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  1. Many of the threads on here are old. When the recreational cannabis law was passed some of the regular posters didn't come back. Their interest was primarily to get legalization but not specifically medical. Some of us actually use cannabis as medicine and stay here to learn more about how to use cannabis medicinally and how to supply our needs in an affordable manner. If you see a thread that hasn't been active for a while that piques your interest it might be a better idea to start a new thread about the same topic.
  2. Every time I look in a mirror.
  3. I agree. The first time I tried a high CBD strain it reminded me of high school.
  4. Many retailers have introductory offers for their customers. The caregivers introductory offer was paying for your card. If a companies product or service is unacceptable then it shouldn't be surprising if the customer goes elsewhere. I don't think I've ever heard of a company asking for their introductory offer back. Send your form to the state axing this guy and find one more reliable. He had his chance, you owe him nothing.
  5. You would probably want a microbusiness license. This allows up to 150 plants and sell them to individuals 21 and older. The owner must be a Michigan resident and can’t hold an interest in any other marijuana business. The licensing fee is $8,000.
  6. Convenient maybe but can they deliver by mail within the hour?
  7. Like when you cut your finger and the cut releases blood back into your body? The chlorophyll is definitely what causes the grass smell but it is in every green or yellow cell in the plant. It may very well "leak" when you cut it but the amount that is released is negligible. The chlorophyll decays over time. The process is hastened by the shorter days and cooler temperatures. This is why tree leaves change color in the fall. Some cannabis strains will take on red and purple hues when the temperature drops. The Colombians adopted a practice in the 70's that made the chlorophyll
  8. I'm not sure that I follow your argument. What would lead you to say that a plant bleeds chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is the substance that gives the plant it's green color and is in all the cells. What would make that specific chemical leak out? If this was the case wouldn't it be desirable? Since chlorophyll is the substance that gives the herb it's "grassy" flavor and odor wouldn't it be preferable to remove as much as possible.
  9. I like to let the buds get just barely dry to the touch then put them in glass jars. The moisture from inside the bud migrates and the whole bud becomes damp again. Open the jar for a while then seal it back up. Repeat this process until the bud has dried to your satisfaction. This makes the bud evenly dry throughout and gives time for the chlorophyll to degrade.
  10. Cannabis is now legal in Michigan for both medical and recreational use.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I see you join us from overseas. Sadly at the present time here in the US politics permeates everything. Those of us lucky enough to have affordable healthcare frequently run into situations where our health needs are overshadowed by insurance providers looking to save money for their stockholders. Religious groups that demand that anything not allowed by their religion should be forbidden to everyone. While most of us would prefer to keep politics out of discussions about our choice of treatments, it isn't really possible at this point in time.
  12. You can use anything that gives you good air flow. I generally lay everything out on an old window screen and an aluminum rack from a refrigerator. You can also tie the cut branches to string and let it dry that way. The main thing is that they have room to breath and not get moldy.
  13. What kind of help does he need?
  14. If you mean will it continue to grow into another flowering plant right away then probably not. You may be able to re-veg and keep the strain though. It depends on how long it has been budding and on the strain. Nip off the buds and put it under lights 24 hours a day.
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