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  1. Which high CBD strains do you prefer? I've never noticed much relief from CBD but it helps my wife.
  2. You can grow up to 12 marijuana plants per household. Twelve plants can give you quite a large yield. You can also "gift" up to 2.5 oz. or 15 grams of concentrate for free to another adult. My suggestion would be to grow your own cannabis and then you can give your uncle his meds from your supply as long as no money changes hands. The few years that the state infringes on your rights because of your age will give you a good opportunity to hone your growing skills so when you reach an age deemed proper by our brilliant leaders you will be able to supply patients with confidence.
  3. There wasn't much interest on this site. Grow Green Mi has had a couple of clone and seed swaps. They are becoming popular from what I understand. Keep an eye on their website for info on upcoming swaps. http://growgreenmi.com/
  4. I wouldn't bet the farm on it. Plain speaking and common sense has never been applied to cannabis laws in Michigan. When the medical law passed you were allowed to obtain it anywhere but no one could give you any unless they were your registered caregiver. The large print giveth and the small print taketh away.
  5. I just planted a freebee CBDurban seed. The seedbank says it tests 8% CBD and 8% THC. I don't have much experience with high CBD strains and haven't been particularly impressed by the results. My general impression has been that I get as much relief from my Marie Laveau mojo bag as I do from the CBD but it seems to work for my wife. Has anyone tried this strain or a strain with a similar ratio? I was wondering what sort of effects to expect from it. Will it get you high or just give you a headache?
  6. It definitely puts a strain on the relationship when LEO breaks down your door, kicks your butt, robs you, and then locks you in a cage. Hopefully cannabis will be out of the mix soon but I'm sure our beloved government will soon find something to replace it with in their war on people.
  7. If you go to other states that accept a Michigan card they frequently have different tax rates for medical than they do for recreational.
  8. As long as you're on private property and no cash changes hands I believe you should be fine. Compassion clubs are primarily to put patients and caregivers into contact.
  9. "The people of Michigan spoke - they wanted to have recreational marijuana - which is fine. We're just here to enforce the law of anything that's illegal," said Lt. Mike Shaw Translation: They forgot to give the State it's cut so we trashed their business.
  10. Everything should be legal. It's none of the governments business what I possess or put in my body.
  11. https://norml.org/legal/item/ohio-medical-marijuana-law I didn't see reciprocity mentioned in the Ohio law.
  12. https://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/ad_info/
  13. Hold on to your hats! There is a new "high end" dispensary in Ferndale. It's medical, not recreational, but I had to share the prices. They had some bud that they were asking $65 a gram for. I didn't buy any.
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