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  1. I'm growing that now. It smells like kush.
  2. Can anyone recommend a seed bank that as a Skunk strain that has a skunk odor? The last three strains of so called Skunk that I have tried have zero skunk odor and only one had a slight skunk taste. It seems like these have been bred out of the newer incarnations.
  3. The end game in all this will be a greater dependence on the black market. This will give LEO another opportunity to restart the war on drugs. Grow your own, boycott dispensaries until they give up on this nonsense.
  4. They would need warrants to check anyone's house without permission. On what basis would they obtain these warrants? "The officer has a hunch that there may be a marihuana growing operation at the address. There is a further possibility that the grow operation may be medical and not recreational." I don't think many judges will grant the request without anything better to go on.
  5. Unless the complaint was that the odor was a public nuisance I can't think that the smell of something that is currently legal to posses would be the basis for a warrant.
  6. Small buds may not look as pretty but are just as effective as big ones.
  7. The law itself is completely unnecessary. Why should the growth, possession, sale or consumption of a plant be regulated at all? Other than to make money for the government.
  8. Happy 80th birthday to someone who gave up his freedom to get us to where we are today.
  9. That's all they care about. Same all over the world. In Brazil if you have trouble with the police or any government official you will eventually hear, "um gostinho", just give them "a little taste" and your problem is forgotten. It's the same here but it's institutionalized and there's more paperwork involved.
  10. I usually remove anything that is below the canopy and doesn't receive direct light. It generally turns out to be the lower third of the branches. This is dependent on the growth habits of the particular strain. I currently have a Skunk strain that needs very little pruning because it grows like a tumbleweed and most of the branches are in direct light.
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