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  1. Wild Bill


  2. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    I spoke with Anthony from GrowGreenMi last night and he said that they are willing to let us have our genetics exchange at their facility in Whitmore Lake, just north of Ann Arbor. For those not familiar with GrowGreenMi, it's the largest grow store in the state. They frequently have events for the growing community and they are willing to fit us into the schedule. Grow Green Mi 9197 E M36 Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 810-299-2900 We should have some ground rules so I'm going to suggest a few. NO CASH EXCHANGES! Trade or gift only. We don't want the authorities to have any reason to take away what we fought for so long. No more than 12 cuttings/clones per person. Same reason as above. Ideally we should have some volunteers to check incoming plants for insects or disease. Any conditions that GrowGreenMi might require. They have been long time supporters of the movement and are generous enough to let us meet there so whatever they say goes. If we can get some feedback on how many might be interested and how long it might take to get things organized we can finalize plans. I would be willing to donate a few cuttings to new patients who are just getting started. Hopefully we can all get together soon.
  3. Wild Bill

    Looking for a good substrate for my ladies

    I never used that much at a time so I always used cookie sheets. It shouldn't matter though the heat should get to all of them. Maybe stir occasionally. I usually set it at 400 deg. Primarily to kill any unwanted organisms that might try to set up shop.
  4. Wild Bill

    Looking for a good substrate for my ladies

    I've found the easiest way to clean hydroton is to put it in a cookie sheet and bake it in the oven for awhile. Let it cool and rinse it off. Any vegetable matter left burns off along with any bacteria or potential diseases.
  5. In the mid seventies my friend had an uncle with a farm in southern Indiana. Growing wild on his farm was hemp that had been planted for war production in WW2. We would produce oil from this industrial hemp and sell it for $10 a gram if I remember correctly. It always sold out and we never had a complaint about quality. So I would have to say there is some kind of psychoactive substance involved. It would probably be called high CBD oil today.
  6. GrowGreenMi https://growgreenmi.com/ It's the largest grow store in the state and hosts frequent events. They are having a Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference on March 22-24, 2019. Check out their website or Facebook page for more info.
  7. Wild Bill


    It may be easier for you to start from seed. Clones are somewhat easier to start with but they can also lead to unexpected problems like spider mites or disease if you don't know what to look for. There are a number of reputable seed banks online. I've had good luck with True North Seeds. https://truenorthseedbank.com/ They are located in Canada and they take credit cards.
  8. Wild Bill

    How to help patients

    OK, I'll bite. How will ordering cannabis from out of state and subjecting both parties in the transaction to Federal prosecution help the patients?
  9. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    I spoke to a business owner last night who may be interested in hosting us. He had already been thinking of doing something like this on a monthly basis. He is going to check with legal counsel and get back with us.
  10. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    Where is that?
  11. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    When we get a better idea of how many people might be involved then we can make a more informed decision about where to meet. We need to find a location that's reasonably accessible to everyone. I've spoken to a couple of folks not on the forum and they're interested in taking part too.
  12. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    Would we want a swap meet type thing or just meet up individually? The beginning of February would be the earliest I could do it. With the holidays and travel plans in January I don't think I could get rooted clones ready until then. Cuttings of course could be ready on a moments notice. Rooted clones would be my first choice. I'd hate to travel across the state and then have the cuttings die when I got them home.
  13. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    Where we meet will depend on how much response we get and where it would be the most convenient for those involved. If only a couple people are interested it should be simple.
  14. Wild Bill

    Genetics Exchange

    Mites are my principle concern swapping plants. I grew for years and never had a problem until a friend gave me a clone and I neglected to quarantine it. Had to destroy my whole crop.