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  1. To increase yields try topping the plant above the second node. It will then grow four main colas instead of one, For more info search for Uncle Ben's Topping Technique on rollitup.org.
  2. You can also just sprinkle a few teaspoons on top of the soil and let the water carry it in when you water the plants. Works real well for tomatoes and peppers too. It helps them set fruit and stops blossom end rot in tomatoes.
  3. I cut off the larger leaves before I chop the plant. It's easier when it's standing up. Then I cut off the individual branches and trim them individually.
  4. Years ago, when my eyesight was still clear and my hands were steady I used to take a razor blade and put a tiny split in the edge of the seed.
  5. Your best bet would be to let them finish outside and start fresh indoors. All it takes is one mite or a few eggs and it could be months before you get rid of them all.
  6. If nothing else if it's in a locked box and they have to break into it to see what's inside they can no longer claim that you consented to the search.
  7. Shouldn't be a problem right now, but sometimes stems will turn purple when it gets colder than they prefer.
  8. What seed bank is your White Widow from? I've grown several strains of White Widow over the years and never found the strain to be finicky at all.
  9. Don't harvest too soon! That's the number one mistake new growers make.
  10. That's the folks from the Jackson County Compassion Club if I'm not mistaken.
  11. I noticed on my first LED grow that indicas and sativas seem to display their differences more prominently. The sativa dominant strain stretched a great deal while the indicas remained squat and low to the ground. Now that I have two lights I'll be able to adjust the heights accordingly to the different growing habits. I wonder if it would be better to keep the lights for the indicas a little higher at first to encourage some stretch? I may try a SCROG grow next time too. The bushiness and increased bud sites would seem to lend it self to that method. It almost did it by itself anyway.
  12. It goes back to our old friend Tricky Dick. https://therooster.com/blog/wasteful-nature-marijuana-packaging-new-water-bottle Richard Nixon signed the Poison Prevention and Packaging Act into law. This legislation required child-resistant packaging for drugs and household chemicals that were hazardous to children. Since then, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, with very few exceptions, have been sold in child-resistant packaging. Interestingly, the same child-resistant designs, like the familiar push-down-and-twist cap for medicine bottles, have been used for over 50 years. Now though, child-resistant regulations for marijuana products have led to staggering innovation in packaging design. Indeed, it has become impossibly difficult even for some adult stoners to get their stash open. And although innovation has kept up with the pace of demand, it too much conforms to the bigger is better American ideal. Marijuana packaging is heinously large and mushrooming out of control. Consider that the standard opaque, plastic container a quarter of flower (7 grams) comes in weighs almost 29 grams, making it four times larger by weight than the content it holds. A standard container for half-eighths of flower (1.75 grams) weighs a whopping 10.10 grams, six times as much as the content it holds. If that weren’t bad enough, the packaging for a single gram of concentrate can weigh as much as 30 times as the product. And it isn’t biodegradable in the short-term. Which leads to a grave concern about packaging, the bulk of it isn’t recycled, especially the small stuff. In Denver’s Cannabis Environmental Best Management Practices Guide, they note the small packaging for concentrate and pre-rolls, while technically recyclable, is usually sorted out by recyclers and taken to landfills. And the exit bags (often plastic zippered, heavy weight bags), they’re typically not recyclable due to their mixed materials. Even compared to single-use plastic shopping bags, cannabis packaging is unnecessarily wasteful.
  13. I was at one of the Bob Seger shows and overheard a conversation between a woman and an Oakland County deputy standing nearby. The woman complained to the LEO that there was a girl sitting next to her on the hill smoking weed. The deputy replied, "The voters of the State of Michigan have said it's OK so there's nothing i can do." After the woman left I asked him if the change has made his job easier or harder. He said,"Easier, that's one less thing we have to deal with." Very refreshing after so many years of malice.
  14. They were commonly used as medicine before the government outlawed it. I know that suppositories have helped people with nausea due to chemo but don't have ant personal knowledge about Crohn's.
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