree. Insult someone else. I don't have time for Greg's Drama Llama today when its irrelevant to anything I said.
  10. I did not claim there could not be corrupt CPS offices. There is always the possibility of corruption in any agency. I will readily acknowledge this. I still do not see any proof that the State of Michigan Child protective Service Division receives incentives from removing a child from a "drug house" as you stated. I suppose you could find a dozen cases of corruption, hundreds of cases of wrongdoings on a worker or judges end. I believe many are probably accurate. I also believe mistakes are made, false allegations are reported, misunderstandings do occur. Sometimes all of the facts are not available but based on the facts presented actions are taken. What I also know is that IF the Michigan laws and procedures are followed, children aren't just snatched from decent homes and put up for adoption to grab incentives. (that do not even cover a portion of associated costs) In conclusion, I do not have any "full glass ideals" nor any rose tinted glasses on. I see reality for what it is. I acknowledge that there are bad apples in every bunch, including CPS. There is corruption everywhere. I believe the good works are larger than the rest. (does not justify "the rest") You are correct. I will always have a "dog in this race". I was an advocate for children long before I was an advocate for medical cannabis. Long before I was an advocate for children, I was a child. A child "in the system". A ward of the state. I wasn't removed for unjust reasons. I was "special needs" due to my medical conditions and I wasn't adopted out for incentives. (I was adopted for love.) As far as I am concerned, children are the innocent victims in EVERY situation. As far as relevancy to this topic - take this thread/case- Baby Bree was not sent to foster care, she was not shuffled through the system, she was not adopted out for incentives. Obviously the facts in this case allowed the judge to return the child home to her parents. He must have found that her returning home was indeed in her best interest and she was not in any immediate danger. It may be horrible and devastating that a baby is placed temporarily with family or in foster care while facts are sorted out in an investigation. However, sometimes it saves children a worse fate.
  11. What I see is a dozen articles written by MEDIA or disgruntled parents with "theories". This is a far cry from proof of what you stated. Removal of a child DOES NOT equate to adoption. Far from it. The majority of children removed in Michigan are removed temporarily and reunited with family once certain criteria is met. I can not dispute the fact "adoption credits" are given. This has never been a hidden thing. Tax breaks and other "incentives" are often given to adoptive families as well. I do not see this as a bad thing either. To be honest, the credits only cover a portion of the costs associated with the whole process. But again, we are speaking of ADOPTION here, not removal of a child. In order for the state to be able to place a child removed from their home up for adoption, the rights of the parent must be terminated. To be able to do this through an open CPS case is a very lengthy process. There are many court cases involved, much criteria to be met, lots of red tape. Even in extreme cases, terminating parental rights in Michigan can take years dependent on many factors. CPS does not have the authority to terminate parental rights. All CPS can do is provide a petition to the prosecutor showing their findings in a case and recommend that a parents rights be terminated. Perhaps this link will help understand the termination process. www.michigan.gov/documents/MCWLChap11_34816_7.pdf ‎ This the LAW regarding termination, not new articles written by media. The requirements of the state. With all of that said, you can not compare an adoption credit to a child removed from their home. Have you ever investigated the amount spent by the state to have a child in foster care? (I am not claiming all amounts spent are right or justifiable) In most cases, especially in those of a special needs child, the state spends so much more than it will ever receive on a child in the system. (Yes, even after the parents are required to reimburse the state as well) I am not advocating CPS in any particular case. They make mistakes too. Not every case brought up is fair. Many frivolous claims are filed. It is their job to investigate and when necessary act. Sadly mistakes go both ways. (cases that are investigated many times and nothing is done) However it is inaccurate to believe that the state makes big bucks on temporarily placing children from "drug houses" into custody. You requested above that I ask for proof. I would like some proof that what you say is accurate. NOT on adoption but on temporary removal of a child from a "drug house". I don't want articles written by disgruntled parents or news media (unless proof is further provided)
  12. You believe CPS gets extra funds for removing a child from a "drug house"? You need to do some legit research. Another piece of "misinformation" being thrown out here Children being removed cost the state money. How is it an incentive monetarily for CPS to remove them? Please enlighten me with FACT.
  13. There was a happy ending to this case for the family, for that I am sincerely glad. I would like to share a lesson I seemed to have forgotten. Perhaps it will remind us all of some valuable lessons we have forgotten?? This case reiterated something valuable to me. How the media and others are used to manipulate the population into believing anything that suits a particular situation! One instance in this particular case: The media projected that Maria Green was currently breastfeeding Bree when she was removed by CPS. Personally this was something MANY media members used to play on heartstrings. This was a "reason" used by many when Bree was found to have trace amounts of mj in her system. Personally I used the breastfeeding reference when sharing this story. This part of the "story" was used to compel people. In the following video, Maria herself says she quit breastfeeding when Bree was 3-4 months old due to stress. (about 3 minutes in) She was not forced to quit breastfeeding because of the removal of Bree by CPS, as portrayed. I felt "cheated" somehow when I found it to be another manipulation of facts. Of course, I wasn't physically cheated. I felt like I was cheated because I shared false information. I fed into the news that was projected and shared it with others. (My own fault, as I do know better) Yes, I learned a good lesson here Perhaps others will to? Misinformation is shared so abundantly and when media portrays this misinformation as fact, we the people often buy into it. We believe it to be fact, especially if it suits our own cause. We feed into the false propaganda and share the misinformation. This led me to further thinking and the desire to understand. As referenced by posts in this thread and others, many believed this misinformation to be factual. Why? Because a few groups we may have trusted tooted it as factual? Because the media portrayed it as fact? Because we desire it to be true? Would we believe anything portrayed if it suited our fancy?
  14. Those were my exact thoughts. This is one of the easiest "changes" to follow. I am not saying we have to agree to it, but until it changes, can't we abide by it? I know in some circumstances, mistakes do happen. Things could be forgotten or a person could be ignorant of the law. In general, if we are aware of THIS change, what reason is their NOT to follow it? The benefits do not outweigh the risks in this situation. (risks referring to charges filed)
  15. Are you having a bad day? Do you need a hug? There are several PAC's related to cannabis. I do not think it's a matter of "being smarter" than anyone else. It's not like they are the first nor the last to form. To be honest, I expected someone to bring up Cannapac, but not in a condescending way. You have good info - bring it without the B.S. - Not everyone in this community knows much about this subject. There are several that want to learn how they can help. Educate them, share what is available, help them understand! Talking to people like they are inferior due to lack of awareness is not necessary. This thread is about educating the general population about what Pac's are, how they function, their purpose and how it relates to the cannabis movement. If you would like to educate us on Cannapac and contribute to the conversation, PLEASE do. I am sure you have some knowledge to share on the subject. They are one of the first PAC's related to cannabis that I became aware of.
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