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  1. What a difference a year makes! I love you all very much and miss my friends dearly.

  2. Old news or not, I believed I might be able to get through to him. I hardly read the 3MG site and don't recall seeing that they asked him to remove their info, too, but I'm glad others tried. One more voice added to the mix couldn't hurt, but sadly, it didn't help, either. I rest my case. Sadly this case is too serious to be dismissed, and, the very people he claims to love, are the very people he's hurting the most. I have nothing left to say to him. My heart is sunk. I hope he reads this, though I think I told him in one of my letters. Oh well. I have to focus my energies elsewhere.. I'm done with it. Sincerely, Sb
  3. How sad. They are heartless beings. My heart aches for anyone enduring this crap. I'm unable to be there. So sorry to see this kind of thing happening. I hope a LOT of people show up. This insanity HAS to END NOW. Sincerely, Sb
  4. Thanks Jb and everyone. I'm surprised to see so many responses. Sincerely, Sb
  5. No one has any idea how my heart is aching over all this. People are hurting, I hope that maybe this disaster would bring us all together. WHY does it have to take such a horrible turn of events to make everyone unite? (Tears) People are so angry, they're forgetting WHY we're here, and saying very mean things. I'm sure our opponents are havine a grand time with all of it. And, honestly, when people say "puff puff, pass," don't you think an outsider would conclude that person's a stoner? Consider pleaswe, the impression those things make. I'm not questioning anyone's medical condition, so people can think what they want, but certain comments, which I've mentioned many times before, are gonna be taken the wrong way. It also seems that good intentions often get taken the wrong way, too, but there's nothing I can do about that. When I saw Joe say how much he misses us, I was in tears. People have their own way of showing love- some are overprotective, some will get so wrapped up in their mission, their pride gets in the way, their intentions started out genuine and got messed up in their determination to help, and they lose sight of what's important and they get overzealous. I'm sure it's happened to many others. So, if the mass e-mail is not the best thing he did, I wonder if there was anything good that he did? All I wanna know is the Truth- I want Clarity and transparency. We All deserve these things, because WE are the ones being hurt by all this, and both of them are my friends. I remember Bb said he really didn't want the job. Though he was ousted, I saw it as a blessing in disguise, which I almost told him. He's wound up so tightly, it's scary. I feel bad for his family, and Michael's, too. The same feelings I get from Bb are similar to what I sense from Michael- a very tired, dedicated, determined, strong willed, proud, loving person. They are so much alike, if only they'd see. Whatever went wrong, I wish it'd be resolved peaceably, for the sake of this community and the people they try to protect and defend. For the Good of Our Community, I implore both of them to PLEASE work it out. For the sake of us All, I implore ALL groups and individuals to work together, work WITH each other, not in secret. We don't all agree but we CAN agree that we want this law PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED AND HONORED, right? People speak of unity, now that Joe is gone, but I don't feel it. I see hints of what some people may know, but refuse to share, where Our Law is concerned. This troubles me deeply. Aren't we all on the same side here? Don't we have a right to know what's being said and done on our behalf? I can't sit by and watch this community self destruct. I only want Peace, Unity, and VICTORY, just as I'm sure all of you do, to, that includes EVERYONE. We need to make our govt HONOR Our Law- plain and simple, and if they don't, make them be unemployed. Just be sure their replacements WILL LISTEN TO US. I've said most of this before, more than once. As Bb and others keep saying, "It's about the PATIENTS." This includes their caregivers, too, and the doctors who recommend this wonderful medicine. How much longer can the big vote be put off? I'm working on my local legislators, just in case, as someone said, the mass e-mails are being ignored, and, I think it's good to stay in touch with the locals. For Our Community and Our Law- Peace, Unity, and VICTORY. Sincerely, Sb
  6. I was kind and gentle, showed some compassion, tried to be understanding, had to try. Sb
  7. You're welcome. Maybe when he's had time to let my words soak in, he'll honor our wishes. He says he love us, says he misses us, wants to protect us. Honoring a simple request would prove his sincerity. Sb
  8. True, though I thought a little kindness would make a difference, that's all. Sb
  9. His response the first time I asked, was not what I expected, he went on about what was important and what was not. I had asked him exactly what from this site he owns, which was never addressed either, though I seem to recall things he'd said about it, but wanted to refresh my memory. Many times he didn't answer a question directly. I saw it with other people, too. To my second request, which included the house analogy, I got no reply, though I know he read it, which I told him, and said I have to walk away from all this, wished him luck, said I know he'll do what he wants, and said something else in a very diplomatic way about pride, hurt, anger, and protectiveness, which I hope might get through to him. I care about everyone here. He's still part of our community, as long as he's a patient, but I can't watch him self destruct; I have done what I felt was right. I told him in a previous letter, "If you love them, set them free," for whatever good it does. I will be requesting he delete my account. Each time I wrote, I said I don't belong there and told him why. I said if he hadn't put our info there, people might've gone there. He didn't listen to a legal order, and he's not listening to a friend. I did my best. No one asked me to, but I believed maybe it'd get results. Sorry to dissappoint myself again and everyone else. I still care about people here; if I didn't, I wouldn't have gone there to ask. Sincerely, Sb
  10. Thanks for the info. I really, honestly and sincerely believed that was a good thing. Well I see I was wrong. Honestly I meant well and hoped a friendly note might get through to him. Sincerely, Sb
  11. I reluctantly went to his site and very diplomatically asked him to remove our info, twice. The second time, I explainned in a very gentle way, how it's hurting the very people he claims to love. I spent 1-2 hours writing that letter, using the analogy of a house. I told him, imagine there's this house, which he claims to have bought the property to and the design of, from another owner. Then he invited people in to help him manage it. After awhile there were disagreements and he was evicted. Then he built the replica and duplicated belongings of the tennants of the original house and registered them there, without their knowledge or consent. I asked him how he'd feel if he had that happened to him. For those of you who think I'm takinig sides, and being influenced by Joe, here's a tip for ya. NO ONE influences me, and NO ONE asked me to go there and ask him. By the way, possibly the Best thing he did for us is creating the E-Mail-O-Matic. Guess how he responded? Stifle me again and you can delete me. I have a right to defend myself. Sb
  12. OK mizerman and your accusations, and your "puff puff, pass," you're nothing but a stoner, and you're hatred will be your undoing. Be very careful who you judge. You underestimate me, mister! Sb
  13. EXACTLY! But many here seem to think I won't kick back. I'm just trying to find the Truth. Both Joe AND Michael are my friends, so is Chad and many others here who seem to have drawn a very big line in the sand. Some people forget that I said good things about Michael, too, IF they even bothered to read my posts. I don't need to justify my words to my accusors. Imagine that there was a time they considered themselves to be my friends. It hurts me to see people hurting who were once friends, who I still consider to be my friends. People can ssay whatever they want about me, that doesn't make it true. That goes the same for anyone, about anyone. I just hope that when the Whole Truth is revealed,whatever that may be, that this community can live with it and survive. Sincerely, Sb
  14. miserman, I DO NOT WORSHIP JOE OR ANYONE HERE SO WATCH IT. I JUST WANNA KNOW THE TRUTH. Your words don't surprise me one bit. Thanks alot, friend, and I use that word very loosely at the moment. Once you defended me, now you slam me, that says a LOT about you. I haven't forgotton other things you've said, either. I know more than you think. I'm still here because someone asked me to stay. It was quite a surprise. Sb
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! ROFLMAO!!! and Yes, to whoever said about why I am leaving. I'd be gone if I had been granted my rerquest, but since I'm still here, answering e-mail, I can say one more time, "Even with your lives in peril, some of you still can't get along." If those bills pass, that's what some of you deserve for being so goddam petty. I guess your differences are a much more important, much BIGGER Prioroity. People who don't like each other have worked together and accomplished great things, I am sure. There are innocent people out there, outside this site as well; and many who have no knowledge or association with this site or any other like it. I'm fighting for them, too. I don't blame Bb for everything, either. He has his faults, just like everyone here, including me. So just keep on fighting, and watch your precious law get torn to pieces. I really loved writing for the cause, I loved standing beside you. I can still love you although I'm not here. Sorry if someone's unable to understand that.It's not my problem. It takes more than one person to screw up a community. Maybe it's true afterall, that it was an inside job. Hmmm. Sb
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