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  1. I think dispensaries are a wonderful idea... It's just that the dust hasn't even totally settled yet for personal MM action.. and cannabis businesses have never been thought out before so it's proving to be a bumpy road for them. But I think dispensaries don't have to be all evil money and med sucking entities... We just have to figure out all the rules of this particular type of business, and that may take a while, lol. Cannabis is still in its infancy in MI, hopefully it will be well nurtured till it grows up. Wise lawmaking and sterling actions will go a long way with that.
  2. couldn't find video.. But I did find the MM moratorium fact sheet from the meeting on the fourth.. It's a pdf, dunno how to post that.. so I'm gonna try cut copy paste, lol. CITY COUNCIL AGENDA FACT SHEET i!;;..!.;!;~~~" doption ofmoratorium regarding sale and dispensing ofmedical marihuana DISCUSSION: In 2008, 63% of Michigan's residents voted for an initiative to decriminalize the use of medical marihuana for persons having debilitating conditions as defined in the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA). Since that time, communities throughout Michigan have taken diverse paths at ad
  3. Woot, congrats Diz!! You are brave, well phrased, and an incredible cook to boot!!
  4. The law of 12/4/08 being the general MM law? If so, that does not really cover cannabis businesses. Part of the reason it's taking a while for businesses is that it is a pretty gray and not mentioned area. These aren't patients growing at home or caregrowers taking care of patients. These are businesses and that's just different than homegrowers. For profit or not, businesses are handled by the town. Cannabis businesses should not be an exemption in any way. Personally, I think dispensaries are a wonderful idea. But since they are not currently covered by the law, it is wise for towns to seri
  5. Honestly... I'd rather towns do moratoriums to give themselves time to consider how to handle cannabis businesses than just say no business allowed. I also find it super funny that people gripe about an issue like this- a town deciding town businesses- griping that how dare those towns even think of denying people those businesses... But in a recent thread about Ann Arbor giving the go ahead to businesses, there's griping that the businesses will take over and squeeze homegrowers out. Then again, I seem to be one of the few folks that think cannabis businesses should always fall under the
  6. Sad part is they aren't reading it to remind themselves.. they are reading it to see what's outdated and needs to be changed! There's a whole ranty thread about this in another forum I am on, and it's pretty ugly. For instance supreme court justice Antonin Scalia said the 14th amendment was not written with women or gays in mind, and so those peoples should not really be considered under that amendment. Kind of scary to think that the kids on the hill might try to change our founding documents to suit their stupid.. Way too much to hope for that they will hold the constitution up word for
  7. I have one of those, inherited it from my grandma.. I wouldn't dream of cutting it up though.. that puppy can take a pair of frozen cornish hens at noon and out comes beautiful fall apart tender hens at five. Maybe if I ever run across a second one, lol.
  8. Ack, tazers are illegal in MI? I didn't know that! WTF is that all about Much safer than a gun, even if you miss for some odd reason it isn't damaging to the surrounds. I'm all good with guns, but yeah, pretty odd that the non lethal choice is out
  9. wow, this ripper thing has really got under my skin... Now that I know what it is, lmao! I am still in the city, so right now I can't have a firearm... But I do keep meathooks by the front and back doors- a beef side at the front door, and a pork side by the back door. Also keep a double headed battle axe on my desk, and an assassins stiletto on my nightstand. And a burglar (got noting to rip, lol) better stay out of my workshop while I'm in it, or they are mincemeat. A nice alternative to toxic bug spray is pepperspray- Don't even have to buy the fancy stuff in a can, a homemade mix in spra
  10. woo-hoo Dexter!! I remember Mr. Cat (a huge peach friendly cat roaming the neighborhood) and the Dexter cider mill fondly Now they will have awesome corned beef sandwiches and a dispensary? extra kickass!!
  11. er, so a ripper is a burglar? Or a MM burglar?
  12. Stuff like this makes me think that just flat out legalizing all around would be a wise idea... Of course the MM folks are going to increasingly become targets to this sort of thing.. Robbers know darn well where that source is, compared to not knowing where underground sources are. Image if anyone could have a couple plants in their yard... there would be no reason to break into places to try getting it.
  13. I hate to be a poo... but to the authorities, your 19 months is worthless. Just as much as a person who is jailed and then later released when found innocent, their time is worthless too.. Don't even get paid in an apology more often than not. I find it sad when the authorities eff it up that there really isn't any recourse for wrecking part of someones life. There is no such thing as innocent till proven guilty anymore in our nation. But on the other side of things... To everyone in the cannabis fight, your 19 months are priceless, and so are the months of many other people that get roped
  14. well that's tragic I sort of wonder if the binder was right behind the business, or in another alley? The article wasn't super clear on that. If it was by the business, probably bust the owners. If it was in another alley, there might need to be some further investigation on just how that binder got there- might end up leading to an employee doing something stupid rather than the owners. Never can tell, maybe it was a drop that the guy accidentally intercepted. Still horrid though.
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