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  1. Looking great!! So frosty... The cheese looks incredible man!! I finally found your grow journal. I'm grabbing a seat. Keep up the good work! -Chewy
  2. I cropped them just a couple times but mainly these plants were just super bushy. I am having a little bit of a nute issue this grow. I think the full strength schedule according to Roots Organics feeding chart is a little too strong. It isn't anything major though, just a little bit of burn. At least I don't have any hermies this grow!! It could also be a PH Issue. I have always used the drop ph test kit and its pretty much impossible to test the PH of the run off water because it is so dark. I ended up getting a digital PH tester so I can dial that in much better on the next grow and the res
  3. The tent is a Secret Jardine Darkroom 80 and the clones are under a 4bulb T5 fluorescent. I plan on getting another 4bulb T5 and putting it next to the one I have and try vegging the 14 plants I have going currently in the tent. The T5's are great for clones/ mothers. My question is I have never vegged a plant for a long period of time under these and I wonder if they will stretch a lot.. I like my plants nice and bushy!
  4. Thanks!! You think I can pull a oz, oz and a half of these bushy ladies?
  5. The girls are exactly 3 weeks into flower today!! Things are starting to look really nice. I just ordered some of the OG Kush by Reserva Privada and am going to start some of that for my next grow in DEC. I have never grown these strains before but I am hoping they will finish somewhere between 8 and 9 weeks. Blue Venom A NYC Diesel I'll get a week 3 flowering video up next!!! Peace -Chewy
  6. Everything is going GREAT!! Day 14 of 12/12, Girls just got their second flowering feed. Come back every week for a video update. Any advice? feel free to give it!!! Peace -Chewy
  7. Lookin nice bubs! Mind if I take a front row seat on this grow?
  8. Can you send me a link to the product you recommend?? I'd appreciate it! Thanks .....Nevermind I found it, thanks.
  9. I'm back!! My last grow didn't go quite as well due to a hermie pollinating my garden, but I learned a lot through trial and error and I am off to a great start on my 2nd grow. I vegged some G13 Blue Venom and some NYC Diesel under a T-5 4 bulb flourescent for a few weeks. I also through a Green House Seeds White widow mother in the flowering tent. Here is what I am rolling with on this grow. Flowering tent- Secret Jardine DarkRoom 150 with a 1000w Hortilux in a 6" air cooled hood. Hood is being exhausted by a canfan. I am using Roots Organic Soil and also their line of organic nutr
  10. Hey guys sorry its been awhile since my last update, just kind of was down about the whole hermie issue. Ended up getting around an oz a plant for a total of around 7. The strawberry cough was pretty much garbage. The Super Lemon Haze was amazing but horribly seedy. It seriously smells and tastes like lemons, and the high was still amazing. I have a giant mother of it and am doing some clones in my next grow. The single White Rhino I had turned out to be some really good smoke also. The White Widow was very wispy and not a very good stone at all. Since my last post I have had some Nyc Diesel
  11. I'm like 8 weeks into flower and my plants look much better since getting that hermie out many weeks ago. There is seeds in some of the bud but not as bad as I thought. I have some nice buds going, but I believe they would have been bigger if I didnt run into the hermie pollinating problem. Seems like the plants continue to grow white hairs though. Maybe my flowering time will be a little bit longer? Any advice? This is a great learning experience for me. I have some clones going for my next grow as we speak, I plan on washing my flowering room with a bleach water solution. Appreciate everyon
  12. Blake, appreciate your response. Hit me up with a way that I can contact you. -Chewy
  13. Appreciate it Boaterman. It's looking much better since I took 3 of them out that were seriously polinated. I have 7 right now that are starting to look very nice with not to many beans. Are these seeds useable in the future? The Hermie was a Strawberry Cough. I also have White Widow, White Rhino, and Super Lemon Haze in the garden, would the seeds off these plants be considered crossed with Strawberry cough now? My camera took a bunny muffin on me, but I believe I can fix it and will get some pics up soon! Thanks for the support PEACE -Chewy
  14. Well I messed up bad... That hermie ended up pollinating the bunny muffin out of my garden. Seeds started coming in everywhere. I ended up pulling it but it was too late. Now im going to have some pretty seedy bud. I've been pretty depressed about the whole thing!!! bummer. I need to get some clones asap, and need to get things going again. I guess you learn through trial and error.
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