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  1. So I can have 100 lbs of fresh frozen? Lastly the writen law says 10oz on your residence. If that was the case just 1 of those plants will throw you well over your limit. This is what I fear. Everyone new to this will be growing 12 outside and everyone will be over their limit and be at risk issues with the law. Realistically their going to have to get rid of our weight limit and allow us to sell our overages to rec facilities, processors or to whoever. This is after all a money game for the politicians for tax revenue. More product = more tax revenue.
  2. Is the weight grown by your recreation plants the same as purchased? I ask because a) one has no clue how much cannabis is on the plant while its growing. would hate to see all these nice folks, accidentally growing over there limit. b) What about wet flowers? ~75% of the flower is water content when harvested. That means you would need ~490grams or 17.5oz (wet) to get hit your 10oz mark. All while being technically over your limit. I read an article where a lady was busted over here limit because they weighed her buds in the middle of harvest so she was over her 2.5oz limit. I sincerely think they need to rewrite the laws for growing weight. Its easy to guarantee 10oz of dried purchase (gifted) cannabis. but try guaranteeing 10oz or less on a outdoor grow or even a 1000w light. I got 10oz from a 2' W x 4' L x 3' High plywood box I built a few years back on a 12bulb t5 mix. I don't know anyone growing in those tight of spaces. Everyone is grabbing 3x3, 4x4 + size tents and 600w-1000w lights. How well do think they are going to do staying within the legal limits? Would be safer for us Michiganders to be free to grow however much we want for weight, limit purchase weight (I don't know why that matters either after 10oz's. After 10oz might as well ok a couple pounds. 10oz isn't a tiny amount in retrospect) and give us the freedom to build are familys a future in our homes and on our properties. Or just grow some good dank. Without worrying about being over our limit and going to jail.
  3. I've heard it both ways. 10oz of which 2.5 can be out and the rest needs to be locked up. Does this include what you grow or just what you purchase/receive?
  4. As mentioned in the above reply. It's what was wrote in the article. And solid question by GG. Can I grow my 12 recreation plants alongside my medical. I imagine you would have to have each grow area separate from one another. Who's ready for 84 plants? In any case. I giggle at the idea of 2.5 oz per 12 plants and even more 10oz per 12 plants. What are we growing in? Shot glass's?
  5. So my questions is on the weight. I've heard both sides of the fences. Once side says your allowed 12 plants but only 10 oz, But i've also read that this only applies to purchased cannabis not grown cannabis. https://www.bridgemi.com/quality-life/whats-legal-and-what-isnt-under-michigan-recreational-marijuana-plan-slideshow Every other source makes it seem like the 10oz includes grown and/or doesn't specify weight being due to purchase or from cultivation.
  6. Very late to the conversation but I do have a question. DOes it still cost 5k-8k if you don't have a lawyer and you fight it yourself?
  7. So why does someone have to have $ and a lawyer to defend myself by the rules of section 8? My old document from Dr. Crocker and my new documentaion from the current doc isn't enough?
  8. So when I plead not guilty and explain I'm a medical marijuana patient who had a expired card at the time etc etc.... Do I be honest about the whole thing?....from the tabs being the reason he originally pulled us over to having a couple grams and having it confiscated for being honest with the officer? I wasn't using at the time either. Its been maybe 3-4 hours since I last smoked. It wasn't while I was in the car AND I was a passenger when the wife and I was pulled over I was the passenger not the driver. What should my course of action be after that?
  9. Alright. So I got everything in the mail! Fingers crossed it gets to me in time. My frind Mailed his on the 9th and and got the card issued the 19th.....
  10. I'm not going to lie. I'm more freaked out to argue anything? I have one local buddy who went through the same situation and got probation but says because it was a county cop not a state cop (not sure why that would make a difference) who gave me a ticket he thinks I'll just have to pay a ticket. My sisters husband had the sam situation and just had to pay $100.
  11. Fingers crossed I'll be going to the doctor sunday. So I'm not very verse in court stuff. So what is "Not taking a plea' exactly? From what Im reading when I go there I should bring any doctor records and recommendations, old cards to my court hearing and plea not guilty and when they ask why or what not. I state that at the time of the ticket I had a old card that expired and shortly after my ticket got a new card and show the judge both old rec, old card, AND new card or the paper work if I don't have it. Then what?
  12. Thanks dr. bob. I def don't have 3,500 nore do I remember the last time I had 3,500. It won't be until next week when I can come up with the 150 for my card. Any recommendation of a doc around the GR area? My car is crap and don't have the gas for a long trip anywhere.
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