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  1. wipe them with a rag dipped in rubbing alcohol. works great
  2. Snyder is from Ann Arbor, and there are quite of few open dispensaries in his neck of the woods.
  3. Wishing the money raised could be used to fund the Carruthers appeal rather than spent on a dispensary bill. .
  4. Wishing the money raised from the Ann Arbor guild fundraiser this month would go to towards this important cause instead of their provisional center bill!
  5. Why aren.t any reps from CPU invited to this event? Or does CPU reps not want to participate? Do the dispensaries ignore the wants of CPU? Just wanting to know Thanks
  6. Has the city of Ann Arbor even licensed these dispensaries as stated in the ordinance the council created . the ordinance maintains they need to be licensed in order to operate. Seems to be these places will not be happy until grow rights are stripped from patients. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for them . will not donate a dime... $200. per person give us a break like they need the money.
  7. What? Many broadcast their own businesses via websites, newspapers, magazines, doctors offices and have face book pages.....
  8. Will they be discussing the current act and how great it is working for patients or discussing the dispensary bill?
  9. Press on the opinion link and read the last line. Bashing caregivers again over and over It is getting old..
  10. Last time I was there some drunken idiot was talking and spit in my face as I walked by. The hash bash is a joke. It's odd that some condemn the current act when they are supplying their shops with caregivers meds. So CAREGIVERS STOP selling your meds to them?! It is a small group of people that are spewing the crap that we hear about caregivers and dangerous back alley shite in the name of patients. It's getting old. Give it a rest Frank! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! MONEY...
  11. If the dispensary serves a purpose and fills a need for many, maybe dispensaries should include state of origin on the products they sell. Food industry does it. They should be selling MI meds only, yes? The Cali and Colorado meds have always been here. So have the Florida and Kentucky meds. So have the Indiana and Ohio meds. The Oregon and Canadian meds are present as well. Why send money out of state when we can set up a distribution( for whomever) system here. The Dispensary serves a purpose and fills a need for many, it is undeniable.
  12. Absolutely! That's why I asked for opinions. I was on the fence.
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