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  1. Friend of mine said the pre roll packs are rolled from trim. Og kush flower had seeds. $50 for a half millimeter vape cart.
  2. I live near here. From what I have heard, they have small selection of mid grade flower and few concentrates and few medibles. Top dollar.
  3. I am experienced caregiver located in Jasper, Michigan. Not far from Ann Arbor.
  4. I agree, every strain is different. Some will stretch a lot and some will only stretch a little.
  5. You are right, many caregivers will fall short. But just the rookies, not the experienced people.
  6. They will be buying all the product from several large factory grows around the state. This is what people have to look forward to getting at dispensary. If a person wants the good stuff, they will need to find an experienced caregiver.
  7. Unless your employment does not allow it. Then you still need to hide it unless you want to find new job.
  8. I also place them in shot glass of room temp water. I push them down after about 12 hours and after about 24 hours I put them in wet paper towel inside ziplock. I put that on top of my clone box so it gets just a little heat from the heat mat. 1-3 days they will crack and have a nice tail on them. I then plant those into whatever media i am using. Usually a solo cup full of soil with holes poked in bottom for drainage. Another 1-3 days and they will emerge from the soil.
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