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    Dedicating my life to legalization of this plant. Teaching people to be self-sufficient and encouraging people to live life to its fullest - we haven't been guaranteed tomorrow.
  1. These police officers are sworn to uphold the laws of the State of Michigan - not the laws of the Federal government. When we begin suing them for violating our rights, grand larceny, and malicious intimidation perhaps they will get the message. We have to take up the fight and fight to the end! It's such a bad sight for children to see this - and the med mj patient with 2 kids getting evicted (due to federal housing laws). Gives them a confused view of who the good guy is - of who is there to protect and serve. Who they can go to in a time of need.
  2. This is why we need to quit who-who footing around and while we enjoy the Medical MJ laws in 15 states and DC, we need to push and push hard for full legalization at the Federal level. They (the US GOVT) can hold a patent stating that the cannabinoids found in this plant are neuroprotectants and list specific conditions it is beneficial for within the patent - but blowing out the other side of the mouth is "Schedule 1 Drug - NO MEDICINAL USE". It is pure and utter BS and it's HIGH TIME that we fight to change it. I believe (especially from talking to med mj cardholders) that we've b
  3. Most LEO that I know are doing their job - as they are directed. I was raised in a LEO family and have had run ins with them as an adult - most recently in another matter they came across my son's 6 plants (8 nodes tall). Since he failed to leave copies of the paperwork at the house in the locked room - they took them - they claimed his out of state Med MJ card didn't matter in Michigan. I fully educated them. We are considering filing a complaint and suing them for the amount the DEA claims each MJ plant is worth when they do their "bust of $150K of MJ" type reporting. But the individ
  4. I think we all forget about that "amount that is reasonable necessary for the patient to have an uninterrupted supply of medication".
  5. I cook with cannabis all the time - every kind of food you could imagine. I haven't had "green tinted" food except for my actual budder. I cook everything from eggs to pizza to chili to meatloaf and mac n cheese. You can't tell from unmedicated food. I agree though JB - we have to show we have integrity. LEO and local governments are trying to change the law on us or bastardize the law as it is written. We need to educate and then follow the law we teach them. Off Topic - JB - was great seeing you in Toronto! Hope to see you there this upcoming June.
  6. Keep up the great work,for all u do for MM !

  7. Just wanted to put out there that now both Battle Creek and Marshall have voted on 6 month moratoriums on any dispensary-type business related to Medical Marijuana. It is important as they go thru this process of deciding what rules, conditions will apply that we take an active role in giving them good information and our personal experiences/testimonies on medical mj, how it has affected our own health, and what impact rule/changes/moratorium would have on our ability to have continual medication availability.
  8. The expo was FANTASTIC!!!!! Learned so much, met the STRAIN HUNTERS - Arjan & Franco from Green House Seeds in Amsterdam! Way cool! Met the man who owns ROOR Bongs - Medicinal Michelle. Marco Renda from TY magazine! Jack Herer's personal assistant and many more cool people. Got to visit the Vapor Lounge and watched the filming of the celebrity panel of VIP Cannabis Cup judges! Became friends with Jeffery Peterson the 420 Comic, Howard Dover - comedian extrodinaire, People from all over the world were there!! Learned about cannabinoids and the brain, the receptors that were made
  9. WOW! Being in our backyard I thought everyone would know about this - July 16-19th =- Advance tickets $25 for 3 days. Hotel at various costs. www.treatingyourself.com click on the EXPO link - all info, speakers, vendors, etc. there.
  10. Watch the debate between who we are going to vote for/against for Governor right now on http://cspan.org/Watch/C-SPAN2.aspx Recorded earlier - but good to hear.
  11. Anyone besides myself going? This should prove to be a great time. Just got my advance tickets and have hotel/car rental all set. Just wondering who else is going - or might want to ride share.
  12. Thanks! Hopefully he was the one vote against the moratorium. The vote ended 7-1 in favor of. There was a group going to the meeting - hopefully they will post about it.
  13. http://www.woodtv.com/dpp/news/local/kalamazoo_and_battle_creek/BC-halts-new-med-marijuana-businesses Didn't know if anyone posted this yet. I personally contacted Bill Morris, a family friend, prior to tonight's meeting. I was unable to attend the meeting but sent this email as well. When I spoke with the Mayor who is on the commission as well, she was very adamant that the moratorium be put in place. Lack of understanding of the law on many parts. Mr. Morris wasn't even fully informed about the law and what the session tonight was for when I spoke with him today. Dear Mr. Mor
  14. First thing LEO should do is ask for paperwork. And I agree, I always had mine posted on the outside of the grow room door, on the window of the grow room facing out and a copy on each plant pot/bucket - with the law attached to it! LEO needs to be educated/re-educated - and maybe after a couple of civil suits filed for harassment, they will slow down. Tell them the Feds were ordered not to harass medical patients - why can't they follow suit. And what's the scoop on who we're wanting to see in the Governor seat this year? Top down management. Executive orders to lay off patients!! W
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