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  1. Yes, we have a few commercial / industrial building where it looks like the building owners have jumped the gun and gone full commercial in anticipation. I was curious as to if there were any laws that prohibit this because the township adopted the federal law and originally put a moratorium on dispensaries as soon as the law went into effect a few years ago.
  2. Does a community have to have a zoning law on the books to regulate commercial grows? The reason I ask, we have commercial/ industrial buildings being used for commercial grows.
  3. Be careful, they are hard core democrats and may not be sympathetic to our cause at all. I would contact a few of the above named and find out if they will support us. Most of their efforts are focused against the union conservatives.
  4. Here we go! Large scale operations, we can only purchase at a pharmacy with Rx and would have to see a Dr monthly for the Rx. Large scale taxed government controlled operation. We have had home grown for years so don't hand me that crap we don't know what we are using. Oh, nothing other than pill form, we already have that, Marinol. Sorry, this just isn't my cup of tea not to mention they will be allowed to skirt our current law!
  5. If you look through my blows you will find a recipe for roots. I sieve the roots are the only part of the plant that you can't use internally.
  6. It depends on where you go but between $100.00 & $150.00 is just a bit higher than the average price to see a doc for strep throat etc. http://trentontotalhealth.com/services New patients start at $78.00 and returning start at $62.00 these prices exclude any injections, lab work & test. Most clinics in this part of the state charge very close to the same fees. I won't say the doc who write certifications are getting rich but they are earning a decent living.
  7. Lol! I love your enthusiastic mood today!!!!!
  8. I know from my experiences as a public official its a much more positive experience for me to be contacted by my supporters than to have a group of angry voters yelling at me. There are several house members who feel the same. Adding your personal story about why and how medical marijuana has helped you may garner some support for our cause as well.
  9. Should we or shouldn't we.....I think I will stay out of that one but I will suggest a media blitz. Maybe we should flood the media with our letters and concerns. It's an election year.
  10. The link is not working. If the mods don't want it they will remove it.. I got the e mail last night. Its unfortunate he feels he needs to behave in this manner.
  11. The one thing to remember here is IF indeed the allegations are as BB states the ethical manner to handle this would be to quietly involve the proper authorities. There is no evidence to support his rants and if he did involve the proper authorities he would have been told to shut up and not to post any more of his accusations during their investigation.
  12. Because this movement is political you are correct. There is a level of credibility that must be maintained. Damage control is essential as well. All of us that are involved on other MM forums need to conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects the movements efforts to preserve our law. As far as bashing BB, that simply will not help us at all. Obviously something is wrong and he is not our main focus at this point. This forum will survive this mess, now let's work on restoring and maintaining our credibility with the ones who have control.....the politicians.
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