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  1. Thats a cool guy!!! seeing that the check doesnt bounce... Good luck man.. They government would rather make you almost burn your house down than let you grow a nice crop outside tisk tisk..
  2. must be the enforcement division, im trying now..... .... ring ring ring.... wtf no answer.... weird just keeps ringing...
  3. Is the number on that page or were u just thinking it was probably one of those? Cause i didnt find it on the list.. maybe i am looking for the wrong thing or expecting if to be refereed to as something more blunt (pun intended)
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows the number for the MDCH that is used to verify a card number? Or does anyone have any idea of where to find the number on the MDCH website or LARA..
  5. Your response was fine. Even though it had no immediate advice for me. I was commenting on some others that just wanted to tell me how dumb i am.
  6. This guy could die from this and your crackin jokes. Love this website
  7. My uncle quit smoking by replacing a cigarette with ice tea... Whenever he had a craving he would drink iced tea. Im sure that doesnt sound very helpful but you gonna have to replace the habit with "another" ice tea seems like it could be worth trying. But you gonna have to change your eating habits too because u wont have a appetite suppressant. Might gain wieght. Maybe iced tea and exercise + a good book. I would recommend Battle Royale, To Your Scattered BOdies Go and Adrift. I have a friend that quit smoking by just taking a puff of his meds when he got a craving. Seems to have worked
  8. I was on a suspended license because i didnt pay a second driver responsibility fee of $500. Honestly your a jerk. Sorry I wanted to see my family on thanksgiving so i drove anyway. Get a life. I bet yours isnt perfect, so stop trying to make yourself feel better by putting me down. I honestly thought i would get some decent advice here but it seems i have to sift through similar bs to yours. So funny how people read these forums everyday and are so pathetic. I know i screwed up thanks for reminding me. Bet you have drove on a suspended license before or drove drunk... (way worse) You dont kno
  9. Thanks i appreciate that. Some of the responses are kinda sad not yours of course. I am not your child you dont need to tell me what i did wrong, does calling someone out on screwing up make you feel better? O wait of course it does... how sad.
  10. I knew this would turn into a spectacle. Obviously i know there where other ways to go about it but i wasnt in much of a position to argue with the guy when i was going to jail anyway. I figured i would fight my battle after. I dont really see how you could have read everything i wrote and have such a limited response. No real advice for me just advice for others. Please dont respond unless you have advice for me. I didnt post this to be told what i did not do or did wrong. Thanks
  11. I am on probation until Feb. I got pulled over on Wednesday on a suspended license. It is suspended because i didnt pay a second 500 dollar driver responsibility fee. I had smoked earlier but the car smelled. I immediately told the officer my license was suspended then he asked if i had been smoking. Instead of trying to deny it even though i was no longer "under the influence" I just said yes i was smoking because i knew i was getting charged with DWPD anyway. He asked for my marijuana and i gave him a pipe and a grinder and showed him a empty container. He then cuffed me and put me in his ca
  12. I have a friend that got a script for crohns but he had to fly to Cali...
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