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  1. Look at what's happening in California. The taxed price can't compare with the black market. There never were any safety or health problems with the black market grows so the sanctioned growers are losing market share. The only way they can see their wet dreams of market dominance come true is to eliminate the black market. We know how well that works.
  2. Green Peak Innovations can be contacted at info@gpimichigan.com Perhaps we should let them know we will be boycotting their products if they persist in their efforts to infringe on our rights. If they win they lose. Edit: When I went to their website this had already been posted by Rhory Gould. Let's join him! ---------- Corporate Greed Over Patients, a Real Conspiracy!!! “Big money lobbying, kickbacks, under the table deals, sabotaging caregiver market all at the expense of patients that need medicine. Creating a fake news smear campaign. Educate everyone! This is fake news! There is a patient consent form for caregiver medicine that has worked like a charm with ZERO reported illnesses. #BOYCOTT Claw, Exclusive Brands, Green Peak, Skymint, Highlife Farms, VB Chesaning, White River Wellness #truth #educate #fakenews #greed #corporategreed #caregivers #mmmp #community #michigan #spreadthenews #real #medicine #marijuana #weed” This is what is being circulated amongst community exposing the truth. All these companies are working together along with big money/legal ties to line their own pockets at patient/caregiver expense. These companies cannot produce better medicine than the caregiver market yet shift all blame on caregivers instead of meeting the challenge/demand. The licensed companies medicine reviews are horrible along with lack of options that patients need. Its mainly gummies and very low quality flower that looks like its from the 90’s. The licensed side has cherry picked test results as well as even contracting various “third parties” to spike test results of perfectly fine caregiver meds. All to create a political sway to rule in their favor. Its ridiculous and the unlicensed side has had enough. Claw concentrates has spearheaded the smear campaign on caregiver meds which is ironic. Since all store owners can agree they have always been a mashup of medicine imported from california, and various local sources. They mix and rebrand as a quality product, and have chosen themselves to be the “moral deacons” of whats right and wrong. Its hypocrisy at its finest to secure big money deals and to shut out caregiver market. All this hurts are the patients, who have used caregiver medicine for nearly a decade with ABSOLUTELY ZERO reported illnesses. Most of the licensed medicine is not passing current testing standards which are all over the place. Fruits and vegetables you can purchase from any grocery store have higher ppm results for pesticides. The licensed stores/processors/legislators have painted a picture that this is a problem therefore it needs to “be controlled” and to keep all the money in house and cut out caregiver market. Ironically enough their own standards of control have done nothing but make them create subpar medicine nobody wants to buy. The effort to cutout caregivers has outweighed the passion to truly help the people that depend and rely on this medicine. Elderly, kids, and many patients are left scratching their heads while these handful of owners spend money to smear caregivers. Its a big joke doing nothing but pausing this industry from coming out of the shadows and being transparent. The moral of the story is you have several growers/stores/processors painting a picture of “drug dealers” while they are actually being the gangsters. Going as far as lobbying and major kickbacks to house representatives. Why does no one question the house bill forced through the floor with a special 5 panel vote to introduce. Its 100% rigged. Anyone can look the house bills and examine their history and analysis, they cant even pass bills to fix potholes yet the medical marijuana bill to shutdown caregivers and unlicensed was slam dunked through. Even judge Borello has referenced this legislation does not super-cede his decision however no one questions where or how this bill came about. Its simple, its these several companies paying big money to do so, or also called lobbying.
  3. They believed in their hearts that the alcohol model would work for cannabis. The stoners would rush to them to buy their reefers and cash would fall from the sky by the train load. What else could they do? Grow it in their gardens? The only way they can succeed is to offer a quality product at a reasonable price. This has to be done in spite of exorbitant taxes and pointless government regulations. Or they could just go back to the drug war model but with themselves as a protected class. The state will probably back them because the tax money isn't pouring in like they expected. The taxed and regulated like alcohol model is unsustainable for cannabis simply because of the ease of production. People don't need to have commercial production facilities to create plants like they do for alcohol all they need is a patch of dirt and a seed. Blinded by greed and buying into their own lies. Look at what's happening in California.
  4. I had a Royal Queen OG Kush a couple of years ago and it ended up looking exactly like the plants in the pictures. Spindly stems, three fingered leaves and literally only a handful of bud from a three foot plant. I had previously chalked it up to bad genetics but now I have to wonder.
  5. Have you tried growing your own? It really doesn't require a great deal of work and will save you a lot of money. Once you have a regular grow schedule you will have a continuous supply.
  6. That's like a bar that can only sell you 6 ounces of beer per day. Sounds completely worthless. It generally takes 40 mgs for an edible to do me any good. I suppose you could "dispensary hop".
  7. https://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/articles/caregivers/becoming-a-caregiver/
  8. Is your husbands doctor willing to give him a card? Depending on what area of the state you are in you may be able to find a doctor who will certify your husband based on his medical records. If not you can still grow under the recreational law. Assuming you are able to get a medical card the information you need to become a caregiver can be found here: https://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/articles/caregivers/becoming-a-caregiver/
  9. I water from the bottom if I'm going out of town. Just set them in a pan of water and you don't have to worry about them drying out while you're gone.
  10. Cannabis has helped me. I have issues with my spine and had the same Fentanyl, Norco, Dilauded route. The cannabis is much easier on your system and you don't have to worry about addiction. If you got the spins while using it in the past I would guess that you used it in conjunction with alcohol. By itself it would take a large dose to do that. Start out with a low dose. Smoking or vaping is the easiest to control. Take a couple hits and wait for it to take effect then go from there. Be careful using edibles that's where most newbies get into trouble. It sometimes takes a couple of hours to hit so if you don't feel anything then wait a little longer. There's a lot of information available so do some reading and learn as much as you can.
  11. Chocolate is outstanding for covering the sometimes unpleasant taste of cannabis. It also allows you to let it slowly dissolve in your mouth making it easier to control how it effects you.
  12. Vaping provides more immediate relief and it's easier to control how it effects you. Edibles generally provide a stronger effect and last longer. The drawback to edibles is the long onset time and the fact that there are so many variables (empty/full stomach,etc.) I would recommend vaping for initial relief and then eat an edible just before a meal, This seems to work the best for me. Start out with a low dose of the edible until you know how they will effect you. Every batch of edibles can be different from the next in potency. Once you know how they effect you it becomes easier. Just a slight learning curve. Experiment with different strains too. I try to keep a minimum of four strains with different effects depending on what I need at the time sleep, pain relief or being able to function properly during the day. Hard candies are ,a good first choice because you can start with one and ad more as needed to achieve your desired goal. You probably won't be able to replace whatever pharmaceuticals you currently use but should be able to cut back quite a bit.
  13. There doesn't appear to be much interest in a genetics exchange. If no one is interested we can just meet up on a personal basis. Let us know if you'll show up to an exchange meet if we have one.
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