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  1. no worries..... I was told that staff is not allowed to participate. It will make the members think that the mods are getting unfair prizes and are being bias.
  2. 10 weeks? your best bet is to let it ride from here and NOT treat your plants with anything. when you cut the plants for harvest, cut the entire plant, hang it upside down, and spray the stem, at the top, where you cut it ......with alcohol, neem oil, and everything you have. after you harvest the plant it will begin to dry out ..... within 24-48 hours all the mites will walk off the leaves/flowers of your hanging plant and walk to the top ......... where the stem was cut.... you can kill them here. obviously you should treat everything in your garden now too. using anything at this point will leave dead mite carcasses in your meds ..... best to hang the entire plant and let them walk off your flowers at will .... then kill them at the top. rubbing alcohol kills resin glands so its not good to use during the flower stage.
  3. autoflower isn't the way to go if you are looking to keep things as cheap as possible indoors. its just the facts really. with a dialed in perpetual grow of 12 photoperiod strains you can easily harvest 3-4 ounces every 9-10 days using the same amount of plants, light, and time as it would take to grow half that with autoflower strains. all strains are different, im just talking in general. the reason that autoflowers are all the rage overseas is mainly for the outdoor growers. its a way to have a harvest in august as well as the normal harvest in sept/oct. if you take the yield per plant and add in lights, time, and everything else....... in our Michigan setting, with our limits...... autoflower indoors really is not the way to go. yes, I believe there are some pretty good and higher yielding/potent autos out there.... but its pretty rare. if you can grow an auto in 60 days and get one ounce, you doing great...... but you could easily get 2-3 ounces in just 75 days with the right photoperiod strain. its well worth doubling your harvest for just an extra 2 weeks. also, if you grow photoperiod strains, you may not even have to grow 12 to keep a steady supply...... obviously less plants means less light/nutes/money...... just my 2 cents
  4. looks like you are getting sound advice as far as the light goes. I just wanted to give a bit of input from personal experience about hempy's ......... it is almost always, 100% of the time better to put them in their final container from the beginning instead of gradually moving up to larger pot sizes like in soil. its not going to kill anything by putting them in smaller containers first, but it will save you time because they WILL go through a bit of a shock from being transplanted. best of luck. I hope you keep everyone posted as to your progress.
  5. haha. thanks very much. she is a cutie .......... well I hope its a "she".... im not into that other stuff. seriously though .... I was "schooling" a family member/new grower earlier today and we were going back through the pages of this journal and comparing it to what he has going on now. he was asking about color and density and all that and it got me thinking...... it really comes down to time, observation, and that good old practice makes perfect thing. anyone can learn the basics, but it what you put into it as far as observing I guess. after SO many plants over the years I literally can just look at them and tell what they want. sometimes its a pale look, or a slight curl in a leaf. could be anything..... but when I see it I just "know" if its nutes, temps, light, humidity..... whatever. its best to write EVERYTHING down for a few years so you always have something to go back to until these things are committed to memory.
  6. blue julianne in back, lemonwreck in front: lemonwreck:
  7. Grow Thread


    From the album: bubblegrower

  8. Grow Thread


    From the album: bubblegrower

  9. oh you got me all warmed up now can't wait for the sound of a hula popper or a little torpedo bouncing off the rocks!!! ill keep ya posted!
  10. getting a bit bigger each day. i will probably flip the switch on these later this week: blue julianne:
  11. Grow Thread


    From the album: bubblegrower

  12. Grow Thread


    From the album: bubblegrower

  13. I feel ya. im often on my phone as well. anyways.... here's what you are looking for: http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/topic/18150-need-your-grow-questions-answered-come-on-in/ that's the first page of the help thread. that one is a little bigger/longer/more pages/more info than this thread. its 107 pages i think. this is my grow journal, and ill always be helping people here and there in my grow journal, but the help thread is pretty much dedicated to just growing info/methods/setups/whatnot. I had considered combining them to avoid confusion, but now that they are both pretty big, I think it would just create more confusion
  14. 4-8/5-10 ..... not much difference there. so you can come out of the cloner, into 4-8, let that roll for a week to 10 days and then dump/refill with 8-16 and run it until the flip to flower. that's how I run mine anyways.
  15. if it ain't broke, don't fix it but..... you might have a stronger veg period if you dump that 5-10 after a week or so and then refill with 8-16 to finish veg.
  16. haha, yeah this one is getting pretty long as well huh?? nothing wrong there, but it would be pretty difficult to throw a table of contents on this journal like on the help thread.
  17. OH!! lol. ok, I thought you meant a much bigger swing than that you fine!!
  18. good post. its that tapwater that gets ya when using dwc
  19. what kind of water are you using?? and are you letting your buckets of nuts/water bubble over night first? "normally" there isn't much of a sway in ph using the Lucas..... especially when your plants are so small and not taking up much in the way of water or nutes. after the plants are huge you may experience a ph shift.... but once again, its not that dramatic and really not too terribly common either. what/if anything are you using to adjust ph??
  20. well, I just opened a HUGE breeding room. so I have a lot in the ground now and a LOT more being planted as soon as I complete the outdoor harvest.
  21. totes, lids, tubing to connect the totes, hydroton and netpots all get bleached and reused. airline as well, but that stuff doesn't last forever. eventually the heat will get to it and it will start to shrink in diameter and become harder to clean. that's when I just pitch it and cut new. as far as airstones, I try to keep one stone per plant per complete run. everytime I dump/flush whatever I grab the stone, run it under hot water and scrub it a little bit with an old toothbrush. this should help it stay fresh for an entire run. they more than likely would last longer, but that's a chance I don't take. the ceramic stones will last a few complete runs before I toss those out. but they are a bit more expensive and can be hard to find at a moments notice.
  22. thanks, and thanks!! im actually heading way up north in 2 weeks for the fall harvest. ill be up there for a week again, which means a ton of fishing walleye with f.l. huh?? sounds too good to be true where you at again?? ill be making a few stops here and there on my 10.5 hour jounrney to the u.p. can't pass up walleye and Leonard
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