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  1. I'm in the Ann Arbor area and have been a patient since May. It's time for me to get out to some local meetings and meet some people (I don't have a caregiver and need a reliable one). I have a feeling it will be much easier to find a cg there rather than post on here. Saying that, when/where are the local compassion meetings? Thanks for the input
  2. I'm all for dispensaries but LEO will be a little more skeptical now that somebody who moved to Michigan over a year ago to specifically to start a "Smoker's Club" got caught with nearly 150 lbs!
  3. I have a somewhat stupid question to ask but I want to make sure before I send my paperwork in. So I went and got approved by the DOC today and am filling out the forms and plan on being my own caregiver. Do I fill out the caregiver form and insert my own name in there or not fill them out all? Thanks!
  4. Leo will require you to go to the hospital to take a blood test similar to the procedure if you refuse a breathalyzer. In terms of court, unfortunately it is up to the "suspect" to prove that he wasn't impaired although his blood test shows THC levels. Horrible law either way
  5. Everybody I know who has recieved a DUI for marijuana had previously been smoking in their vehicle and were found in possession of marijuana. There's gonna be serious trouble if LEO starts running blood tests on everybody with a MM card as THC will stay in the body for up to 90 days in some circumstances.
  6. Thank you Sterling for the info!!! I'm getting the paperwork together right now!!
  7. Thanks for the info--I'm trying to figure out how to get the paperwork ready. A relative of mine has a Medical Marijuana Card issued from California and was looking for a caregiver and the procedure in how to apply with the state of Michigan. My next step is to ATTEMPT to contact the Department of Health and get a finalized answer
  8. So I understand that a California medical marijuana card can be transferred or allowed here in Michigan. Now can a California medical marijuana patient designate somebody in Michigan as their caregiver?
  9. I finally got my medical records from my doctor after a few week wait and am ready to make an appointment. Are there any Ann Arbor doctors or should I check out Southfield (few week wait, I've heard) or Jackson clinic? Has anybody heard denials regarding documented GERD problems and ulcers? Thank you and Happy 420
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