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  1. My Newest Patient And I was Just Schooled on how easy it is to Mess With Some's Life......So we just recieved our card about a month ago, well apparently after they were notified of no longer being her Cg., They Fraudently Changed the dato of her old paperwork and sent it back to LARA , therefore I recieved a Letter from Lnsing, Revoking my Status with her.......So NOW Ya, we got to send in a NOTERIZED letter stating that she Never Changed her Back to them........ Just saying Watch your Azz out there people/,. REQUEST ATLEAST written Testimony from their other patients on how they have been t
  2. Ok Here's the Senario, My Newest Patient And I had Just recieved our card About A month Ago., Issued 9/20/2012, Now Just Days Ago I recieve A Letter From LARA Revoking My Card rights to that Patient, I asked Her About it, She Knew NOTHING of it....So Today I called., They Talked to her <my patient>.,and stated that they had to look into it and call us back, So They call And Tell Us that Her Prior CG "M & M Caregivers" Out of the Newaygo Co. Area Had FRAUDENTLY Changed<they didn't tell us that, But that's OBVEOUSLY What Happened> the date on her old Paperwork and sent them
  3. I also Have Been Interested n Trading Something for Some Deathstar ........Anybody??
  4. I've recently started Using Auto's,......Dont Knock it unless you've tried it....Thats all i'm saing
  5. Gangie


    ...I'm Not 100%, Thus far I know "DeathStar" Is What I am Looking for, not any crosses please, ... http://www.micannalytics.com/results/sample.php?sampleid=111587&dispensary=61 there's a lil more specifics on her...Thus Wht im looking., Thanks for your time .
  6. No new messages means no death star for you. Hit me up if yer still interested when you read this.

  7. Gangie


    Any Caregivers out there know where to access A clone, would be willing to trade....Thanks
  8. it says you cant except new mesgs.

  9. As to your Q about Patientss., Semd me A PM with A little Info, I may have room for 1 more qualifying Individual.

  10. I am Inbetween MtP and GR., I have openings avaliable, and reawsonable rates..Still looking?
  11. <<<<LIKES/Agress with>>> I HATE those people
  12. <<<<LIKES/Agress with>>> I HATE those people
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