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  1. Our low odor offering is called "Incognito" and our old friend Dr. Gruber is in the final stages of a grow journal as we speak; perhaps I'll ask him if he can post his results here. It is a heavy yielding, potent plant, yet has very little smell until harvested and smoked and then has a beautiful lemon lime flavor
  2. Absolutely right. Our ECSD is ONLY ECSD, not a cross or anything else
  3. Most people demand fem'd seeds these days. We do offer a few regular strains when possible but things like OG, Bubba etc., are "clone only," so there is no such thing as a regular seed.
  4. I just recieved my October 2013 issue of High Times magazine and there's an article and photos by Rocky Mountain High, Denver that includes full page photos of what is supposed to be Bubba Kush and OG Kush. Problem is, that neither is what it's supposed to be. We at Greenthumb Seeds, Canada were the first ever to have Bubba and OG Kush in seed form and have worked extensively with both strains for about 10 years now. We've never seen phenos like those pictured, so they're either crosses or total BS. Neither photo is even close to Bubba kush or OG Kush and there are ZERO hallmarks of true Bubba or OG in leaf, flower or growth structure. PERIOD. Rocky Mountain High is a dispensary so it must be decent smoke, which is great but what's pictured isn't real Bubba and it isn't real OG and I think people have a right to know.
  5. Hello Friends; Just a heads up. Next week we will be releasing an iranian Haze. Same mid-August to mid-September finish time, leans heavily to the Haze side, good yield. Would love to have someone with good skills and cred to journal her this summer. If you'd like to, send me an email or PM with links to your previous journals/grows, unless I already know you.
  6. It looks likeshe's going to be a beast yield-wise
  7. ...well for that matter Bubblegrower did 18 ounces indoors on the one pound challenge with Chemo Iranian, so it's no slouch either...
  8. When I get around to it I'll post it in my photo gallery. Thanks What's your take on the potency and taste of G13 if you don't mind my asking?
  9. Iranian G13 and Iranian Chemdawg are both good yielders.
  10. No. None of the Iranian crosses; Iranian G13, Iranian Chemdawg, Iranian OG, Chemo Iranian autoflower but all finish mid-August to mid-September
  11. About April 1 we will introduce C99 Iranian, a short season plant that will finish early to mid-September. Original Brothers Grimm C99 and our own Iranian Autoflower. We were blown away by the quality, potency and taste. Good yield; we see no reason why someone in a favourable climate couldn't get at least a pound per and probably more, even here in Ontario we expect 1 pound plants this summer.
  12. Awesome thread. Thanks to all who contributed
  13. This is still the best site with the best people ANYWHERE. I am so proud to be a member here. Hello all. Have a great day!!!! Where's BubbleGrower?
  14. No. Thank you for a job well done. Like most of the folks here, your honesty and integrity are most welcome
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