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  1. Good ole' Joe. A drug warrior to the end. White House Sanctions Staffers Over Past Marijuana Use Elizabeth Nolan Brown | 3.19.2021 9:30 AM Read the room? President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris entered the White House promising to not be the same old cops about cannabis. Biden "has reluctantly embraced decriminalizing marijuana," The Washington Post reported in January. And Harris has for several years been working to outrun her past drug warrior ways. True to this form, the Biden administration reportedly told potential staffers that past use of recreational marij
  2. I've been seeing a lot of posts from people looking for clones. Here's a good chance to pick some up. Clone Swap / Vendor Day Grow Green Mi 10505 Plaza Drive, Whitmore Lake Friday, March 26, 2021 at 1 PM EDT – 5 PM EDT Price: Free · Duration: 4 hr Open to the Public Our famous Clone Swap is coming back! Bring up to 4 clones or 8 seeds to trade with your fellow growers for something new! Couple things before the: "sounds like a bug and PM swap" comments. 1. EVERY clone will be checked by our experts and sprayed before coming into the building. 2. YES you should s
  3. I've known one person who died from the flu in 65 years. I've known eight who have died from Covid in the last year.
  4. I know a grower who came back from out west before the law was passed. They started setting up a large commercial grow immediately. When I warned him to be careful because it wasn't legal here yet he said,"Don't worry about it, it's all taken care of."
  5. Biden has always been a drug warrior so this is hardly surprising.
  6. Another good reason to keep your medical card.
  7. http://tbi.cedwvu.org/traumatic-brain-injury-conference-2018/tbi-and-medical-marijuana/
  8. Many of the threads on here are old. When the recreational cannabis law was passed some of the regular posters didn't come back. Their interest was primarily to get legalization but not specifically medical. Some of us actually use cannabis as medicine and stay here to learn more about how to use cannabis medicinally and how to supply our needs in an affordable manner. If you see a thread that hasn't been active for a while that piques your interest it might be a better idea to start a new thread about the same topic.
  9. Every time I look in a mirror.
  10. I agree. The first time I tried a high CBD strain it reminded me of high school.
  11. Many retailers have introductory offers for their customers. The caregivers introductory offer was paying for your card. If a companies product or service is unacceptable then it shouldn't be surprising if the customer goes elsewhere. I don't think I've ever heard of a company asking for their introductory offer back. Send your form to the state axing this guy and find one more reliable. He had his chance, you owe him nothing.
  12. You would probably want a microbusiness license. This allows up to 150 plants and sell them to individuals 21 and older. The owner must be a Michigan resident and can’t hold an interest in any other marijuana business. The licensing fee is $8,000.
  13. Convenient maybe but can they deliver by mail within the hour?
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