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  1. Unless the complaint was that the odor was a public nuisance I can't think that the smell of something that is currently legal to posses would be the basis for a warrant.
  2. Small buds may not look as pretty but are just as effective as big ones.
  3. The law itself is completely unnecessary. Why should the growth, possession, sale or consumption of a plant be regulated at all? Other than to make money for the government.
  4. Happy 80th birthday to someone who gave up his freedom to get us to where we are today.
  5. That's all they care about. Same all over the world. In Brazil if you have trouble with the police or any government official you will eventually hear, "um gostinho", just give them "a little taste" and your problem is forgotten. It's the same here but it's institutionalized and there's more paperwork involved.
  6. I usually remove anything that is below the canopy and doesn't receive direct light. It generally turns out to be the lower third of the branches. This is dependent on the growth habits of the particular strain. I currently have a Skunk strain that needs very little pruning because it grows like a tumbleweed and most of the branches are in direct light.
  7. Perhaps it would be best to go to the source and let these dispensaries know that we will be boycotting their businesses until they stop their assault on our medical rights. If anyone has info on any other members of this group make it public so they can't hide behind a group name. If you want to contact the MCMA directly they have a contact form on their website. https://www.michigancma.com/contact/ If you would like to contact individual members here is their info. Skymint - https://www.skymint.com/contact/ Livwell - https://livwell.com/contact/ Common Citizen - https://www.commoncitizen.com/contact-us/ High Life Farms - https://highlifefarms.com/contact/ Fluresh - https://fluresh.com/contact/ Pleasantrees - https://www.enjoypleasantrees.com/contact-us/ Green Peak Innovations (parent company of Skymint) - https://www.prnewswire.com/contact-us/#general Let them know you will no longer make any purchase from them or from any establishment that sells their products until they stop their predatory business practices. If you have time on your hands why not drop by one of these stores and have their budtenders show you every single product they sell along with detailed explanations of each then when they are all through let them know that you'd like to make a purchase but wouldn't feel right about it because of the harm they are attempting to do to patients.
  8. The best thing to do at this point is to contact your representative and let your voice be heard. They need to worry about losing their jobs over supporting this. https://www.house.mi.gov/MHRPublic/frmFindaRep.aspx
  9. I don't know why I'm involved in this conversation but just to set the record straight. I rarely believe anything anyone says on face value. Only upon seeing some sort of factual evidence to support their statements.
  10. The problem they're having is that they base their suppositions on the alcohol model. By making it illegal to distill your own liquor people are forced to buy their liquor from licensed distilleries. A great deal of knowledge and specialized equipment is needed to do your own distillation in any kind of quantity that would challenge the supremacy of the corporations. Cannabis presents them with the problem that anyone with a seed and a patch of ground can grow it. They won't be forced to purchase from the big boys because it grows anywhere. Where do these buffoons think the cannabis came from before they were in business?
  11. I'm not a communist covid comedian, I'm an anarchist covid comedian. Get your facts straight before you cast aspersions. (I bet you never got better than a C in science class)
  12. Michigan Legislature Introduces Bills to Reduce Caregiver Program https://hightimes.com/news/michigan-legislature-introduces-bills-to-reduce-caregiver-program/ Michigan lawmakers proposed three bills yesterday that aim to reduce what caregivers can provide for medical cannabis patients. The Michigan legislature returned full-time on September 9, and House Bills 5300, 5301 and 5302 were introduced on September 14. This bill package seeks to alter the Medical Marihuana Act, which was initially implemented in 2008. If passed, the bills would reduce caregiver patients from five to only one, and reduce the number of plants a caregiver can grow from 60 to 12, with an additional 12 plants they’re allowed to grow for personal use. One of the bills also creates a license called “specialty medical grower,” which would require a $500 application to get cannabis tested. According to Mlive.com, these bills were proposed one day before a protest was set to occur. Yesterday, the “Michigan Caregivers United: Rally at the Capitol” protest was held in front of the state capitol in Lansing. The march was held to protest the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturer’s Association (MCMA) and its push to limit caregiver’s allowances for their patients. “Michigan’s cannabis consumers have lashed out in anger; a boycott of MCMA products and companies affiliated with them has resulted in the resignation of their president, the removal of any reference to individual members on their website, the election of a new board chair to clean up their public relations and the cancellation of orders from MCMA companies by retailers.” The protest has been in the works for some time, with an official press release announcement posted on July 8 in anticipation of these plans. The MCMA released a study in June through the Anderson Economic Group stating that 70 percent of cannabis sales were made outside of regulated dispensaries, and that illegal sales are the main way that residents are obtaining cannabis. “Michigan’s unregulated cannabis market poses an immediate threat to the health of all Michiganders, and the Michigan Cannabis Safety Act updates outdated laws to help ensure all Michiganders have access to tested, tracked and labeled cannabis products,” MCMA Board Chair Shelly Edgerton told Mlive.com. “We look forward to working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to bring Michigan’s unregulated, unlicensed cannabis market in line with the rest of the cannabis industry to help ensure safe, high-quality cannabis is available for all Michiganders.” The MCMA’s website states that the organization represents “nearly half of all multiple Class C cannabis licenses in Michigan,” which is the most expensive license type, and represents the largest cultivation businesses in the state. Those who oppose this notion argue that caregivers are not responsible for black market sales, and that there’s no good reason to threaten the caregiver system. Over 250 companies have spoken out in favor of supporting the caregiver program as well as small businesses. Companies such as The Botanical Co. released official statements regarding the MCMA. “We stand with our fellow industry professionals in their efforts to stop the attack on caregivers. It is our belief that our industry thrives when small businesses and caregivers can flourish,” officials said in a statement. “Our customers and patients remain at the core of what we do and to ensure they continue to have access to the products they rely on, we are actively pursuing the sourcing of high quality products from companies that more align with our mission. We encourage local brands to contact us if they are interested in retail space at our stores. Together, we can make a difference and move our industry forward.” According to the Marijuana Regulatory Agency in a July report, there are 30,229 caregivers in the state and 251,284 medical cannabis patients that they serve. A majority of these patients suffer from conditions such as chronic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms and PTSD. Meanwhile, the state is taking many steps toward improving social equity and supporting residents’ rights to consume while off the job.
  13. Unless they try to change the law again. But they wouldn't do that just to line their own pockets at our expense, would they?
  14. The precise wording on the ATF Form 4473, Firearms Transaction Record is, "Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?" So the questions you will be answering are, Are you using cannabis (or other drugs) illegally? Are you addicted to cannabis (or other drugs)? So, if you are following the law and aren't addicted then you should be able to answer truthfully without any misrepresentation. This could of course be interpreted in different ways but it seems pretty clear to me. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/4473-part-1-firearms-transaction-record-over-counter-atf-form-53009/download
  15. They don't want anyone to grow. They want you to be forced to make all of your purchases from dispensaries so the State can get a cut from all the sales. If we aren't careful growers will be back in the same boat we were in before legalization.
  16. "One of the biggest proponents for curtailing the current caregiver system is the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association" The same people that said caregivers were dangerous because they sold untested cannabis. If they succeed with this the next step will be to get rid of grow rights altogether. You can see that train coming from a long way off.
  17. Why should anyone feel bad about not accurately answering a question on a form that solves no purpose? The very question is based on falsehood so what goes around comes around. I don't recall anyone ever asking me if I wanted to be involved in this whole "government" scheme in the first place. Purchase your firearm from a private citizen and you won't have to fill out any forms.
  18. What do you plan on using it for? Will it be for personal protection or hunting? Do you have a specific need for it or do you just want a gun?
  19. It's usually the city councils that make that decision. I know of on community in northern Michigan that didn't want dispensaries in town so they banned them. They now have a thriving dispensary about 200 feet outside the city limits but don't get a share of the tax money like they would have if they would have let it open in town. Karma.
  20. Molasses doesn't directly feed the plants. It provides nutrients for beneficial bacteria in the soil. Compost tea is great to use all through the growth cycle.
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