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  1. Im glad to see more ppl posting again.. I have had a lot of ppl (in real) mention they saw that I was posting and were happy but were not convinced enough to actually post themselves.... It needs to continue and build.. I see that new ppl join everysingle day.. We do our best to individually respond to each individual who reaches out.. its not a script..
  2. I will never ever forget that silver dollar my friend.. Keep your noble head high..
  3. The us government owns the patent for thc and cbd and marihuana in general for Profylactic use.. That means preventative.. our younger generations can prevent many conditions with this herb which is exactly like mint only better.. LEGALIZE PLEASE
  4. To make this happen the host has to name a date.. jest sayin.. :-)
  5. Yes im up north on ice.. I travel around a lot so we may have met there.. Im still watching for a robin and haven't seen one as of yet so im more skeptical of this spring you speak of.. LOL
  6. Well even much worse than that they straight instruct the kids how to do these things.. How about an ingredient list to make meth? wth even knew about huffing before they explained to us how to do it in dare class?
  7. Nice.. im close to northergals location.. :-)
  8. Since its all men in here talking about meetups I may participate.. LOL
  9. This is funny and plainly stupid.. but the fact is I have been collecting information given to school children for quite a few years now and it is outrageous the lies they spread to our children.. The worst offender I feel is the school based health clinics.. They have phamplets on all kinds of drugs, alchohol, and other health issue.. I took the marijuana phamplet to check and it was completely insane the lies they tell our children are facts.. According to them marihuana is a big cause of many terrifying problems kids have such as infertility , mental illness including schizophrenia, Lung cancer, and it may make you want to do heroin from what they say.. My request to have this phamplet removed was not well received and it remains.. :-/
  10. Hi Eskobar... welcome to the forums.. I think a lot of ppl here are very interested in all aspects of being more healthy.. Myself im a non gmo non hybred heritage variety nut.. Thanks for your input!!
  11. when they arrest ya and you didn't break the law and don't want to take a plea then sec 8.. duh. Hi Ozz!! HUGGS
  12. Lol you will definitely realize when I lose my cool.. LOL
  13. Of course you are correct.. It is a huge expense on so many levels.. But if it has to go there which it obviously does, we need to help ppl to use and understand that other part.. IM calm greg..
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