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  1. Are your plants healthy? If they're growing OK you may not need to chase the perfect ph around. Don't worry too much unless you see signs of a problem.
  2. If they already have buds you may not want to spray chemicals on them.
  3. Every post about New Holland Seed Bank?
  4. Why would it be too late to transplant? My advice would be to stop using nutes altogether until the plants are healthy again.
  5. I've never received an email from the State. How would you go about acquiring one?
  6. I grew in hydro for years and had a 50 gallon reservoir so it was never a problem. They put in new waterlines down the road from me and apparently put some additive in the water that wiped out my whole crop. I took cuttings, put them in soil and never got around to cleaning my hydro system so I've been growing in dirt ever since. Not too long ago I tried setting the plants in pans of water so they can draw the water up from the bottom. This works well for a few days but for a week or longer the plants don't like it and have very poor yields. I may use my hydro reservoirs to set up a drip system. That seems to be the easiest idea.
  7. I take 800 mgs of ibuprofen every 4 hours in addition to cannabis. The only troubling side effect I get from the cannabis is occasional lethargy. The ibuprofen however causes me frequent stomach pain and may eventually give me ulcers or some other gastrointestinal issue. Ibuprofen was first invented in 1961. Cannabis has been used safely since the dawn of time. Cannabis is the safer of the two.
  8. To increase yields try topping the plant above the second node. It will then grow four main colas instead of one, For more info search for Uncle Ben's Topping Technique on rollitup.org.
  9. You can also just sprinkle a few teaspoons on top of the soil and let the water carry it in when you water the plants. Works real well for tomatoes and peppers too. It helps them set fruit and stops blossom end rot in tomatoes.
  10. I cut off the larger leaves before I chop the plant. It's easier when it's standing up. Then I cut off the individual branches and trim them individually.
  11. Years ago, when my eyesight was still clear and my hands were steady I used to take a razor blade and put a tiny split in the edge of the seed.
  12. Your best bet would be to let them finish outside and start fresh indoors. All it takes is one mite or a few eggs and it could be months before you get rid of them all.
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