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  1. The ordinance would require anyone who is growing medical marijuana in Jackson other than in a patient's home or caregiver's home to apply to the city clerk for a license. It does not set the fees, which it says will be "set from time to time by the City Council by motion or resolution ..." No signs could be posted outside medical marijuana grow locations.
  2. Trix, Looks like PH. For future reference :-( farmerandnurse, what's the lighting setup? what's the timer settings and type?
  3. LOL. Richard was something else for sure. he was roaming the halls not that long ago. somehow he was 'unbanned' for a limited amount of posts. that was quikely reminded, as it should of been
  4. WOW, sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. comments from misinformed persons is what drives me nuts. how have you concluded that outdoor growing is illegal? the law doesn't say that, only your opinion does, not facts.
  5. BINGO! last time this waco Christan government tried this the coffeshop owners said they would have a person in every coffeshop with a t-shirt on saying 'I buy pot for foreigners' the fact is they cannot afford to cut the head off of their cash cow. most citizens in the Netherlands do not work; they are supported by the government. ex. if your an artist in the Netherlands you receive a weekly stipend for living cost; after they pay for all of you collage (and yes, you receive a stipend while in school also)
  6. It's the cyclical nature of politics. Big wins for the Republicans. Minor setbacks in the cannabis movement. We will continue to move forward with great optimism; for our cause is righteous
  7. <I am not a legal professional> It's seems logical to me. If the clinic reported that you use medical cannabis, and you presented your card, they would be violating your rights.(in my opinion) It's true your employer doesn't have to accept your use of cannabis at work, but that is outside of the scope of this topic. You are not employed at the time of the drug test. The clinic preforming the test isn't allowed to release a list of your medications to your potential employer.
  8. Caregiver card arrived 07/13/10, My Patients card also arrived on 07/13/10. Certified mail receipt stamped 03/10/10 issued 03/25/10 expires 04/01/11 received 07/13/10
  9. “Except for the purpose of compounding in the necessary preparation of medicine” Technically it is NOT. In the production of Hash it is necessary to compound water and Cannabis or alcohol and Cannabis to make the medicine.
  10. http://www.michigan....10_311724_7.pdf The following must be submitted with each renewal application: 1. RENEWAL Application Form for Registry Identification Card. 2. New Physician Certification (required). 3. New Caregiver Attestation and copy of caregiver’s current photo ID. · Required if patient is designating a new caregiver or continuing with their current caregiver. 4. Copy of patient’s current photo ID. 5. $100.00 application fee or $25.00 application fee if patient submits the appropriate supporting documents. here is the link to the
  11. http://www.legislatu...e=mcl-333-26426 333.26426 Administration and enforcement of rules by department. 6. Administering the Department's Rules. Sec. 6. (e) The department shall issue registry identification cards within 5 days of approving an application or renewal, which shall expire 1 year after the date of issuance.
  12. Legalize marijuana, and the world-class farmers of the San Joaquin Valley will be cultivating hemp in big, flat, open fields. No one will have to pay $400 an ounce and the grow-light guys will be gone. The Humboldt County entrepreneurs, with their small, secret plots in the woods, will fold up which is why they are now passing out bumper stickers saying "Keep Pot Illegal." This is why non-cannabis users will vote for the legalization of Cannabis. The fact remains, the only people apposed to Cannabis Reform are those who profit from it's current status.
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